The Norse have one major advantage in scouting; their units (mainly infantry like the Ulfsark) can construct buildings. The default setting in Age of Mythology is to put all units on Aggressive status, where they attack anything that moves and continue to do so until someone is dead. 2 - Eitri's Journey Put 10 on food, 3 on gold and wood. Resource upgrades.  7 - Betrayal at Sikyos

Tip: Arrow ships can also be used to patrol beaches and fire on enemy units there. (It doesn't have to be your original town center, any will do) Then set the market's waypoint to be on top of the town center. School's in, and so are some of the best gaming gifts for the students, teachers, and classmates on your shopping list. That said, if you find that the only troops you want to build require just Food and Gold, throw all your workers on those resources to get them quicker. Get to 400 food and advance to the Classical Age. (This is for supremacy or conquest.) 11 - The Lost Relic However, Egyptian towers will upgrade once automatically. The first five of the banners are taken up by units. The Egyptian cultures have the greatest advantage in this department as they can heal units no matter what god they choose.
 3 - Scratching the Surface Or if you need to build military units that require wood. The graphical images and content enclosed with this document are viewable for private use only. 4 - Loki's Temples. Greeks ? The poor Greeks must actually spend Wood to build a drop off point. Unit upgrades.

21 - Old Friends As long as you have concentrated on Food and Gold you should be able to advance quickly to the Heroic Age. In the below, I will abbreviate "Age of Empires: Age of Kings" as "AoK", and this game, "Age of Empires: Mythologies" as "M". Thus, getting to the offensive first, and staying on the offensive longest make for the best strategies. However, to get the next upgrades (to Guard Tower and Ballista Tower), you will have to pay for it. The Classical AgeIf you haven't scouted out your enemy yet, find him. If you are interested in seeing just the statistics of the units, check out our unit tables section.
Build more villagers; concentrate on Gold and Food production, with a minor on wood production. The Norse can just move their drop off point, the Ox Cart, whenever they need to, and can thus keep it close to the resource at all times. If any new blue (or whatever your color is) dots appear on the map, those are probably Herd Animals, and need to be moved back to your town. Age of Mythology: The Titans' campaign, The New Atlantis, picks up where the last campaign left off. Wait until you get a siege engine or two then launch your attack. Markets and Caravans: Caravans (Ox, Donkey or Camel) will net you unlimited gold if you use them correctly. Spring has sprung, 2009 is here, and we have the best games and gadgets you could ever find at the end of the rainbow. For example, collect food from the deer, then food from the chickens, then food from the goats, then Wood from the trees.

If you all attack one enemy unit, he'll be dead in one volley. Not that you shouldn't attack with everything you've got, but try to maximize your results by using the best unit for the job. Group 1 is a group of villagers that I am going to use to hunt animals. Juggernauts (the ships with the onboard ballista) take out other buildings with expert precision. challenging, and you may need some help along the way. However, you can also SHIFT-Right Click for other purposes. In each Age, your economic model should be: Spend, Spend, Spend, Save at the last minute to advance to the next Age. It will say "Good versus Cavalry," for instance. If you want to see a spot on the map, click it on the mini-map. Any attack on an enemy city is a failure if it doesn't damage his resource gathering capacity. Age of Empires: Mythologies features three civilizations to choose from and multiplayer support. Tip: Once a Norse civilization gets a temple, their hero, the Hersir makes an even better explorer. Myth units are tanks, but they are not invulnerable. Tip: Try to keep all battles away from your town. Because of this, the first unit a Norse culture should build is another Ulfsark to construct buildings while the original Ulfsark wanders the land looking for treasure. Finds an idle worker, Finds an idle military unit, and/ Finds a Hero. This also makes them a prime target for enemies, but thankfully they can be rebuilt if they are killed. I personally find that switching an army over to Defensive status and controlling their movements myself nets better results. They will then go from the first deer to the last. In-Depth: WarThe basics of War in Age of Mythology can almost be broken down to Rock-Paper-Scissors.