the largest free baseball card database on the Internet. 1986 Leaf/Donruss #59 Wayne Tolleson. Part of the Baseball Almanac Family. For a set that was widely distributed among the U.S. market, 1986 Leaf is, by comparison, much more difficult to locate than its U.S. Donruss counterpart. Patrick has a BA in Psychology, a BA in Sociology, and an MBA from the University of New Mexico.

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That fact alone should make this product somewhat more desirable.

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lonely, competitive, unfulfilling, and alienating."

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It will always remind me of the first time that I saw a card in this set.

In fact, his 1986 Topps Traded Tiffany card can be worth over $2,000 in PSA condition. on Baseball Fever. Right, the rookie card of the great bash brother, Jose Canseco. Tweet.

1986 Leaf Baseball Cards & Checklist. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Tweet. Same applies for

Aside from the numbering, the company logo and bilingual text on the backs, these card are basically the same as the U.S. Donruss release. The only two true Rookie Cards in the set are of Andres Galarraga and Fred McGriff.

The third Rated Rookie is of Phillies pitcher Dave Shipanoff, a native of Edmonton.

The Authentic Sports Autograph Company released their first single-player set in 1982, featuring 72 cards of Yankee hero Mickey Mantle ... Donruss released a yearly oddball baseball "All-Star" set from 1983 through 1989. Send us an email with requests, or volunteer you time helping us make Leaf was following suite by releasing a similar set of cards but under the Leaf umbrella. Although very much a thing of the past, this type of minor detail was part of what made this company so great. eBay (burbanksportscards) Add to watchlist. The Leaf release is somewhat different in comparison to the Donruss flagship in that it features 264 cards in comparison to the 660 from the American Donruss flagship counterpart. We will shine our spotlight on random sets we pull from our shoebox... Who knows which cards will be next? I can remember looking forward to flipping these cards over year after year to see the new color of basically the same template from the year before.

10 Baseball Card Parallel Sets from the 1990s That Could Have Been, #262: Hobby Implications of Social Distancing, Investing, and Other Banter.

Leaf was following suite by releasing a similar set of cards but under the Leaf umbrella. 1986 Fleer Future Hall of Famers Baseball Cards Complete Your Set You U Pick. If you can do without several of the Rookies found in the U.S. Donruss release and would enjoy a bit of color in your collection, I would recommend this product. Your input, assistance, suggestions, and / or corrections are sincerely Copyright 1999- This was in the late ’80’s when the card was fetching a cool $90 on the secondary market. Although Jose Canseco is missing from the 1986 Leaf set entirely, it still holds as a nice addition.

Here’s another 1980’s classic. Except for the sequential-numbering, the company logo, and the bilingual backs, the cards are essentially the same as the American set.. Two Dick Perez art cards of Jeff Reardon (#214) and Jesse Barfield (#254), are called Canadian Greats (CG) and are not contained in the Donruss set.

A vibrant warm blue to compliment a cartooned baseball image combined with the bright yellow title and red, white, and blue MLB logos make this a very attractive and eye-catching release. Estimated PSA 10 Value: $150. Near Mint-Mint - $12.00. In more recent times however, I have seen boxes of this product sell for as little as $15. Baseball; Sets; 1986; Overview; 1986 Leaf.

Baseball; Sets; 1986; Overview; 1986 Leaf.

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Student to Founder: Secrets to creating a student organization in college and starting a business after graduation. Once upon a time, 1986 Donruss baseball cards ruled the hobby with an exciting design and the strongest lineup of rookie cards anyone had seen since … well, since 1985, at least. He has been interviewed on Good Day New Mexico and in Albuquerque The Magazine.

Except for the sequential-numbering, the company logo, and the bilingual backs, the cards are essentially the same as the American set. $0.34. The 1986 Topps Traded Bo Jackson rookie card is his most desirable and most expensive card you can find. While in 1986, Donruss was experiencing massive success with the inception of everyone’s favorite Oakland Athletic, Jose Canseco. Noted Rookie Cards: Andres Galarraga, Ozzie Guillen, Fred McGriff. Buy: $0.99.

2,624. 1986 Leaf. Cards 16.

He also has a Project Management Certificate from UCLA Extension. Pronounced Green-oh. 1986 Leaf is a 264-card set issued for the Canadian market by Donruss. Barry Bonds 1986 Fleer Update Rookie Card RC PSA Mint 9 - Combined Shipping! $0.34. Nolan Ryan Baseball Card Lot (8) 1982-86 HIGH GRADE Ready for PSA?

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Money, however, made the hobby not only profitable but also more serious, more instrumental, and therefore more manly.

To view more sportscards visit … Note: Baseball cards which featured a player who did not eBay (burbanksportscards) Add to watchlist. 1986 Leaf Nolan Ryan Astros Baseball Card mint.

$1.50 ... Fleer Gary Carter 1986 Season Baseball Cards, Topps Gary Carter Baseball Cards, Gary Carter Baseball Trading Cards, Gary Carter Single Baseball Cards, :).
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$0.76. the 1986 Leaf set (or just come and discuss baseball memorabilia with us) Look at Price Trends, Short Prints & more.

And for a lot of years, it seemed like the blue-and-black, striped-and-catercorner beauties could only go up, up, up. The 1986 Leaf baseball card set consists of 264 baseball cards that measure 2-1/2" by 3-1/2" Aside from card number differences the cards are essentially the same as the Donruss U.S. regular issue of the cards of the same players; however the backs are in both French and English.

Grade: PSA . Much like the packaging, the contents remains consistent… colorful and attractive.

All cards are excellent to near mint.