Considering that most of The White Stripes songs include very basic drumming, there is no better recommendation than the band’s most famous tune – “Seven Nation Army”. Check it out here today! One of my favorite drummers, Neil Peart, did many Buddy Rich memorial concerts during his career. That famous riff will keep your interest in the song for a pretty long time, as well as the fact that the drumming is very basic. While there is a place for technically sound drumming, most of it is not in popular music. Just because a drum part isn’t technically hard, it still has a feel. During the second time through the groove, there are quarter note triplets that offset the groove momentarily. His playing is rather very basic, characterized by beats that are mostly about bass drum and snare combinations, with simple fills. “For Whom the Bell Tolls” is also a relatively easy song to play on drums, it’s also a pretty epic song. “Nothing Else Matters” is a great song to start with. In that article our students, teachers and followers on Facebook suggested some of their favourite songs to play along to on drums. While you will be playing the same two grooves over and over for the majority of the song, it’s good for you! There is a couple of them that very easy to learn and the best thing is that they sound amazing so you can use them in many other songs as well. I can argue that Ringo had ‘killer technical ability’ I’d say playing with great pocket, feel and timing is killer technical ability. If you think a good drum kit would be way out of budget for you, then I’ll let you in on my not-so-secret solution. It has a powerful, but uncomplicated drum line, which puts it in the group of the good songs to drum to. Compatible with all major music software / DAWs. Hey, I'm Yannick, and I want to help you become the awesome drummer you can be! As a ballad, this song goes in a pretty steady tempo, but even the beat is pretty simple. Please check our full disclosure policy for more details. We have been receiving many requests from all over the world in response from drum students asking for help to find “drumless” tracks for good drum songs to play along to. The songs in this article are great for beginners starting out on their drumming journey. What do you think, do you have any other suggestions for good beginner drum songs? And please let me know when you change and influence the world of music and drumming the way Ringo has. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Here is some supporting evidence: There are always sale options available from various stores online. Before the chorus hits, there is a simple two-bar pattern that begins with a crash and kick hit, followed by a floor tom build. To express oneself in a way that it connects with people emotionally, and moves them. Practically, the same beat is repeated throughout the whole song, with just a couple of extremely easy fills in certain parts.