This is actually 1/3 of my regular sized cake recipes, but yes you can make a tiny batch of any of my cake recipes It can get a little hard with recipes that use whole eggs, but should still turn out! Please reply soon! Thank you! Thank you! Lastly, do you have any suggestions on any natural food colour I can use to get a pink colour instead of gel colouring given my 1 year old will eat this? If so, do I need to swap up some other wet ingredient to ensure the consistency doesn’t get impacted? O man. Hi! So moist, yet sturdy and oh so tasty!! ??? However, I noticed that there are small very dark specks buried in the cake (all 3 layers). Haha they do sounds slightly underbaked, but the crunchy and caramelized tops are just from the high sugar ratio in this recipe. Xx Lauren. i don’t have a 4″ so i usually make 6″s (: they’re also perfect when you want to try something out but don’t want to deal with a full sized cake in case disaster strikes. I cooked it for 32 minutes. I was wondering if it could be made with less sugar, maybe 2.5 cups instead of 3? Using an electric mixer, beat until the mixture reaches stiff peaks. Any help would be great :). SMBC is a bit more stable, so maybe go with that one! Place cake layers into the freezer for 20 minutes, to accelerate the cooling process. Your email address will not be published. Hi, can I use buttermilk instead of sour cream? Thank you! I made this recipe last night except i used pastry flour instead of AP flour and it was insanely fantastic. Can I get a good Gluten Free cake? (I definitely recommend chilling the cakes completely before assembling.). Love all your recipes!! Any suggestions on how to keep the cake soft? That makes sense, so each of your colorful layers will be 1 inch tall after being baked! Exelente I love it ??? Do you know what i could have done wrong? Hi! I used an icing scraper to blend the colors and smooth the frosting out, and an offset palette knife to give the frosting a little bit of texture for a rustic finish. Hi I love your tik toks and recipes is there a way for me to make any cake a mini Cake? Maybe take it out sooner? I was wondering if I can just triple this recipe so that it is a regular amount of batter? it was crunchy on the outside which was good, it baked as a dense loaf and not a cake. I’m assuming I’d need to adjust the cooking time, – any recommendations? Where do I find the pan to cook the 4″ cake in the oven? Thank you so much for sharing . I tell everyone about you if they’re looking for a new recipe. The cake layers are similar in height to my other cake layers, so they still take a while to bake even though they have a smaller radius. So happy to hear that Jessie! the mini vanilla cake is perfect. Can I just use oil only instead of butter and oil mix?? Thanks. I have been testing out different recipes and this vanilla cake is my favorite! The second step I recommend is letting your batter rest for about 30 minutes before baking your cake layers. I was just wondering if I could pour all the batter into one 6 x 4 inch cake pan since the cake pan is already so tall or would it result in overflowing. Allow the pans to cool for 10 minutes, then run an. 6″ is my go-to size too! The spots can be seen from all angles of the baked, unleveled layers (I haven’t assembled the cake yet). Yes, it’s about to get a little busier around here, hehe (though nothing compared to you yet!)! Need cupcakes instead? I have a question though. Thank you so much for the reply! I made your best vanilla cupcake! This frosting is a nice, quick number that doesn’t require bringing any ingredients to room temperature. Oil and butter in a small cake seems a bit much. I made it again. I’d recommend either trying a different type of buttermilk, or using whole milk or sour cream in place of the buttermilk. Thoughts?! Please help! Is it ok if I use 3/4 cup of sugar? Here’s the link: this is the cutest little cake ever i want to try 4′ pans now it’s so cute! Thanks!! Could I double this recipe? It will make the texture lighter, but do keep in mind this is a butter cake, so it won’t have a spongy texture like sponge cake <3. In another bowl, beat the cream cheese until smooth and spreadable, about two minutes. Divide batter evenly between the prepared cake pans. I will make them today! Is there a way to do a chocolate version? How tall would you say the batter should be when poured into a 4inch pan? Will this change the texture of the cake? Would you recommend one over the other between Swiss meringue and Russian buttercream? You’re amazing and I love you! This will definitely be my go to vanilla cake! I tried again, and had the same issue. Hi Janis! Hi Chelsweets! Powered by Brandeploy Can you help? You can also try pairing it with a less sweet frosting like my Swiss meringue buttercream or my russian buttercream <3. Do you have a website or cooking blog? View all posts by Chelsweets. This was my first time ever making a homemade cake! But 3 inch pans work the same with my recipes! However, I have one slight problem, although the top looks nice and golden, the edges of the cake are very very crispy. That’s great to hear! Also your layers look very pale and soft do you trim the edges around these? This site was designed on a MacBook Pro by Ruth Mar Tam, based on the Pho Wordpress theme. Thanks Eden! Adapted from The Fauxmartha. Hope that helps, happy baking! I actually have a version of this recipe that uses those exact proportions to make 3, 6-inch cake layers , Here’s the link to make it easier for the future: It’s just as delicious and makes a little more batter than this vanilla cake. Hope that helps, happy baking! Hope that helps, happy baking! For sure! If I used any more batter the end cake would be super tall and hard to frost! I tend to do 2 6” layers since that’s the pan size I have. Add to dry ingredients and whisk just until combined. For my birthday, I got some baking/cake decorating supplies, so I decided to make this cake. Quick question would the Russian Buttercream work well on this cake also? Whisk together water, oil, vinegar, and vanilla in a cup. I keep reading that you should lower you temperature if you’re baking in a fan oven, but I’ve been using the same temperatures since I started baking. Sorry, I’m not really sure how much the final cake weighs! I’ve been enjoying your posts on Instagram and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my small pans. It’s actually what this recipe is based on. Mix in the vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste and salt on a low speed. Hi The 8” version, do i have to use the egg whites…. Shop. I do! Thanks! So I thought I’d test it with this recipe. That’s a great fix! But I love this look and I can’t find it. Sour cream is not available here unfortunately. It came out dense, but not in a bad way. See my recipe notes for details. Find more useful information here. Haha it’s just a wilton 1M frosting tip!! Plz reply. Beat the butter on a medium speed for 30 seconds with a. i only have cane sugar in hand can i use that instead of granulated? You will definitely have some frosting left over though if you make a full batch . I added a teaspoon of chocolate powder to a third of the mix and a splash of maraschino cherry juice to another third, both came out perfect. Hope that helps for the future, happy baking!! Or make a quarter sheet cake using a 9×13 inch cake pan. The pistachio, I added maybe 2 teaspoons of pistachio pudding mix to it and that one came out basically pudding in the middle lol. Both times, the middle sunk significantly more in the two non-springform cake pans, so I’m not sure if its just an issue with the pans, but also I was wondering if you think I may be over-mixing or doing something wrong? I have no idea how either tastes so looking for suggestions. One batch makes enough batter to make about 8-10 cupcakes. Using 1 cup (120 grams) of King arthur’s gluten free flour should work great! Or because it’s what you have on hand? Be sure to mix just until the ingredients are incorporated. Great for a small get together with friends. 2. You can, but it will make the layers a bit softer and change the flavor a bit! Inside the crumb is nice and moist but doesn’t make for easy release from the tin and it definitely doesn’t look like yours. They can definitely be hard to find, I order mine on a amazon! Preheat oven to 350º F. Spray a 4" x 2" round cake pan with baking spray. Do you usually bake with buttermilk? I’ve looked everywhere so I wouldn’t have to bother you with a question that was already answered somewhere. Hi, I love your cakes! is a free cooking website. This cake recipe doesn’t rise up much, so as long as the texture seems soft they turned of right. Hope that helps, and that your rainbow cake turns out great , Hi Chel! Hi! I also have coconut flour, not sure if I should use a blend of almond and coconut. One of the things I like about this particular recipe is that it bakes up fairly flat (thanks to the reverse-creaming mixing method, which produces a fine, dense crumb), a big plus when dealing with a small amount of cake (you don’t want to level off half the cake just to get a flat surface!). Set aside. I made this cake and it ended up tasting a bit like cornbread. This cake is also sturdy, which makes assembly a lot easier (fluffier cakes are harder to layer, small-scale). Hope that helps, happy baking! Sometimes it gives baked goods a taste people aren’t used to if they don’t use it often! Don’t know what I might be doing wrong, but I will stick to your 6″ recipe (egg whites, reg butter) and use it in 4″ pans if I want a small cake. Hi Chelsey, I made this cake today and it turned out perfectly! I haven’t tested that out, so sadly I’m not sure! Maybe I did something wrong…whisking was a little difficult and most of the ingredients got caught in the whisk. I used vegan butter and macadamia nut milk to make the cake and the frosting dairy free, and it was so delicious! I know this goes against everything you’ve ever heard about baking, but over mixing your batter is key when making anything gluten free. It helps the cake layers rise better as they bake, and gives the cake a more tender crumb. This small batch cake recipe can also be used to make cupcakes! I have never tried baking a cake with just almond flour, usually I use a gluten free flour blend instead! Hi, If using cake flour instead of AP flour would it be equal parts? I’d love to see a video on how to do the spatula or spoon method of icing a cake! I’m planning to go ahead with Russian BC as that seems easier than SM. While I love making this mini vanilla cake recipe exactly like the recipe calls for below, I know that some of you might want to make substitutions or not have all these ingredients on hand. I just made the cake this morning OMG so good and moist this is great since my husband don’t do sweets. Subscribe to my mailing list and receive posts directly via email. Ive listed my 2 issues below.