Stir a little to combine. I will make this again and again! I always tried it with frozen blueberries.. also quite yum . This looks quick and yummy! It’s for all occasions! Mostly because of its simplicity, but also because it’s a chocolate cake and most people I know love a good chocolate cake pretty any time of the year, not just special occasions. I would consider substituting olive oil for coconut oil next time as it’s a great combo with chocolate. I share my favourite nutritious recipes and healthy eating tips here! Just 5 ingredients and 50 minutes cooking till you’ve got a cake that will win over everyone. I wouldn’t recommend switching a liquid sweetener for a powdered one as the consistency of the cake will be different, though. Vanilla coconut based ice cream goes great! You could also try half a mashed banana, or a few tablespoons of applesauce, as these are other common vegan egg substitutes. So quick to make. Filed Under: Desserts and Sweets, Recipe Tagged With: cake, chocolate, dairy free, dessert, gluten free, grain free, healthy baking, mug cake, This cake is delicious! Being the crazy busy couple that we are, my husband and I have enlisted serious help in making over the bottom floor of our terrace. I actually never made a mug cake before and your photos are making me feel like I’m missing out!! I love seeing your creations! I don’t eat flaxseed as they are highly estrogenic and I have endometriosis. The addition of coffee sounds so delish I will have to try it . This gorgeous almond chocolate mug cake comes together in MINUTES! If you make this cake take a snap and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram –> @moniquecormacknutrition . Well, it’s kitchen renovation time. My preference is to use a 70% Dark Chocolate or I’ll sometimes use a Sugar Free Dark Chocolate, however that often requires a trip to the Health Food Store, whereas I can buy the 70% Dark Chocolate one from the supermarket when I do my regular shop. what is the white liquid inside ? Thanks for subscribing! Put the mug in the microwave for 2 minutes. Yes I love chocolate and olive oil together I have a brownie recipe on the blog like that! First time I did it, they were a little dry. Both my husband and I devoured ours with cream and wanted more! The shape of the container you use will affect cooking time – if it’s a wide container and the mixture spreads out more, it will cook more quickly. Add the egg, maple syrup, olive oil and vanilla to the mixture. Delicately fold in half the egg whites at a time to the chocolate mixture. Thanks for the feedback Gabriella! I meant – kitchen, toilet, laundry…whole ground floor. almond flour mug cake, keto mug cake, mug cake recipe, « Keto Banana Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting, Coconut Flour Lemon Mug Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting ». This is a light, filling, rich and decadent dessert perfect for special occasions. If you like making them more pretty, you can make them in a bowl and then pour into microwave-safe ramekins, like I did for the photos. Guys, this month for me is going to involve a lot of NO FUSS cooking. More about this to come in a blog post! Basically, they’re some kind of renovating godsend who helps project manage and connects you with all the tradespeople you need. All this means is that you need to eat less of it and you’ll be full, but definitely satisfied. I have tried adding choc chips and peanut butter chips and bother were great. Use the best quality dark chocolate you can find. . Thank you for your recipe I’ve made it a couple of times now.. tonight I added some frozen raspberries and cooked it for 2 minutes. Preheat oven to 160°C (325°F). Appreciate you taking the time to let me know , This cake is too good n very much healthy. Make sure the mug/ramekin isn’t filled to the brim – you’ll need at least 2cm left at the top so it doesn’t spill over. You would not get the same level of richness, and you’d end up with a light brown cake instead of a deep dark chocolate one. Place the dry ingredients (almond meal, cacao, baking powder) into a small bowl/mug. Who doesn’t love a Gluten Free Mud Cake that is deliciously moist, wickedly rich, covered in soft luscious cream cheese chocolate frosting covered with fresh plump juicy raspberries. Yes olive oil! Looks yummy! A healthier chocolate cake that goes from zero to done in about ten minutes? Thank you Nicole . , Your email address will not be published. You can place the recipe into an online analyser like Happy Forks (which I think is at and it will tell you the approximate carbohydrate count for this recipe. Easily made in the microwave, it’s gluten free, grain free, dairy free and paleo friendly. I would love to make a cake for my friend’s birthday. Is there anything I can replace with the egg? Still, I was craving chocolate cake tonight haha and so I stumbled upon this recipe. Sachertorte–Austrian Chocolate Cake La Cocina de Babel. Whisk with a fork until … looks like yogurt ? Pretty new bench tops, a powerful new oven, a lovely tiled splash back. The whites are beaten with an electric mixer to form little peaks which creates lots of air through the whites and when this is added to the cake batter it adds air and lightness which is important because there are no raising agents and also helps to loosen up the cake. It’s so nice with extra chocolate though isn’t it . LAST UPDATED: June 9, 2020 | PUBLISHED: April 9, 2018 | BY: Kim. Hi there! The floor has been ripped up already. 285,169 suggested recipes. Let me know how you go . Flourless Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Frosting, Soft and Moist Chocolate Earl Grey Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache. Thank you so much Linda! I need to get my act together and make this! What size ramekins did you use? Yummy! Anyway, that recipe is great too! I need to try this! I might’ve found my holy grail cake recipe. I used small ramekins about 300mL to make these . And being gluten free, dairy free and sweetened with only one tablespoon of maple syrup, it makes a healthier option when you need a treat. (Makes up for all of the times I have massive recipe fails, just a little…). If it seems to dry with the cacao, adding some mashed banana makes it into a more moist choc banana cake too! I have just installed a nutrition calculator but haven’t had the chance to go back and update all my recipes yet! To start – you can make this cake in the mug you’ll cook it in, or you can make it in a small bowl and then pour it into a mug or ramekin to cook it. Yay Jean I hope you do try it! Made it. Thank you for such a fun treat! I’ve seen them around for ages but just never got around to experimenting! How would you change the serving size in order to make it into a cake? Thanks Renee! I am ALWAYS disappointed by mugcakes and have tried so many. Hi Hazel, thank you for your lovely comment! No sooner were we unpacking our Sydney home…we have been on the move again! 7 Checklists with over 65 Swaps to Help You Ditch The Sugar! You could try using a ‘flax egg’, which is 1 tbsp ground flaxseed and 3 tbsp water soaked to form a gel, or alternatively try half a mashed banana. Aw thank you so much Megan! I used agave nectar plus a tsp of Splenda as I like sweet. Something I actually don’t really mind being moved around for. Get your personalized results . So this almond chocolate mug cake isn’t just for must-have-cake emergencies. To make this cake more nutritious, you can add some fruits, such as strawberries, blueberries or raspberries. Without all my usual kitchen gadgets and space, this is the speedy, no fuss cake I need right now. This is great to hear Judy! Oh gosh vanilla and elderflower sounds absolutely amazing together! Serve immediately while it’s nice a warm. Cook for 60 seconds – it will puff up a lot while cooking and then settle. Thank you so much! One of the great things about this sugar free mud cake is that it is low carb (because almond meal is used instead of flour), and it is higher in protein than regular store bought cakes. Yep, you cook this cake in the MICROWAVE, and it’s done in 90 seconds. Hope that helps! Can I replace there the egg with an avocado, for example, what do you think? My kitchen is getting ripped out next week so totally understand where you are coming from – I will be needing quick treats like this, have pinned for later!