(I work in a store with a large metaphysical section in an area with a large number of actual cult members. I recently finished reading Cults In Our Midst—The continuing fight against their hidden menace, by Dr. Margaret Thaler Singer. While the conduct of certain cults causes nonmembers to criticize them, the term cult is not in itself pejorative but simply descriptive. I believe this is a must read, period.

Repetitive chanting, speaking in tongues for any length of time or forceful repetitive body movements are equally efficient. This book was informative about what tactics are used to lure people into cults and what keeps them there. -Web Hosting PLUS All The Tools, © 2006-2019 decision-making-confidence.com All rights reserved, SOLO BUILD IT! And these powerful groups infiltrate many areas of our lives. Cults in Our Midst. In my opinion, cults draw people in part because of the genuine need to explore consciousness, and Singer doesn't recognize this but rather believes that when people join a cult, it is only because of the combination of stress in a person's life and a cult's success in using that stress for its own deceitful purposes. One of the stratagems discussed is a closed system of logic. When groups use aversive emotional arousal techniques such as excessive criticism, strict discipline and punishments, ex-members often suffer from guilt, shame, self blaming attitudes, fears and paranoia, excessive doubts and panic attacks and problems making their own decisions. But the constant THEY ARE EVERYWHERE AND THEY ARE COMING FOR YOUUUUU, while possibly valid, was slightly less than helpful in a serious study. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. The book contains fascinating updates on Heaven's Gate, Falun Gong, Aum Shinrikyo, Hare Krishna, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, and the connection between cults and terrorism in Al Queda and the PLO.

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Currently, 3000-5000 cults … Singer debunks common misconceptions about cults and shows how cults operate. It denotes a group that forms around a person who claims to have a special mission or knowledge, which they will share with those who turn over most of their decision making to that self-appointed leader. She explains that cult members are not weird, crazy, or mentally ill, but rather they are normal people who have been deceived into joining at vulnerable moments in their lives. The difficulty, she says, is that very often workers  are sent to these courses. Im not a psychologist and its my first book to read on Cults, all i can say i have been opened on various issues concerning the cults.

[1], In 2003 a revised edition of the book titled Cults in Our Midst: The Continuing Fight Against Their Hidden Menace was published in paperback form by John Wiley & Sons, without Janja Lalich listed as co-author. Despite the alarmist title and blurbs ("Cults are more pervasive than ever before [...]. Cults in Our Midst is a thorough and eye-opening view into how cults work. A 1997 Spanish was issued as Las Sectas Entre Nosotros,[3] and in German, as Sekten: Wie Menschen ihre Freiheit verlieren und wiedergewinnen können ("Sects: How people can lose and regain their freedom"). She believes that meditation is neither good nor bad and understands that many people have benefited from simple meditation techniques.

She then focused all her attention on the cult phenomenon, interviewing and counselling over 3000 people affected by cults. For Singer, there is a fifth group. This can be very reassuring for ex-members, knowing that what they're experiencing is not unique, that it's normal, and that it will pass! WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help. She does a very nice job of undoing some of the myths that have grown up around cults. I read this as research for a psyc project. COVID-19 Discipline-Specific Online Teaching Resources, Peer Review & Editorial Office Management, The Editor's Role: Development & Innovation, People In Research: Interviews & Inspiration, Terrorists, Victims and Society: Psychological Perspectives on Terrorism and its Consequences, Emotional Abuse: The Trauma and the Treatment.

In this book I will use the term cult and cultic group to refer to any one of a large number of groups that have sprung up in our society and that are similar in the way that they originate, their power structure, and their governance. The publication of a book must, inevitably, be a matter of gratification for the author. Singer explains that a lot of the cult tactics are so destructive that they would not be allowed in scientific experiments. The tactics of a thought-reform program are organized to: Destabilize a person's sense of self, Get the person to drastically reinterpret his or her life's history and radically alter his or her worldview and accept a new version of reality and causality, All in all, Cults in our Midst is an excellent book for people who want to understand how cults work, the mind control techniques used, and what happens when people leave a destructive cult. There are many kinds of meditation being … Also of note is the pervasiveness and tenacity of some cults in the corporate setting.