And break into cold sweats when you accidentally fuck up "your" and "you're" in a text because you were "in a rush.". Technical writing is difficult, and this is reflected in the pay. The job also has consistent growth, sitting at 9% between 2014 and 2024.
Although speaking is a major part of this job, an English degree helps announcers write scripts that are clear, effective, and engaging. I’m probably curious to a fault. An degree in English might not seem like the most job-ready education in the world, but you may be surprised by how many skills you’ll gain that are directly related to the workplace. They may also be tasked with developing and implementing databases or researching new books to add to the library’s collection. There are many complex machines and technologies in our modern world. But a 150-page book is. It's glorious, and worth every single cent of your college loans. You're not only fulfilling your dream of spending four years of writing a never-ending barrage of papers, but you'll also learn a lifetime's worth of literary references that most non-English majors will never understand. An English degree will give you initial preparation, but you’ll need to complete licensing and certifications to apply. Librarians can help patrons with research, teach classes about information technologies, and organize library materials. An editor may review for spelling and grammar, but they can also rewrite text, verify facts, evaluate submissions, and assign articles to specific writers. Sure, you can write and understand Shakespeare, but can you offer value to an employer? Preparing students for life after graduation, teachers provide lessons on many different subjects, which can include English and writing. You're not only fulfilling your dream of spending four years of writing a never-ending barrage of … Many different education paths will touch on writing, but in English, it becomes one of the main subjects, allowing you to hone your skills as a writer and communicator. Fiction or nonfiction are just two of the different categories of work you can create as an author. Every brand needs a story and then another story and then another one after that. This can be an important step if you wish to teach English, literature, or writing at the high school or collegiate level, as you will gain a deeper understanding of the English language and how it applies to modern forms of writing.

According to the BLS, the field will drop by 11% between 2014 and 2024. If you are looking to make a lot of money with your English major, take an a English major job in advertising and work your way to advertising manager.