When I sign in to my account on the laptop I do not have a choise to view what is recorded on my DVR? More importantly, notice that it’s scheduled to be on channel 501 TCM Thursday at 6.00pm.

For my demo I’m going to look up a movie I know is playing in a few days and set up a recording. You just can't, after hours and hours of talking to them, and they have no freaking idea.
Want to confirm? You just have to explore…, Finally, the Record button shows up. Finally, I found it's impossible. Whether you’re studying times tables or applying to college, Classroom has the answers. Let’s hope that all gets cleaned up so we can focus on our shows and not the technology soon.

If you’re looking at an episode of a series, the record window is a bit more complicated: I have a couple of TV series in my record-new-episodes queue and it works great. The confusion is that if you’re trying to set a recording for a program you’ll only be able to watch on your home network, you’ll only be able to set up the recording in house too. Insert iPhone Photo into Mac Message or Document. Further, please note that by submitting a question or comment you're agreeing to our terms of service, which are: you relinquish any subsequent rights of ownership to your material by submitting it on this site. To watch TV on your computer, you need a tuner/captures card, which effectively makes your computer into a TV, meaning you can use your STB with it, and control it with the usual remote. The Verizon FiOS DVR manager requires no additional fees beyond those you already pay for your regular Verizon services. After just a few seconds you should see this: Done. Follow me on Instagram. To use the FiOS DVR Manager, you must log in to the Verizon FiOS TV Central website (link in Resources). After installing and launching the appropriate app, enter your Verizon FiOS user name and password. Verizon offers an online FiOS DVR Manager that you can use to manage your DVR from the Web browser of any computer or mobile device. Although there is a mobile version of the FiOS TV Central site (link in Resources), Verizon also offers FiOS DVR management apps for both iOS and Android mobile devices. Jack Hollingsworth/Photodisc/Getty Images. How to gain the ip address of another computer remotely? If you’re looking at an episode of a series, the record window is a bit more complicated: I have a couple of TV series in my … Step.

*****however, you can get a sling box and make it possible..View fios … Below the movie info box is an additional area:eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'askdavetaylor_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_7',108,'0','0'])); It’s this lower entry that you’ll want to click or tap on to get to the record feature.

Watch popular movies and TV series on Verizon Fios.

With this tool, you have access to a number of FiOS TV options -- for example, you can schedule or cancel a recording, manage your FiOS Favorites channels, and access a week's worth of TV listings. If you don’t see it, you don’t have permission to record this particular show, episode, movie or program. To do that, it’s time to use the slick Xfinity search feature, tucked onto the top right of the screen: The movie I’m interested in is actually called Bell, Book and Candle but check out how I can just get a couple of those words – in the wrong order – and it’ll match anyway: Click on the match and you’ll see more information about it, including ratings and major stars in the film (or TV series if it’s a series): A 77% on RottenTomatoes, sure, but it’s actually a pretty amusing, albeit innocuous comedy with a great cast.

The Spectrum TV App and watch.spectrum.net does allow access to OnDemand content. Like. Follow me on LinkedIn Evidently, they don't care much for their services. @tfladen , . Only on your phone or tablet, NOT ON YOUR COMPUTER!. Thanks. Meanwhile, now you know how to do it. Access my dvr box from my computer with fios. © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. We take great care to provide quality information. We can record programs off TCM because that’s part of my channel lineup. Anyway, don't feel happy about that either since the app is an absolute disaster and only works when it wants.

Oh, and do check out Bell, Book and Candle.

Her work has appeared in the Tampa Tribune, Working Mother magazine, and a variety of technical publications, including BICSI's "Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual." Follow me on Twitter If you do decide to but flex view titles then we are giving our custs 70 gb of space that they are able to do this and save movies..Even if you leave verizon you will always ave access to your purchased movies. Go back and click on the movie listing again and you’ll now see: As you can see, you can cancel the recording if you want or, by clicking or tapping on “Modify Recording” you can adjust start and stop times, etc. Never a hitch or problem. When I sign in to my account on the laptop I do not have a choise to view what is recorded on my DVR? It’s amusing! Please check out my basic computer help tutorials while you’re here. Our lawyer says "Thanks for your cooperation.". .css-dixatk{color:#000000 !important;background-color:!important;}.css-dixatk:hover{color:#141414 !important;background-color:#f0f0f3 !important;}.css-dixatk:focus{color:#141414 !important;background-color:#f0f0f3 !important;}.css-1ay6ky1{line-height:50px !important;}Forums. For example, you can record a new show, view your list of recorded programs or manage the shows you have set to record in the future.

Classroom is the educational resource for people of all ages. Still, it’s something and if you’re sitting in your easy chair you can definitely use your phone, tablet or computer to quickly set up a recording or even a series recording…. DVR recordings can only be viewed from the device where the program is recorded. Regardless of how old we are, we never stop learning.

If you opt for a PC DVR package, you can get an IR blaster device such as a USB-UIRT to control the box from the DVR …

See disclaimer. Your email address will not be published. Based on the Word Net lexical database for the English Language. Pro Tip: I’ve been writing about computer basics for years.

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And that’s it. How Can I Enable “Hey Google” Assistant on my Android Phone? Required fields are marked *, Follow Me on Pinterest I can get to the channel lineup on my computer, can I actually set up recordings through my computer too?eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'askdavetaylor_com-box-3','ezslot_8',125,'0','0'])); Comcast’s Xfinity service used to have a really great on-screen programming system that you could access via app and Web interface, but they got into trouble with some TiVO remote recording patents and shut it all down back in November 0f 2017. However, we do not guarantee, and accept no legal liability whatsoever arising from or connected to, the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of any material contained on this site or on any linked site. Start by visiting the.

Never miss a single article, review or tutorial here on AskDaveTaylor, sign up for my fun weekly newsletter! Sign in to your Comcast account on the Comcast website. That's just shows how little you know about our products, the genie does not allow to watch on the computer!!!

... but for the new features it's not yet available for computer/laptop. Click “Watch TV Online” from your account page in the XFinity TV section. Click your desired channel to watch the current broadcast. https://support.directv.com/mobile/how-do-i-download-a-program-on-my-mobile-device, Or you can check out www.directv.com/mobiledvr, With the new services for Mobile DVR it's only available on Tablet/phone with the app. The Xfinity Stream app for your smartphone offers remote DVR recording features too, though it too has some confusing rules about what you can set up remotely.