The benefit to a disposable palette is that you can cut it to any size you need. Just apply pressure to the drill while using the step-bit and make them as big as you feel you need to, just don't make any cuts or holes outside your drawn lines. I would've like to have given it a more rounder appearance, but right now I can live with it. After reading reviews on the official Bob Ross Acrylic Painting Palette, I decided to give it a try and make my own. Spraying regularly with water or palette wetting spray will keep the acrylic paint on the palette wet while you are painting. Distressed Folk Art Acrylic Painting Tutorial. I like the fine mist sprayer for its tiny drop size, but any spray bottle will do. Let me know if you have any questions below! And wherever there is warmth and water, then my friend, you have just created an incubator for who-knows-what. (I chose an 18" x 24" Acrylic Sheet that was .220 inch thick (1/4"). Enter your e-mail to receive updates from Now, this is very important, you don't want to use your jigsaw and full speed. I probably spent about $40 for supplies for this project, and it really wasn't that difficult. That's what I ended up having to do since the jigsaw couldn't make really tight turns that the shape demanded. The original Bob Ross Palette is 24" x 16.25", so I went with an 18" x 24" sheet. It can stay that way for weeks, but word of caution, I don’t recommend leaving anything moist sealed in an air-tight container, unrefrigerated, for over a week. Fun fact. ) arttutor. I will reply with another question, “Have you ever washed laundry and totally forgot about it for a few days? Acrylic paint was new to me because of how quickly the paints dry out. The acrylic sheet is plastic, and when you cut it your jigsaw accumulates a lot of "dust"!

)…and the ACTUAL reason I chose it because it happened to be sitting in my dad’s cabinet after a Christmas party. Powered by Shopify, Free Domestic Shipping on Orders of $50 and More, My Creative Process, from Inspiration, to Sketch, to a Final Painting, This is Why Color Theory is SO Important in Painting, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Thanks for sharing ! Ring out the paper towel a bit so it is nice and damp, but not dripping wet. Powered by WordPress and Sliding Door theme. The cost for an official one runs you anywhere from $35 to $50.

It’s still a great resource if you need some neutral paint colors for your own space. You will also need a jigsaw and a drill. Remember, this is plastic so you want to use some kind of covering over your mouth and nose when doing this. As a retiree I appreciate ideas that reduces the cost of art materials.

Be the first to know about new work and blogs! Copyright © THE FEATHER ARTIST 2012-2013 All Rights Reserved - Unauthorized Duplication is Prohibited. Yeah, one time I finished a painting and sealed and forgot about my moist palette for over 2 weeks…I’ll be honest, I never even knew paint could smell like that…..needless to say, I NEVER did that again.

Copyright © 2020, Mallery Jane . A moisture-retaining palette is a great addition to any acrylic artists inventory.

- Piece of thick clear acrylic sheet from your local hardware store. If you go at a faster speed, there's a chance that the heat generated will melt the plastic behind your cut. I use mine quite often, especially when I am mixing a palette with custom colors and need them to last for a few days to a week. Simply put, a moisture-retaining palette is, you guessed it, a palette that retains moisture! This makes it easier to cut them out with the jigsaw. September 21, 2020, This is Why Color Theory is SO Important in Painting Step two: Take two paper towels, fold them in half, keeping them together, and run them under water. Several people have complained that after purchasing and using the store-bought version it cracked and was made from thin plastic. Paint Flowers With Acrylic Layer By Layer . Paint Poppy Flowers With Acrylic Paint And A Palette Knife. Hope you enjoyed my write-up.

You want to make sure it's secure and give yourself plenty of maneuvering room for the jigsaw.

diyjoy. - Blue Painter's Tape - the wider the better. Anyhow, I included a link above where you can order these pans, but I would recommend you pick them up in store for much cheaper. This was the most expensive piece, and it run me about $30.

Oil paints can be wiped off easily. 15. 2 Tips for Finding Your Art Style Faster … I hope this DIY suggestion has been of some help to you. I’ve had this one for about 3 years now.

13. Note: It might be a good idea to wear some kind of face mask. Brandy Davis: The Feather Artist….and The Pumpkin Artist, "Bane" 3D sculpted pumpkin by Brandy Davis.

I also discovered a cheap, effective way to make a DIY acrylic palette!Step one: Grab a clipboard - I used to use the standard brown clipboard made out of cheap wood, but after a few months it did start to warp. So right about now you might be thinking, “Well, Duh!” But it really is quite simple. When you buy the jigsaw drill bit, make sure you buy the right kind - whether it being a u or a t shank. Do this step twice, so you have enough to cover your clipboard. Materials. The wet palette acrylic paper and sponges are by Masterson, a company who has been in the business for a long time.. Now, Masterson does also have a premade wet palette kit.

createmixedmedia. I also made a quick How to Make a Cheap DIY Paint Palette YouTube video you can find here. I also discovered a cheap, effective way to make a DIY acrylic palette! Having said that, a moisture-retaining palette can quickly pay for itself in just a few uses. Although they are disposable, they are quite durable. Peel off the protective layer from both sides. I purchased the Acrylic Sheet from Lowes, but Home Depot has it too, and most home improvement stores carry it. And just remember if you open it to re-moisten the paper towel after every painting session if it needs it. Thank you for the great tutorial! Squeeze the water out, so they are not dripping.

I guess you could use acrylics if you really wanted to, you'd just have to scrape them off when you done. When you're ready to go, start off by preparing the Acrylic Sheet. But I had a regular one, so I made sure that I never pressed the power button fully. Anyway, it is an air-tight container lined with a yellow Shammy cloth (sponge) and layered above that is a disposable paper palette. July 17, 2019, Sketching While You Travel Step 3: Tear off a square of paper towel and wet it with cold water (Hot or warm water will only speed up the “incubation” process, which we definitely don’t want).

Here are three types you can make at home! It will keep like this for quite a while. Several people have complained that after purchasing and using the store-bought version it cracked and was made from thin plastic. The 18" x 24" cost me about $30. If you are somewhat familiar with using power tools, then you should have no problem completing this project. Take your disposable palette and layer it over the top and then start putting down your acrylic paints. Congrats on your first instructable :), Reply Awesome!! If you want it bigger or smaller, it's completely up to you. artgraphica. I'm a huge advocate for making quality things at home that you'll use and love. paintingdemos. I now use a plastic clipboard (we'll see how long the plastic lasts).