Just because your kids are quarantined doesn’t mean they have to be bored. Put the closures in at the top hem as the extra layers of fabric will make it stronger. Stock your bar or give as gifts! I am currently taking time away from my RN career to raise my family, while blogging, and sharing our creative life with you!

Snap the snap tape together. Everything else will probably need two sheets. I love how it turned out! – Tutorial! I cut the bottom seam off with a 1 inch seam allowance, and then sewed the raw edge back onto itself — essentially half of a mock French seam. The thicker the duvet the more fabric you will leave for the Duvet Cover and the thinner your duvet the less fabric you will leave for the Duvet Cover. Especially when the risk of peeing on it is high???
2 yards of ribbon, seam binding tape, or other material for the ties (or make your own from scraps — see Step 5). Thank you for the tutorial and entertaining commentary! I have a few ideas in case you are starting to lose your mind. Note any differences; you can trim the sheets now or simply take the differences into account when you sew the top of your duvet cover. That’s one of the perks of DIY – it makes a space better, both directly and indirectly. A quick video teaching an easy trick for putting a duvet cover on a duvet quickly. Tips for at-home learning, a tutorial for comfortable face masks, and more! Additionally, I sometimes do sponsored posts — a fact which is always disclosed. Bring a little hygge into your bedroom, and get a better night's sleep by sleeping Scandinavian-style.

I hope you find inspiration and learn how to easily create beautiful things too! Cut a piece from your flat sheet that’s the same width as your top layer but 6 inches longer than the original top layer before you folded in for the seam. Learn how to use The Nice List giving lists for a happier, healthier Christmas season.

Lots of DIY ideas with vintage-inspired decor.

The amount that you trim off will depend on the thickness of your duvet. I always give my duvet cover a good wash again before I put it on the duvet. Copyright © 2008-2020 - All Rights Reserved, Two flat sheets in the same size as your duvet (example also uses queen), Five 10” strips of fabric tape, not necessarily matching (not shown). Perfect for renters! I could have used buttons, but, frankly, snap tape is faster than making button holes.

Continue on along the bottom of your sheets, sewing more fabric tapes in at the following positions: middle bottom, other bottom corner, other top corner. Thank you!

I think they are so super cute together! I found this recipe on […], If you search Etsy for “Nylon Baby Headbands,” hundreds for super cute images will appear. There shouldn’t be that large a discrepancy, though, if you are using sheets and duvets that are slated as the same size. In other words, the top hem of the sheet will become the bottom hem of the duvet with the snap tape or buttons.

The fabric tapes will be visible now. Sew each side seam.

Step 3: Lay your Duvet Cover on top of your flat sheets.

At the moment, she is still in a crib, but she has a single bed in her room ready for her to transition to once she figures out how to climb out of her crib. Repeat for other two or three sets of velcro strips, all the way along the top opening. Sew into place. Notes: For this example, I made a queen-sized duvet cover. I cover her eyes every time Corbin climbs in or out of her crib. In this tutorial I’ll be using 2 twin flat sheets. This is a fairly simple sewing project with straight seams, but the volume of fabric means you need a large place to work or it becomes overwhelming. I do have to confess that I have never been someone to use a flat sheet, so giving them another purpose is a no brainer to me.

The tutorial can be found here! Lay one of your sheets face side up, and then lay the second flat sheet face side down.

So the best approach is to measure what you have. I am delighted you want to be part of my community! Snap the sheets together to check alignment and to hold everything in place.

Is the pHin Water Monitor right for your pool? I’m secretly very jealous of the fabrics she found to make this Duvet Cover.

2 flat sheets in your desired size.

I never recommend something I don’t like myself. Of course, you’ll want to be able to easily access the duvet at any time, so velcro is the way to go with this.

~12 snaps (You can also use buttons, a zipper, or even ribbons to close the end of your duvet) or if you don’t care to close it… you will need nothing! Note: I don’t always purchased new sheets.

Hope this helps when purchasing the perfect duvet for your child!

Materials Needed: Old duvet (example uses a queen) Two flat sheets in the same size as your duvet (example also uses queen) Matching/coordinating thread About 5” of sew-on velcro (not shown) Five 10” strips of fabric tape, not necessarily matching (not shown) But now that we have air conditioning that’s not even a thought anymore. When you lay it down on top of the sheets, make sure to line up 2 sides of the duvet (one side and the bottom) with the flat sheets so that we only need to trim away 2 sides of the flat sheets (one side and the top).

When we switched to sleeping Scandinavian-style, I suddenly had a stack of top sheets without a purpose. Easy Braided Dog Toy. DIY Duvet Cover From Flat Sheets! I’ll be doing a furniture transformation post in the future because we transformed a lot of older furniture for the kids rooms, and I think they all turned out super cute!! A giveaway, new videos, and a restocked closet as well as book recommendations. Now it’s time to close up the opening on the top end. Turn the whole duvet cover right side out.

I decided to keep the 4 inches extra on the width so that I could keep the finished seams. It’s a pretty quick and simple project, and it completely transforms the look of the bedroom. Not to shabby! Once both sides are done, now pin and sew the bottom seam. Place your freshly covered duvet on your bed, with the “top” of the duvet cover at the foot of your bed and the solid-seamed “bottom” next to your pillows. She found both twin sized flat sheets at Value Village at super great prices!

I don’t use them because I find they just get wrapped in all the wrong places and make me uncomfortable all night, and they are a pain to make nice every morning. Want to know my simple trick for putting on duvet covers? In other words, since this sheet is 1-1/2” longer than the duvet length, I placed the folded fabric tape down 1-1/2” from the top end. If you are not in need of the whole set then pick … Companies sometimes send me sample products for my consideration. Like this: Step 4: Trim away excess flat sheet fabric. Sewing my own Duvet Cover was one of my first sewing projects, and it only encouraged me to keep sewing! Upcycling is AWESOME!! Pin it into place on the wrong side of each sheet working from the middle to each end.

This turns the duvet cover right side out, like magic. These simple DIY instructions offer an easy tutorial for twin, double, queen, and king size beds. One with French seams, no less. Select two flat sheets that are the same size as your comforter (e.g., for a twin-size duvet cover, use …


Both of my favorite places to shop for home decor and they were both super reasonably priced.

Mark the middle with dressmaker’s chalk on both sheets.

I did not sew this one together, however, I did add the inside corner ties to prevent a shifty duvet. A bed is great for this. Lay out your flat sheets, right sides together, on a flat surface.

I have found awesome sheets at Value Village that are in awesome condition that I have scooped up and sewn into super cute Duvet Covers as well! If you are not in need of the whole set then pick out 2 super cute flat sheets in your desired size (Ex.

With the right sides out, find the middle of the end where your snap tape will go.

Manage your cords or make a journal while you are staying home and staying safe! The Fall 2020 One Room Challenge has begun! Here’s what we do! Note #2: Do not sew the bottom of the Duvet Cover closed!!!!! If the top of the sheet (where the deep hem is) is intended to be folded over, then the pattern will run bottom to top. It’s a great idea as you can choose your own material for your duvet cover and not just what’s offered.