Register: JAN/04/2021, Submit: JAN/08/2020, Eligibility: Architects, architecture students; individually, teams (may be interdisciplinary with professionals or students from other disciplines – recommended with architect or architecture student), Fee: 1,250 MXN (Mexican peso), international registration: 60 USD (AUG/17 – OCT/19/2020); 1,500 MXN, international registration: 75 USD (OCT/20/2020 – JAN/04/2021), Awards: 1st Place: 100,000 MXN (around 4,492 USD) + construction, 2nd Place: 50,000 MXN (around 2,246 USD), 3rd Place: 25,000 MXN (around 1,123 USD), Mentions. It is an opportunity for students from different cultures to exchange and share idea on particular design issue that is raised by ARCASIA every year. It can take the form of a perspective, isometric projection, section, abstract or any other image format.

Nothing was built. Designers are storytellers. The home site is set in the foothills of the Franklins 800 feet above the city perched just above a small canyon with unobstructed views of downtown El Paso and Juarez to the south. Register: OCT/20/2020, Submit: OCT/20/2020, Eligibility: Architects, designers, urban planners, constructors, 3d artists, students; individually, teams up to 3 members, Fee: Students 35 USD, non-students 50 USD (until JUN/20/2020); students 45 USD, non-students 65 USD (JUN/21 – JUL/20/2020); students 55 USD, non-students 75 USD (JUL/21 – AUG/20/2020); students 60 USD, non-students 80 USD (AUG/21 – SEP/20/2020); students 70 USD, non-students 90 USD (SEP/21 – OCT/20/2020), Awards: students: 1,000 USD, non-students: 1,000 USD, favorite: 500 USD.

The steep site becomes a series of terraces that catch and slows the flow of water and the flow of life here. Architects: Hazelbaker Rush The Franklin Mountains extend into the north end of El Paso like a peninsula of rocky wilderness into the urban landscape of the city, rising 2500 feet above the Rio Grande river valley. Two white walls (almost) completely withdraw any direct contact from future neighbors, setting clear boundaries. Innovate Malaysia is a multi-disciplinary engineering design competition for undergraduates in Malaysia. Location: Quarteira, Portugal Having always been a cosmopolitan city, it is a focal point of the region as a cultural and geographical link between Europe and the Middle East.

Register: NOV/16/2020, Submit: NOV/16/2020, Eligibility: Architects, planners, urban designers, landscape designers, students from these fields; individually, (interdisciplinary) teams (with experts on environment, mobility, economics), Fee: Free, Awards: 1st Prize: 7,000 EUR, 2nd Prize: 3,000 EUR, 3rd Prize: 2,000 EUR, 2 Honorable Mentions, Community Prize. Designed to provide an opportunity for students to be part of the creative economy, this competition is unique as it exposes them to both batik and entrepreneurship that can help educate them about culture and how to help sustain the local arts and crafts community with their contribution. The history of Beirut could hardly be more diverse; remains of Phoenician, Roman, Mamluk, Ottoman and Colonial rule have shaped the city and its buildings. The steeply sloping site for this 7000 sf house, orientated approximately east-west, falls by 11.5 m from the road to the rear with rainforest views to the east of this 7000 sf house. Between them, an architectural inner landscape of cubic shapes, each arranging a single function, provides a sense of security and protection while carefully framing the distant landscape. Due to the degree of uncertainty regarding future constructions, the house becomes introverted.