And by the time I got to the end, you could say any number of guys like Roger Clemens, Cal Ripken Jr., Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire or any other number of stars from the day could be on the list. Pricing | Ryan also appeared in this set on a "300 Strikeout Club" card with former Astros teammate, Mike Scott. Inserts & Parallels. Gallery | All Stars (Don Mattingly, Mark McGwire) [EX to NM], Cal Ripken Jr. (Spellled "Ripkin" on front), Mike Bielecki [JSA Certified COA Sticker], Cal Ripken Jr. (Spellled "Ripkin" on front) [Noted], Sell Baseball Cards and Collectibles Online. Juan Gonzalez was one of the most effective hitters of his day. . This one is no exception and still holds some value, especially in its Canadian version. The 1990 Fleer baseball card set consist of 660 cards that measure 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". I remember having stacks and stacks of 1990 Fleer baseball cards as a kid…. Despite their plain look and feel, I didn’t care. If you need help selling sports cards but aren't sure where to start, click the button below to learn how I can help! Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. But, hey, if the guy is the career leader in stolen bases I guess he's earned it. - Comments On the base paths, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who was more exciting than Rickey Henderson. Some people have suspected that money laundering is somehow involved. Card Rankings Don Mattingly could flat out play--he could hit for average and a bit of power while at the same time maintaining a solid glove at first base (he won 9 Gold Gloves in his career). The cards are in order by player alphabetically within each team. The layout was simple, the border colors meshed well with the team logos and uniform colors and the photos were mostly bright, if somewhat fuzzy. His two-sport stardom created astounding hype and his popularity soared through the roof. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Copyright © 2020 by Old Sports Cards, LLC, Baseball Card Values: How To Determine Their Worth, 100 Most Valuable Baseball Cards: The All-Time Dream List, 40 Most Valuable Football Cards: The All-Time Dream List, 52 Most Valuable Basketball Cards: The All-Time Dream List, Several Speciality Cards (ex. - Pricing Contact him at [email protected]. - Videos NOTE: Many features on the web site require Javascript and cookies. Had he spent his whole career there he'd probably have 10 or more Cy Youngs to his name, who knows? Every year he seemed like a lock for 40 homers and 100 RBI. I also found that odd because Ryan had eclipsed the 5,000 career strikeout mark the year before in 1989 as well but Fleer, unlike Topps, Donruss, and Upper Deck  did not create to recognize this monumental achievement. - Hall of Famers Technically, Frank Thomas wasn't part of the regular 1990 Fleer set but would later appear in the "Update" set later that year. Television commercials, videogames, name it, he was on it. So there you have it, the ten most valuable 1990 Fleer cards. This set was large with a 660 card checklist and was massively printed. But, for those of us who grew up collecting these as kids, they'll always have a huge nostalgic factor to them despite not having the most monetary value. Seeing Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds and him going toe-to-toe trying to break the single season home run record was exciting to watch and his notoriety grew as a result. Fleer Canadian Estimated PSA 10 Value: $50. - Packaging Privacy Policy To learn more refer to our But, his rookie card from the 1990 Fleer set is still important enough to earn a spot on this list. © 2020 Check Out My LLC, All Rights ReservedPrivacy Policy User Agreement. - Change Log - Inserts and Related Sets Shop COMC's extensive selection of 1990 fleer - [base] baseball cards. eBay Homepage Auctions Event! Hall of Famers | 1957 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE-YOGI BERRA CARD #407 & 1990 FLEER & DONRUSS FACTORY SET Rookie cards, autographs and more. In fact, let me be clear: the card is barely worth the paper it's printed on. As a kid, there were few hitters I enjoyed watching more than Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs and Larry Walker. I just wanted to acquire as many cards of the game’s biggest stars of the day. - Errors / Variations For fans of the old “Bash Brothers”, 1990 Fleer baseball cards just may be the ultimate tribute to a team that never quite lived up to lofty expectations. Click here to Rate, - Overview That's what's ruined the value over the years. And those adults will never forget Bo Jackson and are still keeping his cards in strong demand. From 1999 to 2002 he would win four Cy Young awards in a row with the Arizona Diamondbacks. As you can see, it will take them being professionally graded in gem mint condition to be worth much. Fleer Canadian Estimated PSA 10 Value: $75. He also loves to write about the hobby and has written for Beckett, Topps, SABR and of course, this website. Before we get started, I do want to make it clear that most of the cards from this set do not have any value these days. But, despite that, I still managed to find the 10 most valuable 1990 Fleer baseball cards and write about them. - Glossary After all, isn’t that what collecting baseball cards should be about? Because of the PED scandal that rocked baseball at the turn of the century, Sosa's legacy will forever hang under a cloud. But, due to all the strange hype around it, I've received many emails from people asking if it truly is worth a lot of money. Need help buying or selling cards or have a general question about the hobby? I always found this odd because Ryan had most recently eclipsed that mark the season before in 1989 but Scott did so back in 1986... And, he'd also be included in the "Update" set that year which paid tribute to his no-hitters across three different decades. Errors / Variations | Total Cards: 660 Rating: 5.8 (85 votes) Click here to Rate Rookies | Contributors | But, how could I not include this rookie card of one of the era's premier power hitters? While his career was cut short due to injury and we'll never know just how great he could have been, kids who were collecting in those days are now adults.