In Short: An inspired approach to co-op and non-player characters turns what could’ve been just another Dark Souls clone into one of the most interesting action adventures of the season.

Talismane gewähren vergleichsweise winzige Passivboni gegen Scoria. von The overworld is often described as the 'twilight plains', while its cavernous, beastie-infested dungeons are, by nature, drab and packed with terrors. New York, Dann erteilen sie uns Quests, für deren Abschluss wir zum Beispiel ein ganz bestimmtes Monster besiegen oder einen Gegenstand beschaffen sollen. Ashen's enemies are tough, its bosses are blockbuster, and its gorgeous handcrafted world is littered with ambiguous lore and odd but charming NPCs. Visit our corporate site. Despite the limits of this multiplayer, I’m happy enough to be Journey-ed up with other players, rather than fiddling about with soapstones and summonings (you can still password match to a specific person, if you want to play with your mate James). Tagged with Annapurna Interactive, Aurora44, feature, review, Ashen. Fangen wir uns doch mal einen Treffer ein, heilen wir uns über einen Zaubertrank, den sogenannten Purpursaft. Je schwerer diese sind, desto besser schützen sie und, verbrauchen aber auch schneller Ausdauer. Yes, Ashen echoes the core mechanics of Dark Souls, but it does so which such finesse that it hardly matters.

Best free PC games You can unlock a talisman upgrade that lets you open these dungeons and go in alone, but why face a giantess by yourself when you can fight her with a human-possessed Jokell? If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies. In this it shares Dark Souls’ own storytelling flaw. Ashen eignet sich auch für Spieler, die zwar grundsätzlich Interesse am Genre haben, Dark Souls aber eine Spur zu heftig finden.

If you’re a Soulsborne veteran you’ll take to it immediately, while newcomers will find the game a little more inviting than usual.

But if we think of it another way, maybe we can circumnavigate the curse.

To be fair, most Dark Souls clones have leaned unnecessarily heavily on the originals, copying even relatively small details rather than inventing their own.

Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, In quests, you’re often asked to seek out an Ake or a Fiske or a Nella or an Aho and left with the impression that you must care about this person only because your fellow villager has exhibited some basic emotion about them. Nur angemeldete Benutzer können kommentieren und bewerten. This juxtaposition of themes is best defined by Ashen's world itself, which regularly switches from sprawling open world to claustrophobic grotto during the game's scores of tabulated quests. Work with others randomly or play with friends using a special system. Troll oder Feigling? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Once you've tied down an NPC, you can invite them back to your centralised HQ in Vagrant's Rest, where they'll duly offer new key items, crafting options, lore snippets and other world-related quirks I won't spoil here. 1:36 Best PC games New PC games 2020 Black Friday Best graphics cards Best free PC games Best Minecraft shaders for …

Yes Ashen contributes more hits than misses to the Souls formula, though the overall experience may feel too familiar to fans of FromSoftware's trendsetting series.
Instead of a torch, you have a lantern.

I am going to let this go, however, because at least I had to work a bit to unlock the fast travel, something even Souls games have abolished in an effort to appease impatient players. When you look at this map, the naming conventions are pure From Software. I’m using a controller, and the differences are so few, you can count them on one knuckle: climb ledges with ‘Y’. The trick here is that the game matches you with a nameless player and makes them appear as one of your fellow villagers: a beardy blacksmith or an unnaturally tall, blue-skinned brewer. Sadly, not many of the characters in your village are particularly flamboyant or interesting people. What is it? Bei Fragen oder Problemen nutze bitte das Kontakt-Formular. Not cheap. The fact there are also direct equivalents of souls, bonfires, and estus flasks is merely the icing on the cake. Kontakt | Please enable Javascript to view comments. In your pal’s game, you’ll also appear as an NPC. It has a map, it has waypoints and quest logs and a compass and jolly AI companions who potter along behind you should no human player become manifest (more on the multiplayer later). Gelegentlich rennt mal einer in die falsche Richtung oder schaut uns beim Kämpfen tatenlos zu.

Wahnsinnig packend ist das nicht, dafür erledigen wir derlei Aufträge ganz bequem nebenher beim Erkunden der teils ganz schön verwinkelten Spielwelt. It's thoughtful, gorgeous, challenging and a dream to explore. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Enemies lunge at you with erratic intelligence and agility. Because when I think of The Surge or Nioh or Hollow Knight, I’d rather be enjoying this gorgeous panorama of a game, climbing to the top of its mountains, lurking through its deep caves, or returning to my gentle hometown to see how it’s grown while I’ve been away. So similar to the Soulsborne series is Ashen, in fact, that these comparisons will inevitably attract or avert players from the outset. I’ve got one that makes my sprint cost less stamina, so I can cheese it through hound-infested valleys like some kind of Usain Bolt of ancient folklore. Und ja, wir sind uns der Ironie bewusst, einerseits von mangelnder Originalität zu sprechen, und andererseits selbst schon wieder die Parallele zum Klassiker von From Software zu ziehen. Die KI ist überraschend kompetent, bei menschlichen Spielern ist es eher Glückssache. Cross-legged warriors slicing at me with invisible strikes. You depart, leaving a pipe-smoking chap called Jokell standing outside his half-built home, and return an hour later with his dad’s notebook, only to find Jokell’s house is fully built, and has a little windmill on top. Link Official site. As is law in Miyazaki's nightmare-scapes, accumulated Scoria is lost upon death, and can only be regained in your immediate next life. It isn't a AAA souls game and it's obvious, but if you can get past some of the technical issues, you have a solid action-rpg on your hands.

New PC games 2020 An ancient being (the Ashen) has exploded and brought light into a world that was once black as your boot. Best Minecraft shaders for 1.16.3 On: Windows Ashen Review. 3. It’s especially disappointing to be given a “hunt three wolves” quest early in the story. Wo Dark Souls bewusst kryptisch bleibt, gibt uns Ashen Markierungen für Nebenmissionen und Quests. Sascha Penzhorn, In any fight, understanding the lay of the land is crucial, and whereas conflicts out in the field can be judged in advance, battles indoors often unfold in tight, dimly-lit areas. This reflects the polarising nature of this style of game, but, by setting out its stall with precision and conviction, Ashen never does so shamelessly. AI companions offer sidequests and will often tag along for the journey, while real-world players let you band together for specific missions and part ways whenever you so choose. Review By Steve Farrelly @ ... but to also be part of a larger network of stable talent would help them refine their gameplay. A lack of emotes means that I welcome my fellow explorers by jumping up and down on the spot a couple of times, or press the “put down lantern” button over and over, resulting in a kind of spasmodic glowstick dance which I hope they understand as a “hello”. It’s about slow, methodical exploration, your journey across causeways and through rickety fishing villages long abandoned by anyone not wielding a club. There was a problem. I like this last substitute, because it makes me imagine my axe-wielding character as some kind of warlike Argentinian slugging yerba mate in the middle of a fight. Thank you for signing up to PC Gamer. Der Grafikstil von Ashen ist simpel, aber stimmig. And a couple of frustrating fatal error crashes in the middle of that maybe-final boss. Stattdessen steigern wir direkt unsere Lebenspunkte oder Ausdauer.

Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. A lighter souls, yes. A mixture of Dark Souls and Journey comes to Xbox One and PC and exploits the pleasures of non-verbal communication. Early doors, I found myself fumbling around a wooded area named the Restless Knoll, which was cluttering with spear-wielding enemies. Mechanically, it is quite similar, with the main innovations coming from the social interactions allowing for permanent (or at least near-permanent) play with your friends. Because it’s about the land more than people. All the Dark Souls-esque mechanics are implemented extremely well but it’s consistently the differences that are the most interesting part of the game and we hope if there’s to be a sequel that developer A44 are prepared to place more faith in their own ideas. Dies kann folgende Ursachen haben: What’s especially interesting is that human players can take the roles of any of these non-player characters, if you choose to switch on the co-op options. Jetzt sind wir auf uns allein gestellt. Helfende Hand: Unser Begleiter unterstützt uns dabei, eine schwer erreichbare Plattform zu erklimmen. Um diese Missionen zu erhalten, freunden wir uns zunächst mit diversen NPCs überall in der Spielwelt an und laden sie in unser zu Beginn von Banditen befreites Lager ein. I’ve also had some bugs. Das bedeutet, dass wir nie ganz sicher sein können, ob ein Mitstreiter gerade von der KI oder von einem menschlichen Spieler gesteuert wird, zumal es im Spiel weder Text- noch Voicechat gibt. One day, James will forget about you too, you know. Mit ausreichend Währung dürfen wir auch passive Charakteraufwertungen für Dinge wie mehr Leben oder erhöhte Resistenzen freischalten. Find more information here. At least, it feels much gentler to this clumsy chosen undead.
Publisher Annapurna Interactive Its passive co-op features offer new insights into the genre, and the variety of its beautiful world is an absolute joy. It’s exhausting comparing every element of a new game to one that already exists, but it’s impossible to discuss Ashen without also talking about Dark Souls. Dein Kommentar wurde nicht gespeichert. Du hast versucht, einen Kommentar innerhalb der 10-Sekunden-Schreibsperre zu senden. Judge well or die hard, my friend.

The rules behind when and where these enemies respawn is likewise erratic. Wann immer wir ins Abenteuer aufbrechen, begleitet uns einer unserer Dorfbewohner und unterstützt uns im Kampf. Sometimes giant bruisers are capable of leaping for 20 metres and crushing you into the ground, sometimes they’re incapable of moving because an ankle-high ledge is confusing them.

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ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. And while weapon upgrades are numerous the range of options are more straightforward, and the only significant complications are limited to optional talismans that confer various buffs and abilities. Allerdings gibt es gerade mal fünf dieser Bosse im Spiel. Finally, I’ve gotten to the gristle. You’ll only be seen in the light of that which came before. In terms of difficultly, Ashen is certainly not an easy game, especially if you’re on your own, but it’s not as consistently hard as Dark Souls. Finding a friendly new face quickly becomes the most important reward in the game, as you head back to camp to see what favours they’re going to ask for and what weapons they’re equipped with to help you. From: Epic Cons: Most of the gameplay, and a lot of the atmosphere, is identical to Dark Souls, which seems entirely unnecessary given the developer’s obvious talents.

Other fundamentals are sightly different. Der Kommentar ist länger als 4000 Zeichen.

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