3/20/2017, Cons: POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, POOR ORGANIZATION AND POOR ISSUE RESOLUTION. I called 2:49 on 11/26/2019 to follow up on the account being closed and I received confirmation via the Secure Message Center online the SSI information was received.I NOW see the account is FUNDED, the transfer has occurred.During this call the rep, "Contacted the back office" to confirm all was now again in order, And ask why the account is STILL closed. THIS IS TRULY RUTHLESS, unethical and yes, against SEC regulations. See Terms Of Use

If you have a choice, stay clear of Fidelity. She has received monthly statements for over ten years for the $.01. Investors can choose to purchase or cash out stocks in U.S. dollars or the foreign country’s currency.
I currently like to attend Fidelity’s financial webinars like socially responsible investing to options. As always, whenever you’re shopping for an investment advisor it’s your responsibility to make sure you understand the specific services you’re getting, and for what price.

by Drakkor, His response if you don't like it move your money elsewhere. 5/19/2019. Submitted request for a return tel call from a annuity Rep. Never came. numbers on what you have change all night two times at least. Shortly after, Corona virus hit.


Wondering if I shouldn't have stuck with them. tHE BROKERS ARE EXTREMELY INCONSISTENT WITH INFO THEY GIVE ME...AND THEY CLOSED MY ACCOUNT EVEN THOUGH i HAVE PAID FOR SHARES IN IT....VIOLATION OF sec AND finra. When I called back seeking some sort of explanation, the rep read out to me all of the brand new "notes" written into my account that same day which amounted to 'do not service this client' and 'do not provide him with further information'. 6/23/2020. "We do not have to give a reason and can close an account anytime with no notification". Beyond these offerings, clients willing to invest $200,000 can access a model portfolio provided by BlackRock that aims to find mutual funds and exchange-traded products that will provide risk-adjusted income given the prevailing market conditions. Again never happened. Routinely, these trades have been exercised below the time of the trade. Then a proprietary algorithm produces a long-term asset allocation recommendation that may include stocks, bonds and short-term investments, and client money is generally invested in Fidelity Flex mutual funds. My account was locked after a day. 4/29/2020. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Accredited Estate Planner (AEP) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP). I have £190 K invested with Fidelity over 20+ years. Another guy came out of the back and treated me like I was a nuisance. Pros: App’s not bad, but broker is difficult. The app didn’t always allow easy integration with ALL of your accounts, they fixed it.

Cons: a lot, customer service, handling your money, secure communication, Three weeks ago I decided to open a trading account and change my current broker. I have sent letter upon letter to Fidelity letting them know that I have NO claim on this IRA, that it LEGALLY BELONGS TO THE NAMED BENEFICIARY. Now, I am getting harassing calls for no reason whatsoever, which is making me feel like my Father died yesterday...again and again, every day, when they have no reason to call me EVER. Bad technology, things never work, poor service. A very disappointing relationship with Fidelity and it's service standards. I am a "new customer" with Fidelity Investments, soon to be a "past customer"! On Friday they told me it be done by next Monday. I do not even have computer access to my account. Accounts will be rebalanced as appropriate. Funny side note...I remember working at Fidelity a LONG TIME AGO when they were one of the first companies using email for their customer accounts before any other investment companies had heard or thought of implementing that new technology. UNLESS he speaks with my Mother.

The representative at the call center have a hard time finding the transaction and then justifying or even knowing for sure about how things are done. 4/18/2017. She was and IS the beneficiary BY NAME.

This indicates insecure business processes with uncontrolled practices. The fee does not include any internal mutual fund fees or certain costs incurred when an outside broker or model provider is used. Be forewarned and do business elsewhere. Clients can choose to place investment trades individually through Fidelity’s brokerage business and pay per transaction, instead of choosing one of the flat fee advisory programs described here. You need to catch up to other brokers with concerns to linking bank accounts.

9/23/2019, Cons: They dump you when you question their flawed algorithms. Try calling the 800 number or even the assigned relationship VP. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. by EquitiesRUs, But now, I have documented evidence. Fidelity Personal and Workplace Advisors serves a mix of clients, largely individuals and high net worth individuals, plus some pension and profit-sharing plans, charitable organizations, corporations and other businesses. I had a managed Traditional IRA account, and I wanted to cash out my managed Traditional IRA account and move it to a regular Traditional IRA . CONSUMERS DO NOT CARE TO BE THROWN UNDER THE BUS WHEN FIDELITY'S SYSTEMS DO NO OPERATE PROPERLY AND THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR A FIDELITY COMPANY TO STATE THAT THEY ARE NOT PART OF THE SAME ORGANIZATION. By visiting LendingTree’s site, you accept and agree to be bound by LendingTree’s Terms of Use. I absolutely hate their customer service. 5/12/2020. Pointed out as I filled out the forms, HER name, her SSI number, My NAME my SSI number. Cons: This company cost me a lot of money, time and frustration due to their incompentance. Well, why don't they just adjust the damn amount then? Diversified Portfolios include: - Fidelity Portfolio Advisory Service requires a minimum investment of $50,000 and charges annual fees ranging from 0.63% to 1.7% of total assets invested. And, the expense ratios for the Mutual Funds are too high for funds that do NOT compete well. Fidelity is very difficult to deal with from contacting a pulse to the agents capable of performing what you need them to do, The call in centers have poorly trained service reps and not at the knowledge level that i want handing my funds.They love to advise of the penalties if any so they scare you into leaving your funds with them and the lack of access to your MONEY , well that's how they make there living. by JCOHN, Pros: Fidelity knows what continuous improvement means. I called on Monday and told them I want to do this.
For example just to add a family member (My Dad) as I am trustee to write checks against his own retirement fund. Pros: honestly NONE> confused and dazed customer service, you can get two or three answers usually wrong to the same question.... the wait times can run an hour . Very helpful to get it, then good luck fighting with Fidelity.Don C. by Anonymous, Make you lose hair if that's what you want. Horrendous customer service. When I contacted them to know the cause, they said they have an algorithm to select best customers with highest revenue, highest assets at fidelity. WOW was I wrong. Unsubscribe easily. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). SO which was lying ? ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. For additional loan options, please call 800-339-4896. I had to call and I did. There are over 500 lines that I need to enter and for each one multiply shares times price. I went to the local branch Tuesday, a young guy was on the computer talking to his IT department, never acknowledged me. However, investors should be aware that Fidelity does earn money from making recommendations and selling certain products, which can pose a potential conflict of interest. When speaking to a manager her excuse was that Fidelity cannot "interpret" financial information from other firms. They should be investigated. But Fidelity seems to have a problem with my retirement plans and is blocking me from my cash account. No accountability.

Umm, you mean like knowing where the markets are, where are they headed, what are my holdings doing, etc. We value your privacy. He listed me, his only child, as "contingent beneficiary" in the event of the primary beneficiary's death...which HAS NOT HAPPENED. I can't imagine what they think they are doing with other peoples' money. Up popped all kinds of telephone numbers. They do offer the typical FAQ's section, but its extremely limited and I didn't see where I could ask my own question.

Their own agent is the one that told me the amount was correct and SHE decided how much to request! You cannot multiply shares * price and force your customers to fill out 500 lines? I think they are great. ...investment guidance and retirement services are two monster parts of Fidelity’s No obvious way to contact them personally, although I've emailed and telephoned them in the past. Be sure you do understand the full terms provided by the financial institution before signing the dotted line, or lets be real, clicking the "I Agree" button. I guess I'm a MexiCanAmerican, a nationality not recognize by Fidelity.So FU Fidelity your policies are hostile to the small retired former investor. The firm offers three ways to get started: Call 800-544-1766, fill out an online form with your contact information to have a representative get in touch with you or search for a local investor center in your area to visit. WHAT COMPANY SENDS YOUR MONIES BACK TO YOU?

He is the president and CEO of Kendall Capital in Washington, D.C., and a member of the Washington Society of Chartered Financial Analysts. But nothing happens. Pros: Really nice but don't care enough to solve the problem... Cons: THEY KEEP YOU OFF REAL TIME TRADING!!! High cash sweep rate: Fidelity automatically directs all cash in new retail brokerage and retirement accounts into its Fidelity Government Money Market Fund (SPAXX), which had … 11/22/2019, Cons: Fidelity customer service is cluless,biz processes not reliable. I cannot even sign in and see the progress of my shares. Very rude, and unprofessional. Fidelity Personal and Workplace Advisors is the registered investment advisory division of its behemoth parent company, Fidelity Investments. Well , when I called them today to discuss this they told me that it's too late to cancel the insurance (that I said from day one that I didn't want) and that I was stuck with them until 2017 when I could unenroll at that time. Clients have access to eight different strategies: the Breckinridge Intermediate Municipal, Fidelity Intermediate Municipal, Fidelity Core Bond, Fidelity Tax-Managed U.S. Equity Index, Fidelity U.S. Large Cap Equity, Fidelity Equity-Income Strategy, Fidelity International Equity and Fidelity Tax-Managed International Equity Index. I was beyond embarrassed, to top it off I was charged 12.00 for each overdraft!