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For longer texts, use the world's best online translator! 1830. Unesco señala indicios de una relación inversa entre necesidad y provisión, lo que. But our research suggests that the sentence adverb importantly was quite rare in published text until well into the second half of the 20th century when examples like these became more common: But more importantly, "adolescent literature" is not the old gum-chewing-of-the-mind books. Biden projected 46th President.

This is not a good example for the translation above.

While the broad use of the phrase more important makes comparing use of the sentence adjective important and the sentence adverb importantly over the past couple centuries prohibitively time-consuming, it is interesting to note that the phrases more important and most important were seeing, per the Google Ngram below, a gradual decrease in use in published works in the 20th century from the 1960s on—at the very same time that more importantly and most importantly were seeing an increase in use: What we see today, well into the 21st century, is that the sentence adverb importantly is used largely without commentary or condemnation. se ha incrementado exponencialmente desde que Calderón inició su guerra contra las drogas. Perhaps most importantly, rewilding offers hope. It in fact seems to be more common than the sentence adjective important.

Perhaps more importantly, employers are less preoccupied with women as the latter's labour can be replaced more easily than that of men. as a way to educate young people about how AIDS is contracted. Perhaps more importantly, prolonged exposure can also lead to skin damage, sunburn, or even skin cancer. Discussion in the Oxford English Dictionary further simplifies the grammar by asserting that more important is "a kind of sentence adjective," and that more importantly is "a kind of sentence adverb."

Important is an adjective; was it modifying a noun, as adjectives are wont to do?

Policies directed at older persons have garnered attention. The OED includes an example from an 1841 issue of the Scottish Christian Herald: She had been brought up partly by religious parents, but more importantly as it affected her ideas and manners, in the house of a very worthy gentlewoman. 0 However, they do need a few basic pieces of equipment, and most importantly , an eye for what makes a really good photo. significa que incluso cuando la cobertura general es elevada, con frecuencia los más desfavorecidos quedan fuera de ella. It was inspired by such examples as this one: We can hear Dylan's beefy piano, his contemplation of the necessity of seclusion …, but most importantly we can feel his invigorating involvement with music again. internet hubs have already emerged in Asia and Latin America, and some large.

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more important (ly) As an introductory phrase, "more important," has historically been considered an elliptical form of "What is more important," and hence the "-ly" form is sometimes thought to be the less desirable.

And, perhaps most importantly, they were drinking. Certainly not feel. Crime Is Up in Colorado: What That Tells Us About Pot Legalization and, Perhaps More Importantly, Lazy Reporting. de la mayoría de los programas para la primera infancia.

Perhaps more importantly, more sophisticated digital decision-making tools could be leveraged as conditions of licensing that could enable the introduction of more innovative and sophisticated consumer health products. They felt better when they encountered sentences like this one: More important, particularly for hunters … the arrow can be held at full draw long enough and steadily enough to take precise aim.
— Frank Ross, Media & Methods, January 1969, More importantly, I began to know Blackburn, the great-hearted, humane, tragicomical sufferer la democracia y los derechos humanos no pueden ser impuestos.


Sign up for free or try Premium free for 15 days, © 2014-2020 Ludwig S.R.L.S. People who fancied themselves experts on English at the time (undistracted, we assume, by the image of Bob Dylan with a beefy piano) bemoaned such appearances of the adverb importantly where they believed the adjective important belonged.