This castle is very different because it is octagon shaped, with eight sides and eight towers. The main entrance features architecture influenced by classical and Graeco-Roman styles. Your personal data will be governed by Mapsofworld. And this is the only document about the Castle we have of those times and moreover susceptible of different interpretations because of the word actractum used in  it. A tour bus or car is the best bet to visit the castle. Its many idiosyncrasies and mysterious details have puzzled researchers of many ages since.". In this respect it was the most representative product of his conception of "art serving power".Then a  plurality  of  functions  characterized this exceptional monument, emblematic expression of the many-sided personality of its client, a man of the Middle Ages who united in himself great qualities such as a vast culture, varied interests, intelligence, tolerance, love for peace and justice to a great pride and ambition. Castel del Monte was purchased by the Italian State in 1876 and became a national monument; it has been restored several times since 1879. The fortress was never finished, and it has no moat or drawbridge. Its many idiosyncrasies and mysterious details have puzzled researchers of many ages since." In 1996 Castel del Monte was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as "a unique masterpiece of medieval military … Summer months in general are hot and humid, making spring and autumn the best times to visit Castel del Monte. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2020 Castel del Monte opens according to the following timings: The entry ticket to the castle of mysteries costs € 5.00. Road required Castel del Monte also provides forge points every 24 hours. Today, the exterior architecture is the main draw to the site, but one of the few works of art remaining is a slab carving depicting a parade of knights. In this way his son Manfred announced his death: "The sun of justice has waned, the defender of peace is dead". "The enigmatic Castel del Monte was possibly meant to deter rebellious local nobles. There are some kiosks on site. It is also undeniable that owing to its high position and to its particular form Castel del Monte, still able to charm our contemporaries, excited an enormous amazement and admiration in subjects, allies, and enemies. With these words, in 1966, the UNESCO Committee for the World Patrimony  included  the castle, built about 1240 by Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, in the World Heritage List.In a letter written on the 29th of January 1240 to Riccardo di Montefuscolo, his judge and officer in Capitanata, the Sovereign ordered him to buy lime, stones, and all that would be useful and necessary " castro quod apud Sanctam Mariam de Monte fieri volumus" (for the castle we want to be erected near St Mary's on the mountain). The Castel del Monte is a Great Building of the Late Middle Ages. Its original purpose is not known for certain, though it is generally believed that it may have been constructed as a “curtain wall,” and served as a citadel. Castel del Monte is also featured on an Italian Euro coin. The castle is located near the monastery of Santa Maria del Monte. Entry costs €3. ..."Castel del Monte is of outstanding universal value in its formal perfection and its harmonious blending of cultural elements from Northern Europe, the Muslim world and classical antiquity. Castel del Monte, a 13th century medieval castle or citadel, features a blend of architectural styles from classical antiquity, the Muslim world, and the Gothic style from northern Europe. Castel del Monte is open daily, 10:15am-7:45pm (sometimes open from 9am). 5x5 270 170 140 150 270 Though once filled with artwork that included paintings, mosaics, and sculptures, the interior of Castel del Monte was looted in the 18th century by the House of Bourbon, who reused some pieces in their own palace. The walls are 25-26 meters (82-85 feet) high, and the castle has a diameter of 56 meters (184 feet). Age Some people believe there used to be … 1st October to 31st March: From 9:00 am to 7:30 pm. Visitors to the castle must park in a nearby lot and take a shuttle to the castle itself, which costs extra money. +39 3279805551 E.mail: Seguici su: The castle was constructed in the 1240s by Emperor Frederick II. Connection The sunlight and the deriving shadows magnify and outline the forms of the monument, regular and yet finely different, and give value to the colours, uniform and changeable at the same time.A relationship with the sun that in the Middle Ages conditioned the orientation of the sacred buildings and appears more than obvious in  the  case of Frederick II, deeply interested in  astronomy and compared or even identified with our star. The architecture is noted for its unique geometric design – an octagon with octagonal towers in each of the eight corners, vaulted ceilings, and an octagonal courtyard in the center. It has massive walls, corner towers, loopholes and portcullis gates; the finely jointed masonry is composed of large limestone ashlar blocks. It was, then, one of the most effective means Frederick II had imagined to impress on them the feeling of his greatness. Located in the region of Apulia in Italy, the castle was constructed in the 1240s, and was likely founded by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II. It is closed on 25th December and 1st January. This table shows which levels of this Great Building are profitable for a higher level Arc: Forge of Empires Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It provides military boost that increases the attack and defense of the player's attacking army. Properties The mighty Castel dell’Ovo owes its strength, oddly enough, to the Normans and the Spanish. The castle was built directly on the rocky bank and no preliminary work of levelling the ground before starting to build can be seen. Castel del Monte is located in the Apulia in Italy, around 20km south of the city of Andria. Castel del Monte, Italy. The castle consists of two stories with eight rooms on each floor. The castle was built on land owned by Emperor Frederick’s mother, Constance of Sicily. Late Middle Ages It provides military boost that increases the attack and defense of the player's attacking army. Facts about Castel del Monte (Castle on the Mount) Castel del Monte sits atop a hill at an altitude of 540 meters (1,771 feet). Its many idiosyncrasies and mysterious details have puzzled researchers through many ages since. Closed on 25 December and 1 January. Castel del Monte sits atop a hill at an altitude of 540 meters (1,771 feet). Castel del Monte lies in Apulia, Puglia. Military Boost Castel del Monte  Strada Statale 170, 76123, Andria, Italia  Tel. Nearby Attractions: Diocesan Museum, Cattedrale di Andria, Camping Sud di Lotito Teresa, and Saint Andrea Gate. Passive Bonus The Castel del Monte +39 3279805551  E.mail:, Page created 2017-11-10, last change 2017-11-13. Castel del Monte (Credit) Castel del Monte: So Famous, it’s Featured on Italian Currency In  Latin it means  pavement,  or  flattening  out  of the ground, or roof covering, till a more generic meaning of building materials.Then the only thing we have for sure is that in 1240 there were works in progress in the site, on the state of which Frederick II asked to be frequently informed.