Sarah confides in Hannah about her own gender identity, and Hannah vows to help her. "Not Great Double Date" • "World's Best Boss" • Individual historical eras or civilisations are defined and named as in the books, with sketches from several different time periods combined within a single episode. [16] Throughout its run, the show routinely ranked at or near the top of the CBBC ratings, reaching a peak of 548,000 viewers for Episode 10 of Series 5. It is an updated and extended version of the pilot episode made to act as a prequel for the rest of the series. [26] The show sometimes acknowledged particularly emotive subject matter (the World War I Christmas truce, for example) by following up the sketch not with a joke, but a more sombre elaboration of the less comedic details. "Meet the Seer" • "Rage Against the TV" Early concepts for bringing it to the screen involved framing or interpretive devices, including a ghostly train carrying children into the past, or a wizard storyteller to act as their guide. Already have an account with us? Jan Stradling from the ABC and Bernadette O'Mahony from ACTF served as the executive producers of the series. Angel starts work on a second guest suite but her plan to install an elevator tests Dick's engineering skills. She meets the principal of the Hillview High School, Mr. Nguyen, who is inclusive of Hannah's needs, but informs her that she must initially use the sick bay toilets while at school. As a transgender girl, Hannah not only has to navigate the challenges that come with starting a new school, but find the courage to live as her most authentic self. [97], Each series, as well as the "Scary Special" and "Sport Special", are also available for download from the UK iTunes store. "Gold Watch" • "Big Winner" Radio" • The finished vocal and backing tracks were later returned to Noisegate for post-production by Webb and colleague Matt Katz. Check out a selection of tweets: PASS THE TISSUES… This Netflix movie has everyone in tears! [7] She believed it was important to have a transgender girl play Hannah, which resulted in MacDonald's casting. In the same year, the original show was repackaged for main channel BBC One as Horrible Histories with Stephen Fry, with Fry replacing the puppet, Rattus Rattus, as presenter. [3][4] The BBC readily agreed to this cross-demographic experiment. Rigby tells Pops he should throw the chair out at one point, and Pops says he was. "California King" • Throughout each sketch, small pop-up signs are used to affirm the truth (or otherwise) of any particularly implausible-seeming concepts mentioned onscreen. The series originated as a short film of the same title which aired in 2017. "The Dome Experiment" • "[54] Discussing the first two series in The Guardian, television writer Jesse Armstrong said that "Hit shows are very difficult to achieve. Regular CBBC viewers will recognise Emily from The Dumping Ground where she plays the character of Charlie.In 2019, Emily won a BAFTA award for her performance. [5] Also titled First Day, MacDonald and the original creative team were named to return to the production, which would be told as a four-part series. "Dumped at the Altar", "Dumptown USA" • Commentators cite the apt cleverness of the various historical/musical parody match-ups, and the complexity and skill with which the musical elements are executed. How to watch Trolls World Tour at home. "Trailer Trashed" • "Chili Cook-Off" The net result was a show that immediately appealed to young children while also gaining the increasing respect—and viewership—of older audiences. Jon Culshaw, Jess Robinson, and Dave Lamb provide various additional voice-overs and narration throughout the series. [104] The film, Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans was released 26 July 2019. "Lunch Break" • "Married and Broke" Laurence Rickard was recruited solely as a writer, but found himself part of both the senior writing staff and starring cast after creating the character of Bob Hale, whose extended, convoluted monologues proved impossible to hand over to anyone else. Mordecai tries various ways to sit in the chair comfortably. "Bad Kiss", "Exit 9B" • "Over the Top" "I'm Alright" by Kenny Loggins plays at the beginning of the episode. 2: Jul 6, 2015 # Name Air Dates; 1: A Christmas Adventure - Part one: Dec 27, 2019 : 2: A Christmas Adventure - Part two: Dec 27, 2019: Subscribe for show updates. The project is going to have to start paying for itself by hosting weddings. "Sleep Cycle" • [58] Venning of The Stage reiterated his praise of the show, adding that "it also has the courage to tackle potentially controversial events head on", specifically citing the song featuring the Civil Rights Movement activist Rosa Parks as retelling her story in a "clever, concise and accessible way without trivialising it. "2 in the AM PM" • The Inca and Aztec empires are also featured in later series. "Format Wars II" • Angel starts work on a second guest suite but her plan to install an elevator tests Dick's engineering skills. More episodes of the well-received revival are being developed. [44], Further information see: List of Horrible Histories cast members, The cast members were recruited from sketch and character comedy, having previously had roles in Gavin & Stacey, Peep Show, The Thick of It and The Mighty Boosh TV series among others. [65] Historian and Labour Party MP Tristram Hunt, while admitting that he had not yet actually seen the programme,[2] voiced his concerns that the show's content was not "challenging and stimulating" enough for the BBC, adding that "For children, Horrible Histories is an exciting aid to engage with the guts and gore of the past, but there are more sophisticated, populist ways of getting people involved in history than this.