Fake manufacturers will always compromise in this aspect and this will show. I hope it will help you and, most importantly, I hope you’ll buy safely. not in a face-to-face real life meeting). We can notice here how the authentic gold tag is thicker and of higher quality. Due to the popularity of the BAPE clothing items, the company website warns consumers to only purchase through authorized retail stores or online at us.bape.com to prevent purchasing replicas. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in history from San Francisco State University. With that being said, this concluced our fake vs real gold tag comparison. Our guides are the most complete, this time covering the real vs fake Bape gold tag. Spotting Chrome Hearts fake tag on clothes, https://chromehearts.club/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/logochromhearts0.75x.png, https://chromehearts.club/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/chrome_hearts_cloth_label_fake_vs_real.jpg, Copyright All Rights Reserved & copy; 2017. We’ll point out here the fact that the fake Bape logo on the gold tag has different dimensions and different spacing from edges. Make sure you use that guide if you’re legit checking a hoodie. So as someone who owns both a genuine bape hoodie and a fake bape hoodie, I want to point out some noticeable differences I have seen in a real and a fake hoodie.

Fortunately, this logo and tag have been proven to be difficult for accurate reproduction.

"If you want to zip up your bape hood regularly", New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FashionReps community. However, do note that in the market, the earliest generation of Bape shorts was made using the thicker fabric from the Bape’s space hoodie. tl;dr A real size L is the same size (roughly) with a fake M. - The fake hoodie has a more contrived and smaller hood size for the head (if zipped all the way up). We’ll point out here how the replica Bape gold tag has got the stitching right, only to fall short of this shape tell. Watch out for wrong spelling in … Feel free to head to their website or Instagram (@primestuff_ru) to get one, and to find out more about their Bape clothings. We hope you find this post helpful in finding some great Bape clothings!

Locate the tag. Authentic BAPE items will have two tags, one with camouflage and one with the BAPE logo, and both should be attached by a leather string. The bar-code and serial number on every piece of Chrome Hearts are unique.

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Now let’s get into the fake vs real Bape gold tag comparison.

know anything about the differences in the tees? Last but not least, we’ll conclude with the same picture we’ve linked above. For this, I believe that Alt Seller is probably the only bape hoodie rep maker that is the closest to 1:1. Prime Stuff is a website that sells replicas made of highest quality, unlike those found in other major online wholesale platforms. Why? I zipped my fake hoodie all the way up and could hardly breathe when zipped up. White Air Force: Real vs High Quality Replica, Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1: High Quality Replica vs Real Review.

Authentic BAPE items will have two tags, one with camouflage and one with the BAPE logo, and both should be attached by a leather string. Next, let’s look at the gold logo on the tag, which is engraved in a seamless way.

(it also creates a really weird curve making the mouth part of the shark curved all the way in) compared to a real hoodie which would just go straight all the way up, and be spacious. I’ve attached the authentic wash tags and then pasted over the picture of the gold tag. We will start by saying that the gold tag is not necessarily the #1 tell to look out for, but in the case in which you’re not having a specific real vs fake comparison, it’s the best thing you’ve got. Beware who you purchase. Locate the tag.
What we’re comparing here are the materials used to create this wash tag. If you flip the label on the shorts, the original Bape logo should have a little dent on the bape’s head (as circled in the right picture). Watch out for wrong spelling in other insignificant words besides Chrome Hearts. A picture taken with the flash can make even an authentic Bape gold tag look like it’s too shiny.