by Mark Haddon. reading about sam and avery getting their happy ending warmed my heart so much, and i honestly think that it deserves more hype . The novel is semi-autobiographical as the protagonist struggles with depression, much like Silvia, who killed herself at the age of just 30. They cover a wide range of disabilities, from paralysis and cerebral palsy to depression and learning difficulties, and make for interesting reading…. In our previous post, we learned the life-or-death consequences of inaccurate representation of disabled people in teh media. Disabilities are not a flaw. It was also made into a film in 1989, starring Daniel Day-Lewis. It’s also FUNNY. They don’t have to do much either. Her grandparents just accept her as she is and they are awesome. We absolutely need books about disability suffering!!

Why yes. Truly a quality piece of book. Dismiss and minimize real obstacles and dangers caused by societies and environments hostile to disabled people, or completely forget they exist at all. ‘Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon‘ centers on a non-disabled girl (depending on how familiar you are with the series, as she is explicitly celebrated as an empowered, kick-ass Little Person in ‘Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon‘) and her best friend uses arm crutches for mobility.

A very unfair representation, not to mention a dangerous one. Adam has ADHD and Julian has dyslexia and PTSD. Later, we’ll learn about kick-ass disabled heroes who fought for equality and inclusion. They’re also both Jewish! Wonder, which was recently made into a film starring Julia Robert’s and Owen Wilson, is  essentially a children’s book.

I NEED MORE!! She meets Eliot who is literally her opposite — he can’t feel pain AT ALL. I read it during my university years at a time when depression and suicide were a taboo subject that people rarely discussed. Brave includes a character with a leg brace and arm crutches periodically through the book. He is a wealthy and once active young man who became a quadriplegic two years earlier through a traffic accident. I’d love to be able to support more #ownvoices authors with disabilities! I added these books to my tbr! I really enjoyed it, and the found family in it is *chef’s kiss*. All of these themes made the book memorable. The whole thing hurts, but it also is full of love. The solution is an allegory for inclusion – change the book, not the moose. And Eliot doesn’t have that. but it is. That was until I reached the end of the novel and realised that Me Before You has actually been written from an ableist perspective.

Also the main character uses a wheelchair.

Thanks for all the recs! We should respect both! (I also lowkey headcanon him as autistic because I can.)

Which you don’t think of as a disability (wouldn’t it be lucky to not feel pain?!) The text reads like a sexist etiquette primer, and the images spin common stereotypes on proper little ladies with mud-slinging, active, goofy, rough, and tumble girls – some of whom are physically disabled. George and Lennie are friends living during the American depression. I recall finishing it within 10 days, mainly because of its intriguing plot.

In his early years, his parents choose to homeschool him. It’s awful. The book would not necessarily flag up in a search for disability-related titles because, ultimately, it’s not the focus of the plot. It features two autistic brothers (in different places on the spectrum) and it’s so deeply about unconditional love and found-family and how abuse can shape you. I really related to Steffi’s severe anxiety too It’s also nice because it’s full of romantic “firsts” but not conventionally.

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AHHH, Julian in A List of Cages is my SON. Rely on tropes – sage blind grandmas, misogynistic autistic men, magic cures, etc. The main character August – or Auggie, as he is called – has a medical condition similar to Treacher Collins syndrome. I was also pleased to see the subtle exploration of disability hate crime, plus parent rejection and the inability to care for Millie and accept her condition. So here it is!

Your email address will not be published. Text & images may not be re-posted for profit, in whole or in part, without written permission. I can’t vouch for the rep and I don’t think it’s #ownvoices, but it did feel really respectful and realistic, showing the highs and lows of managing severe Tourette’s. @ Paper Fury 20 Comments. Feature characters who are valuable and successful outside the gaze of a male/white/non-disabled kyriarchy., Sharing the joy the passion, the energy, the contribution to #society of just one person w #downsyndrome

But I don’t recall having come across any books that had disabled characters. The Bell Jar is a book that is quite close to my heart. What is this selfish self-promo!! No, I’m not done. And YASSS RHYS AND STEFFI!!!

‘Just Because’ makes me twitch. Contain token disabled characters – sidekicks, helpless victims, and villains. tell me some books you love with disability rep!! (Which is actually pretty realistic.). I’m really excited to talk about some of my favourite books with disabled characters!! What a fantastic list, thank you SO MUCH for all the recommendations! Learn how your comment data is processed. They can just sit and look pretty. The book is essentially a murder mystery with a twist that will keep you gripped.

I will be adding all of these to my TBR (except TBWSH because I’ve already read and loved it)! Archives | me again I just read an article written by the author of the book “Just Because” in which she writes that the book is based on the interactions between her young son and her daughter with mental and physical disabilities.

Disabled romance novels have an important place in the genre. HEY SIGHTED FOLKS! Back then, it was eye-opening for readers, and still could be today.