Who doesn't associate the, "Can you hear me now?" He is said to have studied under St Anselm at Bec. Be sure to let the associate know it is a gift and if they have these receipts with no prices on it. Lots of people still associate most businesses with .com!

There is a tendency in the literature to associate Mackie 's model of causality with a deterministic view of the universe. 1910 after being appointed associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court by President Taft.

You probably associate stucco walls with Tuscan design. In some instances, it is possible to complete a certificate program or associate's degree online and transfer those credits to a bachelor's program at a traditional school. Several Pittsburgh schools offer associate degree programs, including the Pittsburgh Technical Institute, Bradford School, Triangle Tech, the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and DeVry University. Students in associate degree programs usually complete basic course requirements and then transfer into bachelor's degree programs for advanced instruction in bioengineering. Some associate's degrees are stand-alone degrees, designed to prepare students for specific careers like fire science, nursing, office administration, or massage therapy. Your cat may associate the pain it experiences when urinating with its litter box. The choice of the two names has some significance, when we consider his later literary life as the associate of the Queen Anne poets and as a collector of old Scots poetry.

Several types of programs offer high school and college students financial assistance for completing an associate's or bachelor's degree.

Erichson (1839) and united with the Orthoptera, with which order some entomologists still associate them under the name of " Pseudoneuroptera.". 129 people chose this as the best definition of associate: Joined with another or ot... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.

A position as state official, at first as associate of the academy of sciences and secretary of the academy of arts, afterwards as secretary of the philosophical section of the academy of sciences, gave him ease and leisure. The Associate Reformed Synod of the South has the Erskine Theological Seminary (1837) in Due West, South Carolina.

The work was overseen by the associate director and director of general practice education and the dean of postgraduate education. There are theological seminaries at Columbia (1828, Presbyterian), at Due West (1837, Associate Reformed Presbyterian), and at Mount Pleasant (1898, Lutheran).

Not till 1736 were the statutes against witchcraft repealed; an act which the Associate Presbytery at Edinburgh in 1743 declared to be" contrary to the express law of God, for which a holy God may be provoked in a way of righteous judgment. At the head of the department of justice is the supreme judicial court, which consists of a chief justice and seven associate justices appointed by the governor and council for a term of seven years.

The rule laid down by the Order is abstinence so far as possible from all foods which are obtained by the cruel infliction of pain, and the minimum that is set is complete "abstinence from flesh and fowl," while net-caught fish may be used by associate members. The judicial power is vested in a supreme court, consisting of a chief justice and four associate justices elected by the people; six appeal courts, each with three judges, also elected by the people; and twenty-six courts of first instance, each consisting of one judge appointed by the president and two by the chief justice of the supreme court. That simple, easily recognizable icon helps customers identify the brand and come to associate it with the quality and service they desire. In 1890 the Rabbinical Diploma was conferred on him by Lector Weiss of Vienna, but again he evidenced his self-denial by declining to stand for the post of associate Chief Rabbi in the same year. A sales associate will run a tape measure around your bust, waist and hips areas to determine your size. A school's accreditation and the state's certification standards will play a huge role in determining the specific curriculum of an online physical education associate's degree. Even a prisoner on this planet was unwilling to associate with her! If you'd like to test out a new scent, simply ask the sales associate for a free sample. I-Iere also are the superstitions which associate rivers or pools with the safety of human life (e.g Frazer iii.

Like his father, he was a member of almost every learned society of Europe, and he succeeded him as foreign associate of the Academy of Paris.