It was pretty bleak, and many saw it as making light of mental illness and suicide.

Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson certainly had something to do with that, but a lot of that was also to do with Joel James. In a 2017 interview with Teen Vogue, Newman said if she had known the phrase would catch on like it did, she would’ve been more aggressive about it, adding that she was trying to trademark the phrase. —K.N. As for whether the Joker will continue to evolve alongside social media, well, there are rumors already circulating of another Phoenix-led Joker film, so it’s likely he’s not going away anytime soon. The crummier, the more nonsensical the meme, the better. To make matters worse, the text-less comic was uploaded to the site with the filename loss.JPG. The trend got so big The Office even did a cold open about it. In November 2014, a young woman tweeted a photo of a teenage checkout clerk at Target with Alex on the nametag. (See #13) A still image of “Salt Bae” tossing on the salt like it’s fairy dust became a meme representing any time we’re being our most extra selves. —K.N. This decade, memes became something not just for a handful of internet nerds who lurked on message boards — memes are now for everyone. But it was the televised debates for the governor's race in 2010 that brought him national fame for his flamboyant facial hair, gloves, and one-issue campaign platform. It’s a pretty simple meme, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at a picture of Goldfish sushi or a chicken noodle watermelon without completely losing it. —K.N. "I think we need more positivity on the internet these days." —J.R. The Joker obviously existed long before social media, but the character's glee-filled take on chaotic nihilism has, for better or worse, become inseparable from how we imagine a very specific kind of kind internet user: angry, insular, often violent, male.

His shot selection got occasionally frustrating, but it’s not like he ever took enough shots to truly hurt the team with it. Mark Tulin (author) from Santa Barbara, California on May 21, 2020: Wonderful information, Jake. I mean, everything’s fucked, so why not, right? Reply Retweet Favorite. There’s a good chance you know Gavin’s face even if you don’t know Gavin’s name. Old Town Road.... the remix out now! Then came the second wave, where people started using Minion memes to make fun of the people who posted Minion memes. Based on the reviews for his newest album, Jesus Is King, and the general lack of buzz around his Sunday Service project, that might be something we’re leaving in 2010s. Irony is the online currency. Constructing a linear narrative out of internet content is extremely complicated — things connect across time and space in ways that make a traditional retelling almost impossible. —K.N. But like “on fleek” and other viral catchphrases and memes, the “what are those” meme spread without any control from its creator, Brandon Moore.

—K.N. Also, Amy Lee can sing! There’s been the “In My Feelings” dance challenge, where people dance out the side of a moving car to his 2018 hit, the “hope no one heard that” lyric from “Marvins Room,” Drake’s myriad of faces and expressions while he watches basketball games, images of his character from Degrassi: The Next Generation, and the handwritten scrawl of the cover art for his album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

Which is why the orange juice account pretends to have depression now, and everyone likes it, and it's good. An internet marketing company stepped forward, claiming that it had gotten the original girl to tweet the photo of Alex as a viral marketing stunt, and seeded the meme with inorganic retweets and promotion. It’s sort of incredible to include Gavin Thomas on this list because he was literally born in 2010 at the start of the decade. —R.B. In early 2013, a dance meme was born. Another rumor had it that Wilt Chamberlain challenged Muhammad Ali to an exhibition fight, but Ali's boxing manager, Jabir Herbert Muhammad, backed out due to the mere visual intimidation of Chamberlain, fearing an upset.

Is Kanye West a meme? —J.R. —K.N.

Normally, internet culture has no interest in what the parents of young infants and toddlers are doing (gross, old people). Para saber mais sobre nossa política de cookies, acesse link. The concept exploded in popularity at the end of 2018 when rapper Lil Nas X released his breakout hit “Old Town Road,” a country rap song that became one of the biggest singles of the year — only getting bigger after being disqualified from the Billboard Hot Country chart over claims that it did “not embrace enough elements of today’s country music.” In response, the artist released a remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, practically daring critics to say it wasn’t country enough. The enduring power of the Real Housewives through the decades was proven in 2019 by the popularity of an image of an early season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where one Housewife is yelling while another holds her back, juxtaposed with a white cat named Smudge scowling at a dinner table. He got a scholarship to a major Division I program. Do not eat your cereal like this today.

Cruz was born in 1970 — after the first killings — so he is probably not the Zodiac Killer, in my expert journalistic opinion. In the Fader, Doreen St. Félix wrote how “on fleek” is an example of an endless trend of black teenagers creating the memes, lingo, and jokes that make up internet culture, and how those black teens are often uncredited and don’t profit when brands use their creative works. —R.B.

For instance, I notice the sock tan lines and the diamond earrings first.

Both are in the hall of fame for each sport and both are considered, or at least in the argument as the greatest ever in their two sports. But it was the still from the video for “Photograph” where singer Chad Kroeger holds up a photo, along with the memorable lyric “look at this photograph,” that blew up in the second half of the decade.

—J.R. That’s probably to be expected of someone who didn’t play organized basketball until he was a sophomore in high school.

By One of the biggest ones, a teen girl named Makenna Kelly, became the basis for a ton of memes. Ah, yes, the official mascots of every boomer’s divorce announcement Facebook post. It’s hard to remember a time when reaction GIFs weren’t ubiquitous, but they really rose to prominence in 2012 with the launch of the Tumblr blog #whatshouldwecallme.

you stupid motherfucker You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation. No group since furries has been as routinely mocked as the bronies. This is often accomplished by cutting a cake, with pink or blue frosting revealing whether it was a boy or a girl. vaccines save lives Hillary Clinton tweeting in meme-speak was cringe. Between yards, touchdowns, interceptions, supporting casts, and championships, it's hard to decide who is the greatest of all time. Utilizamos cookies, próprios e de terceiros, que o reconhecem e identificam como um usuário único, para garantir a melhor experiência de navegação, personalizar conteúdo e anúncios, e melhorar o desempenho do nosso site e serviços.

Do the basketball superstars of today make it on the list? Among the biggest genres on Youtube, “autonomous sensory meridian response” videos usually involve people whispering, tapping on a glass, or even crunching on pickles straight from the jar. Mark loves writing about the NBA and his hometown team, the Philadelphia 76ers.

The walled culs-de-sac of proprietary platforms will never be able to stop the world's teens from sharing a picture of Peter Griffin from Family Guy smoking a huge blunt.