This applies to those who obtain another nationality automatically, such as through marriage, or through a residency or other application process. On the other hand, having dual citizenship may have bad implications. Additionally, foreigners who gain south African citizenship don’t need to renounce their original one. 1) Birth Certificate of your Italian ancestor (you can get it from the “comune” (city) where your ancestor was born). I am born in Venezuela but migrated 20 years ago. South Korea*. Plenty of people have lost their South African citizenship because of confusion over which section of the citizenship act was repealed. I’m British with a Portuguese wife who is considering Dual Citizenship (PT/UK) and would like to know where and how she should apply. Thanks!

Dual citizenship is, of course, allowed in Malta. My grandmother is from Spain.

There are some exceptions though for subjects who obtain other citizenship through marriage, or at birth. Join our email list and we’ll send our best articles, videos and exclusive content right to your inbox. Slovakia and Germany and I can tell you allow dual (Slovak if other passports are from birth). Egyptian dual nationals are exempt from military service and prohibited from enrolling in military and police academies, or from being elected to Egyptian Parliament. Required fields are marked *.

There’s also the issue of land ownership. There’s an unfortunate reality in our world right now, it is unstable. So, do you think I should pursue this?

Philippines. Dual citizenship go to hell; you are not this, you are NOT the other! If you can work and earn your living why the hell do you need another passport? It’s not automatically as you say.

There have been almost no such cases. (32 are European countries, and 3 are not). This is because the Estonian government determines that nationality by “blood”. Japan. Other nations deny citizenship in order to control multiple citizenship. simply put, when you’re polish and you are in poland, on polish territory, you are polish and only that. For Spain: you don’t have to reside there but for some reason you have to provide proof of lack of criminal record and proof of enough funds to live there before they will issue you citizenship.

As part of an argument with Hungary over its citizenship by descent policies, Slovakia limits dual citizenship in many cases.

For both France and Ireland, you have to show all kinds of “proofs of residence” these days even if those are not of the address you are currently AT. Finland recognizes dual citizenship as of 2003. It also allows foreign individuals to become dual nationals there. They may also be prohibited from partaking in certain investments within the country. Afghanistan, Hungary and Britain.

The repeal in 2005 was of section 9 of the SACA, not section 6(1)(a), so if a person has dual citizenship they no longer have to get permission to use a foreign passport.

Contrary to what other people might tell you, Chile allows dual nationality.

As of 2003, Finnish citizens are entitled to hold dual citizenships. According to Jamaica’s own consulate websites, the country recognizes dual citizenship. I can’t imagine that Australia will deny your marriage registration since you’re Australian… I would also like for her to have a Filipino passport but would she need to give up either the Bulgarian or British passport? Now, Swedish citizens may acquire other passports and foreigners applying for naturalization in Sweden may keep their existing citizenship.

Moreover, Belgium had more relaxed laws about foreigners obtaining citizenship in the past. The Israeli government allows this person to keep their original passport. This means, of course, that Portugal does allow dual citizenship.

I’m still waiting to get the records, but I have records saying they were born in Russia, and that their parents were born in Russia as well (Multiple U.S. Census records). I am a Pakistani by birth and got Australian citizenship, now I am a British resident married to a British Citizen. However, it’s forbidden for a Polish citizen to identify themselves to Polish authorities as a foreign citizen.

It’s difficult for foreigners to obtain Syrian citizenship, as you have to marry a Syrian citizen and live in the country for ten years. Portugal. If the rest of your family is American you can’t apply for citizenship because percentages.

Dual citizenship is allowed in Jamaica in general. Moreover, South Africa has joined the list of countries that allow dual citizenship in 2014.

My friend found this out less than a month before he left for a family trip back to Canada last year.

Syrian citizenship is a complicated thing. I was born in Cuba left in 1960 Became US citizen back in 1970 in the pass 3 years I traveled to Cuba and I want to have dual citizenship do I loose any benefits in the US and how long can I be out of the country at a time. My genetics indicate that I’m 85% European. Italy does not require you to renounce other citizenships when you follow this procedure, or when you become a naturalized citizen through residence.

The women at the Marriage Registry office + general municipal town city council place were awfully, and I really mean, awfully racist and rude. At Thai immigration they want to see both passports, Thai and British, to show that a visa is not needed. Ethnic Croatians, who obtained citizenship through birth or by descent, are allowed to have another citizenship. This is so that if you get in trouble the Canadian Embassy or High Commission can help you.

In Tunisia you can also have dual citizenship.

Technically as a foreigner, you can become a citizen of Andorra, if you live there for 20 years. All rights reserverd.

I am an Australian, and i am trying to work out if my American/Italian fiance will be eligible for australian citizenship (already a permanent resident). I would only do it if I could have dual citizenship, and as I’m still a minor living with my American parents, I think I would be able to if the Russian Government allows dual citizenship. Poland does not recognize its citizens who maintain other allegiances, but it tolerates the practice.

Additionally, Andorran citizens who take another citizenship lose their Andorran Nationality.

If they are applying for another citizenship they will still need a retention letter or they will lose their South African citizenship.

Jamaica. The Philippines only allows natural born Filipino citizen to acquire dual citizenship.

So, according to the Russian Times (rt) I’m eligible for a Russian passport. The situation in Panama is slightly complicated. Furthermore, all Mexican citizens must enter and leave the country on his or her Mexican passport. The Municipality doesn’t recognise my Australian Passport because I’ve registered as EU (for the above reasons mentioned). Citizens of France have been allowed to hold dual or multiple citizenships for decades.

For France, the Embassies will say they don’t deal with anyone who is not living there but they’re LYING. Norway. In fact, there are some 14 million Irish passports in circulation, despite the country having a much, much smaller population. This is why you should do some research before you acquire a foreign passport.

This provided that they declare their intention to keep their nationality in South Korea before they are 22 years of age. While children born on Venezuelan soil are entitled to Venezuelan citizenship (regardless of their parents’ nationalities), dual citizenship is only possible until age 25. It is worth nothing that South Africans who wish to obtain new citizenships going forward must inform the government BEFORE doing so, or else they will lose South African nationality. therefore, effectively, outside the polish borders, it is entirely doable to have multiple passports. they can’t check whether you have another passport or not. Hi!

They do not have to give up their previous citizenship. Iceland. Hi, just found this site and wondering if anyone can help. I’ve read on another website that Georgia recently passed a law to allow dual citizenship (while also lengthening the naturalization process, to 10 years).

Iceland gave them four years to apply for reinstatement.

Pakistan. Cuban citizenship ( now days ) is nothing else but a big headache with one of the most expensive passport in the world ( if not the most expensive with a $400.00 tag fee and only last 6 years beside having to “ update” your passport every 2 years with another $200.00 for a total of $1000.00 mandatory fee tag just on a passport) not to consider that Cubans who lives abroad are not considered Cubans while in Cuba and at the same time if any situation arises while in Cuba you will be treated like any Cuban resident in the island but without benefits) also you can not buy a property or enjoy free health care like Cubans residents do. The issue of dual nationality is paying taxes on one’s world income, with certain countries. My wife has Moroccan and French citizenship ( has always had this for 50+ years from her 2 parents) she has lived in uk for 30 years, married to me – a British national.

Also I heard that if I permanently moved to Germany, i’d still have to pay taxes to the US. (I don’t know what the hell that’s about….post-terrorism paranoia or something?). Until 1995 South Africa made it illegal for its citizens to travel on foreign passports. Can we get dual citizenship? Venezuela allows dual citizenship, as anyone who is born on Venezuelan soil has the irrevocable right to citizenship. For example, a person with dual citizenship may not be able to serve in the military or hold public office.

Nationalists in the Czech Republic worked to uphold a long-standing tradition of forbidding citizens from having other allegiances. Romania does not revoke the citizenship of Romanians who acquire a second passport.

Thank you so much for having everything in one place and so well-written! That’s all I want. Israel also allows its citizens to obtain citizenship of another country. For Cubans living abroad even if they hold one or multiple citizenships to visit Cuba they most have a Cuban passport however they do not have any social benefits, not even allowed to buy property or enjoy free healthcare like Cubans residents do.

Considering that Cyprus markets its own (expensive) economic citizenship program, it only makes sense that Cyprus allows you to maintain additional citizenships.

It would be unfortunate if having a second passport means you need to renounce your original one. So if a Brazilian citizens APPLIES for citizenship of a country his parents do not belong to, they lose their Brazilian citizenship (see recent Supreme Court Decision). WHICH COUNTRIES ALLOW DUAL CITIZENSHIP IN 2019. There are today more and more countries that allow dual citizenship. Germany*.

Is it possible to get it without renouncing the Italian and/ or Macedonian nationality? Please include Taiwan. 3) Marriage Certificate of your Italian Ancestor (if he/she was married in Italy, you must get the “Estratto di Matrimonio” the same way you get the “Estratto di Nascita” – Birth Certificate), if your italian ancestor was always single, read *. The country’s Asian immigrant population is often cited as a factor for “potential disloyalty” if the citizenship rules were to be loosened. Portugal has a highly successful Golden Visa program. There is no such thing as private second citizenship without jeopardizing Egyptian citizenship.

Due to its proximity to The Land of the Free, some Canadians were actually born in the United States and don’t know they hold a second nationality (in this case, the United States).