Sperm whales have to sleep too, especially when they are in possession of the biggest brains on the planet. 'Why do I watch £BLUEPLANET when I'm alone?? Unsubscribe anytime. This vast ocean desert where sperm whales must dive 1,000 metres just to feed.

One orca scavenging around the net became entangled. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.


Sperm Whale Dives Sperm whales can dive up to 3,280 feet deep.

#blueplanet. In what is sure to become one of the most iconic images from the BBC's Blue Planet II, Sir David Attenborough narrates about the problems of plastic pollution as a sperm whale attempts to eat a discarded plastic bucket.

She died in two minutes.

'We are not out there to campaign. Sir David Attenborough let us know that our oceans are packed with millions and millions of bits of plastic. The orca returned to his family soon after. The diet foods that contain MORE calories than standard products including Weight Watchers bread and... Instagram account reveals people's most unforgettable A-list encounters, from Nicole Kidman helping to track... 'She said "am I going to die?" Blue Planet II continued to make viewers feel horrendously guilty with tonight's episode, especially about all that plastic we use every day that gets dumped in the oceans.

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Blue... We're TRANS-fixed! 'Is like scary movie this week. .af-body input.image{border:none!important;} On Blue Planet II viewers saw the moment sixgill sharks attacked the crew's submarine after mistaking it for a predator, Crew members feared for their lives some 700 metres below the ocean surface as they were faced with seven of the 20ft sharks attempting to smash the glass of their sub.

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Just to get things back on track. Collecting large plastic bags that have been regurgitated by the fledgeling birds, she explains that also some birds have been able to bring the plastic back up, others have not been so lucky.

'Only David Attenborough could find a shrimp love story in a... David Attenborough’s most stunning programme yet? How brilliant! 'Working with ocean scientists around the world, we wanted to go further and deeper into the lives of some of the best-loved characters from the series, to show how our choices and actions are impacting them.

#af-form-1090581944 .buttonContainer input.submit{background-image:none;background-color:#6D8CE8;color:#FAF7FA;text-decoration:none;font-style:normal;font-weight:normal;font-size:16px;font-family:Trebuchet MS, sans-serif;} Perfect way to feel on a Sunday evening,' said one fan. The sixgill sharks tore into the carcass, sending plumes of blood into the water, with the force of their bites shaking the 30 tonne carcass like a rag-doll. I genuinely have a hate for humanity when I watch blue planet 2 #blueplanet #blueplanet2 #SaveOurPlanet. It means the BBC now holds the top three spots in the 10 most-watched programmes of 2017 so far.

From enchanted forests to undersea prairies, the planet's. The series was debuted on 29 October 2017 and was simulcast on BBC One, BBC One HD and BBC Earth, making it … .af-body input.text{width:100%;float:none;padding:2px!important;} ‘Industrial pollution and the discarding of plastic waste must be tackled for the sake of all life in the ocean,' says Sir David. 10 MILLION tune in to watch Blue Planet... Like a gallon of emotional TNT, Sheridan was simply... Two women seen fighting in shocking street brawl, Police swoop on village and fire rubber bullets to take down man, 'What is happening?' You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Love Island's Curtis addresses cheating claims, Real Housewives Atlanta stops filming due to COVID, Doctor Who boss confirms shorter series 13, Pennyworth s2 trailer teases Batman parent romance, Dancing on Ice 2021 reveals 'Golden Ticket' twist, First Dates announces teen spin-off for 2021.

DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. Blue Planet II is a 2017 British nature documentary series on marine life produced by the BBC Natural History Unit.Like its predecessor, The Blue Planet (2001), it is narrated and presented by naturalist Sir David Attenborough, while the main music score was composed by Hans Zimmer.

Try Amazon Prime for 30 days free ***** ★ "BLUE PLANET II" SERIES VIDEO RESPONSE WORKSHEETS & KEYS ★ BUY THE MULTI-EPISODE BUNDLE AND SAVE 33%. Most watched TV show of 2017 has been revealed, Radiohead and Hans Zimmer team up for Blue Planet II, Blue Planet II shocks viewers with lakes UNDER the sea, David Attenborough admits struggle to remember names, David Attenborough's Blue Planet II trailer is stunning, David Attenborough's Blue Planet returns for live event. In the season finale, shown this Sunday at 8pm on BBC1 in the UK, Sir David will speak directly to the problems caused by the estimated eight million tonnes of plastic that finds its way into the world's oceans each year. Nightmares aside, viewers declared it a fitting end to the week. #BluePlanet2 @BBC, Every single human in the world should watch tonight’s episode of Blue Planet 2, we all deserve to feel intense guilt for the mess we’ve made of this beautiful planet. However, they soon realised how boats above would make so much noise and drown out the sounds made from the clownfish, leaving them vulnerable. 'I signed up for a calming nature show and I've just been shown all the creatures from my nightmares and a fish with a foot,' said another. Crew members feared for their lives some 700 metres below the ocean surface as they were faced with seven of the 20ft sharks attempting to smash the glass of their sub.

Episode one of the Sir David Attenborough-narrated series was seen by a total of 14.01 million people, new figures reveal. ... A sperm whale sleeping upside down.

'Some of these creatures look like the mutant toys in Toy Story,' said another. #af-form-1090581944 .af-body input.text, #af-form-1090581944 .af-body textarea{background-color:#FFFFFF;border-color:#FFFFFF;border-width:2px;border-style:solid;color:#8F888F;text-decoration:none;font-style:italic;font-weight:normal;font-size:14px;font-family:inherit;}

Devastating Footage of Plastic Pollution to be Shown on Blue Planet II. The team remarked on how noisy the fish were. #af-form-1090581944,#af-form-1090581944 .quirksMode{width:100%;max-width:590px;}

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A family of saddleback clownfish were trying to find a suitable place to lay their eggs. The Deep. Brownlow also stated that much of the footage they had filmed was 'too upsetting' to be shown in the programme. 'The sharks quickly realised the sub was not competition and their attention returned to the carcass and camerawoman Kirsten was able to film the first deep-sea, sixgill shark feeding frenzy ever witnessed. On the first episode of Blue Planet viewers learned about the kobudai fish, which after ten years of living as a female changes sex into a male.