When it comes to cognitive impairments, it is important to seek additional medical help if it gets worse as it may be a sign of something beyond fibromyalgia. Symptoms can appear worse at some points, but those with the disorder will attest to having moments of so-called “remission” where they are not going through such rough bouts. There are many ways you can try to reduce the severity of these symptoms. Younger people, Dr. Gillis says, are often screened for and diagnosed with other conditions, even if their symptoms point toward fibromyalgia. For example, people in the same family tend to contract the illness, but an exact genetic connection has yet to be found. Even still, fibromyalgia can occur to almost anyone; adults and children alike can have the illness, and it is seen in all ethnicities. Those with the disease report a common sign: chronic pain. No firm cause has been discovered though. Can the Worst Case of Fibromyalgia Affect Your Relationships? Other medical conditions can affect fibromyalgia and vice versa, causing it to seem like the disorder is getting worse as you age. When patients speak of this fog, they are generally talking about mental cloudiness that takes some time going away. Fibromyalgia remains an interesting, unique, and hard-to-pin-down disorder since just about everyone with it experiences something different. There are several means of treatment, however, which is something we will discuss later in the article. Although there is no scientific or medical evidence to prove that Fibro gets worse with age, I am a big believer that we are all individuals and therefore we all react differently to both our illness and our medications. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your email address will not be published. “It’s definitely become my norm, and I know how to deal with it now,” she says. To those who may be feeling that things deteriorate more so with age, much of that can be contributed to outside factors. Nevertheless, some symptoms stand out as being the worst to handle. This can make a person sensitive to touch as it can only aggravate the situation. Even so, there are some symptoms that many experiences that are more debilitating than others. “Initially, my main symptom was fatigue, more than pain,” she says. Others spoke about having children who fully understood the disorder. It becomes normal to wait for the pain to fade away on its own. The result of all these symptoms, for Dix, is that sometimes it’s necessary to stay at home rather than see family and friends. Out of all the symptoms of fibromyalgia, the flare-ups are frequently mentioned as being hard to deal with. In fact, over 70% of the cases are women. This is a question that will never really have one answer as it is ultimately based on personal experiences. Like other symptoms though it can interfere with your day-to-day life. it was always my legs really but now its everywhere and just getting worse and more frequent. Symptoms, as well as the intensity of them, come and go. The onset of fibromyalgia symptoms started around menopause for Robin Dix, a 62-year-old New Hampshire resident who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia eight years ago. Stress is another common cause of having difficulties resting at night. While most doctors say that fibromyalgia isn’t a progressive disease, says Dix, “For a lot of people, myself included, our symptoms change over the years.” This may be due, of course, to the onset of other health conditions related to age. A lack of results can worsen depression in many people. A key takeaway here is that although you may be undergoing perhaps the most difficult moment since your diagnosis, it is important to maintain healthy relationships with those around you. A flare-up can happen at any time. You may begin having memory problems, trouble concentrating, or both. Can the Worst Case of Fibromyalgia Affect Your Relationships? Julianne Davis, Robin Dix, and Kiley Reitano developed fibromyalgia at different ages and stages of life. “It’s hard to know how interconnected things are,” Dix admits, but notes that “The piece I know is fibro, and nothing else, is overall body pain. Research suggests that this chronic pain disorder may be connected to digestive health. Pain Med. according to The National Fibromyalgia Association, Some older individuals may indeed say they felt better years before, but there is something important to remember: many are suffering from juvenile fibromyalgia. Does Fibromyalgia Get Worse and How to Manage Them, Severe Fibromyalgia Symptoms – The Worst of the Bunch. But she recognizes that her condition also sets her apart socially, something that she’s learned to make peace with. Because of this, it seems that anyone who has the disorder can experience the same symptoms, the same amount of pain and tiredness at any age. This can lead to other issues like depression. It is almost too easy to fall into something like chronic depression considering just how drastic the disease alters your entire life. This can give you the sensation of needing to move around a bit in order to loosen up. Fibromyalgia is a disorder that impacts the way your brain processes pain signals. A few of the common treatments are listed below: There are countless medications your physician can prescribe to try to treat some of the more serious cases. You may seem to take more time finishing something you normally do like a puzzle. Are you unwittingly making your fibromyalgia pain worse? It's not, however, a condition with a predictable course. It’s kind of like background music.”. “It’s reasonable to assume that the elderly may have more intense symptoms” of fibromyalgia, he says, since they may experience an overall loss of stamina, problems with sleep, and other causes of joint and muscle pain.