Besides the three major commands, the Wing directs and supports Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station (CMAFS); Thule Air Base (TABG), Greenland; Clear AFS (CAFS), Alaska, and Cape Cod AFS (CCAFS), Mass. TEAM SPIRIT proved to be the last exercise for the 21st’s F-4s. President George Bush stopped at Elmendorf in route to Japan for the state funeral of Japanese Emperor Hirohito and addressed a crowd of over 7,000 in Hangar Five. Once combat ready in April 1959, the 531st assumed the wing’s war-fighting missions while the 416th converted to the Supersabre in turn. The 21st Space Wing also inherited a number of command and control units, including the included the 721st Mobile Command and Control Squadron, which operated the mobile command and control center, 1st Command and Control Squadron, which was at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station and tasked the worldwide space surveillance network and maintained the space catalog, 2nd Command and Control Squadron, which was stationed at Schriever Air Force Base and supported the passive space surveillance network, and the 3rd Command and Control Squadron, which was stationed at Offutt Air Force Base and was the alternate missile warning center. Nevertheless, the Air Force compensated the 21st by assigning the 43d Tactical Fighter Squadron, which flew F-4Es, to the wing on 13 March 1970. Col. Falzarano took command of the 21st Space Wing in July 2019. He was poised to be one of the top officers in the new United States Space Force. Government Organization. This event marked the first time the MiG-29 fighters landed on the continent, and the 21st’s aircraft were there to escort them in, help them refuel, and play host.[6]. Those who are interested can also contact Peterson Air Force Base's volunteer coordinator at 719-556-6141. [6][3][4], The technologically outdated F-102s were starting to become ineffective against Soviet Air Forces intruders, resulting in Alaska Air Command to try to upgrade them to more advanced F-4 Phantom IIs, however Tactical Air Command and Pacific Air Forces fighter squadrons tasked for the Vietnam War got first priority. Tricare 101 21st Space Wing: Take the Stairs Day: Peterson AFB 75th Anniversary : Facebook @PetersonAFB : Twitter @PeteAFB: Instagram PeteAFB_21SW: Youtube PeteAFB West Gate . The upraised sword represents the strength and readiness of the 21st Space Wing to perform its mission, in both peace and war. On 24 July 2020, the 21st Space Wing was inactivated for a final time, being replaced by the Peterson-Schriever Garrison, while its space domain awareness units were reassigned to Space Delta 2, the 721st Operations Group became Space Delta 3, responsible for electronic warfare, and its missile warning squadrons were transferred to Space Delta 4, which used to be the 460th Operations Group at Buckley AFB.[7][1]. [6], This creditable service continued throughout the late 1980s from the William Tell Air-to-Air Weapons meets to COMBAT ARCHER to DACT training to the Air Force’s “live-fire” Weapon System Evaluation Programs. The 317th was one of the premier squadrons of its day, being the only unit to have won the prestigious Hughes Achievement Trophy (given for the best fighter unit with an active air defense mission) three times during its operational service. The 21st Space Wing was assigned to Space Operations Command and headquartered at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. The wing's operational component was the 21st Fighter-Bomber Group, comprised three fighter-bomber squadrons: the 72d, 416th, and 531st. National Security Space Institute (NSSI), Helping Agencies It was activated as a space wing on 15 May 1992, replacing the 1st Space Wing and 3rd Space Support Wing. Despite these issues the 43rd Tactical Fighter Squadron proved itself, conducting combat alerts, intercepts against Soviet Air Forces intruders, and combat exercises. All fighter-bomber squadrons initially flew North American F-51 Mustang piston engine fighters, but within six months of activation upgraded to fly the North American F-86F Sabre jet fighter. of Korea (soon to close in 1990), and finally at Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory, in 1987. All the while, the wing intercepted Soviet bomber, transport, and maritime reconnaissance aircraft flying over the Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea. North Gate Monday-Friday: Inbound/outbound lanes 6 am - 9 am Outbound lanes 9 am - 6 … [6], In addition to these space systems, the 21st Space Wing operated a number of terrestrial radar sites, spread across the world. The 721st Mobile Command and Control Squadron was inactivated in 1998, but reactivated as the 153d Command and Control Squadron in support of United States Strategic Command. Col. Thomas G. Falzarano took over command of the Wing during June 2019. [6], On 15 May 1992, the 21st Space Wing (21 SW) was reactivated at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado and assigned to Air Force Space Command. McAuliffe, Jerome J. [6], In April 1995 the 21st Space Wing gained the 721st Space Group, which would later be redesignated the 721st Support Group, and in 2002 the 721st Mission Support Group, which oversaw operations at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station. [6], In 1975 the 21st Composite Wing was divested of its helicopter and transport forces and inactivated the 5021st Helicopter Squadron, which were realigned under Military Airlift Command across the Air Force, however the 21 CW gained two airbase wings and responsibility for all of Alaska's air control and missile and space warning sites. Air Force Civil Engineer Center releases site inspection fieldwork findings, NCO Academy In May 1987, the 21st Tactical Fighter Wing received its first F-15C and F-15D Eagles, with the D variants replacing the T-33 as the unit's trainer and resulting in the inactivation of the 5021 Tactical Operations Squadron in 1988. Air Force Personnel Center. Meanwhile, the 21 CW continued to intercept Soviet intruders into Alaskan airspace. [6][3], On 1 October 1979 the 21st Composite Wing was redesignated as the 21st Tactical Fighter Wing (21 TFW), reorganizing it along the lines of a standard tactical fighter wing in response to a study initiated by its commander, Colonel Michael Nelson. Closed Holidays. The 21st Space Wing controlled Peterson Air Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, Thule Air Base, Clear Air Force Station, Cape Cod Air Force Station, and Cavalier Air Force Station. [6], 43d Tactical Fighter Squadron - F-15s over Alaska Range, 43d Tactical Fighter Squadron - F-15s - Tu 16 Bager Intercept, On 1 October 1979 the wing was redesignated as the 21st Tactical Fighter Wing as a result of the study, which was accepted by Alaskan Air Command. The 6th Space Warning Squadron, stationed at Cape Cod Air Force Station, 7th Space Warning Squadron, stationed at Beale Air Force Base, 8th Space Warning Squadron, stationed at Eldorado Air Force Station, and 9th Space Warning Squadron, stationed at Robins Air Force Base all operated the Phased Array Warning System (PAVE PAWS), which had been in operation since the 1980s. Conduct world class space superiority operations and provide unsurpassed installation support and protection while deploying Warrior Airmen. It's flying units were consolidated under the 3rd Wing. The unit is tasked with the operation of early missile warning and space object detection equipment around the world in support of NORAD[3] and USSTRATCOM[4] through a network of command and control units and ground based sensors operated by geographically separated units around the world. information from sites dispersed around the world to HQ AFSPC, USSPACECOM, and NORAD. [6], 317th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron - Convair F-102A Delta Dagger - 56-1259. [6], In 1977 the 343rd Tactical Fighter Group and 18th Tactical Fighter Squadron, equipped with F-4Es, was activated under the 21st Composite Wing. [6], 21st TFW aircraft intercepted Soviet Tupolev Tu-16 "Badger" and Myasishchev M-4 "Bison" bombers on a regular basis, taking home, in the words of Intelligence analysts, “some of the best photographs ever taken of the Badger.” In October 1959,First Lieutenant Charles L. Ferguson of the 531st received credit for making the first M-4 Bison intercept in the Far East and probably the world. The 21st Operations Group manages all operation units in the 21st Space Wing. Find … [6], Over the next four years, the F-15s undertook several deployments and exercises such as “BRIM FROST,” a U.S. The squadrons carried out close air support training missions with the Army, then took first place at the United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) "Gunnery Meet" at Wheelus Air Base, Libya. As a part of being a good neighbor, we strive to make sure our communications between the local Colorado Springs community and the base are accessible and transparent. As part of the training for operational duty, the 21st FBW conducted deployment exercises to Alaska in September and October 1953 when the flying squadrons, in tandem, rotated through a special two-week arctic indoctrination program at Eielson AFB. Due to budgetary reasons the 8th Space Warning Squadron and 9th Space Warning Squadron, and there radar systems, were inactivated in July 1995.