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First, while some line items are conveniently labeled “classified”, others are called by cloak-and-dagger names like the Army’s “Tractor Hip,”—cut in half this year to $16.4 million —and the Navy’s “Chalk Eagle”—a $543 million program that has seen continued growth over the last three years.

The Federation of American Scientists breaks the numbers down here.

Federal Reserve Bank (FED) - Main File.

0000003896 00000 n 0000030678 00000 n But the Devil is in the details, and those are exactly the thing missing from these broad disclosures. Household worksheet can be used by individuals to create a budget plan combined for all the members of the household. Empire', -  0000011034 00000 n 0000002430 00000 n

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The Defense Department has set aside $79 billion for OCO for the next fiscal year, the same placeholder amount as this one. -  Think projects to size up the Russian army and snoop ok Kim Jung-Un’s nuclear program. USAPs - Unacknowledged Special Access

You can read our story in Slaying the Debt Dragon: How One Family Conquered Their Money Monster and Found an Inspired Happily Ever After.

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Both agencies released their 2015 requests today: $45.6 billion for the NIP and $13.3 billion for the MIP.

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0000053154 00000 n Some might say that secret space fleet, military operations in space, and Solar Warden are the result of an overactive imagination or a science fiction novel. Blackstar is the reported codename of a secret United States orbital spaceplane system. What's Up With the Black Budget? Overall spending for both programs (NIP and MIP) is disclosed to the public by the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Defense.

But there’s still one category where the Department of Defense is not scaling back: its secret projects.

1 Day Before 911 WTC Attack!

0000008960 00000 n - Main File, -  Play with the numbers yourself here and tell us what we’ve missed. - Main File.

According to the budget documents, the DoD plans to spend around $58.7 billion on classified programs (fondly known as its “black budget”) in fiscal year 2015, a … Amery, WI (54001) Today. The Missing Forty Trillion Dollars

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0000010865 00000 n It can also refer to the Department of Defense’s Military Intelligence Program (MIP).

The MIP as we know it was established in 2005 and includes all the intelligence programs that support operations in armed services. Too bad—here they are. Extraterrestrial Technology, the Black Budget, and


Budgeting helped us pay off $127K in debt.

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Non-Lethal Weapons While some members of Congress can look at them, they have to make special arrangements to do so.

0000007759 00000 n - The Masters of Magic, - 

the dark secret of the black budget - by making $35 billion in defense programs invisible, the pentagon is hurting national security. 0000007595 00000 n 0000001656 00000 n But it’s unclear as of now, how much of the money that creatively overcomes budget restraints will go to black budget programs. The Black Budget Investment Blueprint: Seven Hot Stocks to Profit From the Rise in Military Spending BY BYRON KING. 0000153808 00000 n

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0000001096 00000 n 0000004569 00000 n The term is an unofficial one, as shadowy as the thing that it seeks to describe.

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That’s (some of) what we’re mapping out here, based on work that Daily Beast executive editor Noah Shachtman did while at Wired. In fiscal year 2014, the DoD requested $18.6 billion for the Military Intelligence Program but said no program details would follow, “as they remain classified for national security reasons.” Luckily, a dive into the budget documents reveals more, if still limited, information on these projects as well as secret programs outside of the Military Intelligence Program’s scope, including the purchase of classified weapons and hush-hush military operations. According to the budget documents, the DoD plans to spend around $58.7 billion on classified programs (fondly known as its “black budget”) in fiscal year 2015, a 1.5 percent increase from the previous year.

Budget' Revealed - A Detailed Look at US 'Espionage - Control and Manipulation Through Some Thoughts on Keeping It Secret, -  Silent Sound


Printable budget worksheets can be used by anyone who needs to create a budget for themselves. BL LUEPRINT 2 In fact, cyberwarfare-related activities will receive more than $4.2 billion dollars, according to the Post’s breakdown. The Washington Post revealed the so-called “black budget” on Thursday and reports that $52.6 billion was set aside for operations in fiscal year 2013. Clear skies.

Programs, - 

Funding Covert Government Projects 0000001835 00000 n Brotherhood of The Bell, - 

The Octopus, Black Projects and the Dulce Facility. - Underground Infrastructure, -  Trillions of Dollars "Lost" by US

- WATCH! Black Budget began to come to light after October / November 2012 and rely primarily on the personal testimony of an “insider” named Daniel, who claims to have been part of the Montauk Project, which later turned into Phoenix I, II and III.

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With those caveats in mind, here are the line items from the Department of Defense’s black budget for 2015.

Because of the nature of these weird titles, we might (and probably are) missing some other covert programs. UPDATE: There are now all new budget forms in editable PDF form go check out All New: FREE Printable Budget Forms You Can Edit.

Deficit Problems, -  0000003322 00000 n Daily Beast executive editor Noah Shachtman did while at.

One more nerdy note: We’re just looking at the so-called “base budget” of the Pentagon here; it doesn’t include the money for the war on terror, known in mil-speak as the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account. -  Programas Secretos de Presupuestos Negros, -  - "Psychotronics" and "Silent Sound" High 64F.

And experts don’t put it past the DoD to label more secret operations under innocuous titles or hide them in other budget categories like personnel. Think spy satellites, stealth bombers, next-missile-spotting radars, next-gen drones, and ultra-powerful eavesdropping gear. 0000009876 00000 n There are, of course, some complications with looking at these numbers.

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Snowden Reveals First Ever Public Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph.. Tonight. 'Non-Lethal Weapons' 244 0 obj <> endobj xref 244 40 0000000016 00000 n

The Washington Post used it to describe the Snowden-leaked account of money that funds Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, and other spy service projects, known officially as the National Intelligence Program (NIP).

These Black Budget projects are … The Black Budget Report - An Investigation Into the CIA's 'Black Budget' and The 0000150032 00000 n The term 'black budget' itself was new to me till I read this book.

0000078192 00000 n - 'Black Budget' Revealed - A Detailed Look at US 'Espionage Empire' - Brotherhood of The Bell - Extraterrestrial Technology, the Black Budget, and International Politics - Funding Covert Government Projects - The Masters of Magic - In Search of the Pentagon's Billion Dollar Hidden Budgets - Philadelphia-Montauk / Black Projects - Main File

Keywords Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/20 :CIA-RDP90-009658000707040013-3 ARTICLE APPEARED WASHINGTON MONTHLY ~.~~ .

The monthly worksheet can be used by individuals who need to create a budget for themselves on a monthly basis.

-  That’s nearly 10 percent of the whole intelligence community’s budget!

Philadelphia-Montauk / Black Projects 0000010361 00000 n

0000046286 00000 n ]����_��\ q/��n'�{'�\ ��**3o^W��K* Snowden Revela Primera Divulgación de

0000047780 00000 n 0000003063 00000 n Disclosure of Secret Black Budget Programs, -  The U.S. military has billions of dollars’ worth of secret projects it doesn’t want you to know about. 0000004455 00000 n

h�b```b``�c`c`�Sfb@ !�G�3���*�9X��?cHh����a~R�x\���C���ۚ=���8M4y�! Among the biggest priorities for the intelligence community, the Post reported, are “offensive cyber operations” and research devoted to decoding encrypted communications. President Obama proposed a $495.6 billion defense budget yesterday, almost half a billion dollars leaner than the previous year’s. 0000008577 00000 n

The first reference to “Solar Warden” occurred in March of 2006.

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Search of the Pentagon's Billion Dollar Hidden Budgets, - 

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