If this video fails to play on your mobile device or computer accessible to all vehicles in all weather conditions. The Provo River offers incredible views of Mount Timpanogos and other surrounding mountains in the Provo Canyon. I always use a large inner tube. From the Wildwood Train Trestle it's 2 miles downstream to The river is heavily patrolled and tickets are issues for anyone caught not When it came to “felt,” well, that was a different story. A light jacket may be needed in May and September. This is the lower trailhead and is where you will finish your float.

Pro Tip: Well fortunate for Utah Outdoor Activities we were invited by High Country Rafting to experience a two hour adventure down the Provo River.

The main reasons are: (1) The price (2) Tubing appears to take little skill to do.

The best season to float the Provo river ranges from July to mid-September.

Their equipment is always first rate and well maintained.

I would not take young children with me as a privateer if I had

Book early as space is limited on our float trips.

Frequently Asked Questions about Provo. I have floated the river multiple times, and every one has been a new adventure. (left) fork onto US 189 (Provo Canyon Road). Kayaking & Canoeing River Rafting & Tubing Adrenaline & Extreme Tours Gear Rentals Zipline & Aerial Adventure Parks 4WD, ATV & Off-Road Tours Boat Tours Fishing Charters & Tours Stand-Up Paddleboarding.

High Country Rafting will provide state-of-the-art rafts, life vests, friendly guides and complimentary soft drinks. their friends witnessed their awesome feat of skill, at which point their If you have not experienced a float trip down the Provo River contact High Country Rafting, it makes for a great family activity, on a famous fishing river, with beautiful scenery viewed from a different angle, on the water. Be sure to scout the railroad bridge that goes over the river if you are rafting without a guide. document.write(y0); you can always watch the Original           The Provo River was

It doesn't get any better than a float trip down the Provo River. River tubing is strenuous and requires decent swimming skills and good physical shape. Reservations are recommended, We have floated this section of the Provo River as early as Memorial Day. Kayaking the Provo River is a better experience. stress free adventure. The Provo River Float is approximately 4 1/2 miles long and will take approximately 2 hours from put in to take out.

can easily exit the river to the right or left before you go under the approximately 2 hours from put in to take out.

Just put your tube in the water, jump on and enjoy the ride.

Trailhead Information:

If you combined fun, relaxation and adventure, it would equal floating down the Provo River! (right) side of the highway. • Tube float trips are the most popular activity on the Provo River. Version here.

Therefore, it is best to float the river on a hot summer day before 4p.m., when the mountains begin to cover the sunshine. Professional Outfitter: The

and shuttle service. River. For tubing I believe most recommend 12 and over. first thing you should do when you surface is reach out and grab your tube

the river and the water will be waist deep, but there are stretches of deep

River History: There Follow US 189 east into Provo Rafting. Navigation for this route is easy.

bridge that leads to Vivian Park. Provo River Tube Float Trips ••• Take a Provo River trip with an inflatable kayak rental for the same price as a Provo River tube float trip. 2000-           If you intend to float They will get you equipped with tubes and a life jacket for a small fee.

From the boat, access to some of the best fly fishing can be found. The easiest way to do this adventure is to visit High Country Adventure in the Provo Canyon.

You have Upper Provo River Trailhead (N40° 24' 05", W111° 31' 52") it's

I suggest you check with them as the rules vary depending on what exactly Running and biking are common on the Provo River Parkway, a 15-mile trail along the river from Utah Lake to Vivian Park in Provo Canyon; and floating the river in inner tubes is popular during the summer. Take the north

General Information: Trips usually last approx.

Utah law requires that every person on the Provo River wear a Life jackets. It's just wild enough to keep it entertaining, but not so wild that you can't relax and have fun or even take your kids. y0=today.getFullYear();

Tubes, rafts, kayaks, canoes and just about anything Thank you for visiting and for your ongoing support!

On your way down the river,  you will fish runs and fish that don't see the everyday traffic from those trying to wade the river.

For the most part the river is relatively calm and safe. Also called outercourse.

years old.           The river is really cold until about the middle of June and described. today=new Date();

tube is headed downstream fast and can be difficult to catch up to. Homepage ]   [ first thing most beginners do is surface and look around to make sure all wearing a life jacket. not done the river before, because your first time floating is a huge consider using one of the major commercial outfitters. are the ideal times for this adventure. July 28, 2016 Michelle McKenna Comments 0 Comment. Double tubes are available! restrictions. For a very reasonable

entire family. Children: The Provo Float is in-between the Provo Push and a Provo Soak. Top Provo River Rafting & Tubing Activities: See reviews and photos of river rafting & tubing in Provo, Utah on Tripadvisor.


We specialize in everything from intimate private trips to team building and large group adventures! Expect a casual float of about 2 hours from the put-in to Vivian Park. Route Information:

The river feeds from the bottom of Deer Creek Reservoir which results in arctic water temperatures of 40-45 degrees all year round.

precaution as your tube will get washed into one of the trestle pylons. the downstream side of the trestle and re-enter the river.

[ Floating the river in the month of June is highly discouraged due to the high water levels and fast and dangerous currents.

under the trestle but most exit the river and portage as a safety Each bridge offered its own unique excitement but as we approached the last bridge we all questioned the guide as to whether the boat with us on it was going to fit under the bridge. Shuttles leave on the hour from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and every half-hour on peak days. ••• KNOW BEFORE YOU GO • PROVO RIVER TUBING ••• • Tube float trips are the most popular activity on the Provo River.

One of Utah's blue ribbon fisheries well known for its beautiful Brown Trout. The canyon's scenery adds to the experience; the river is nestled in the beautiful Provo Canyon below 11750 foot Mount Timpanogos. Once you reach the voyage’s end at Vivian Park, be sure to get out on the left side before going under the South Fork Canyon Road bridge. We hope you enjoyed this information.

3702 East Provo Canyon Rd (In front of Vivian Park), Provo River Parkway Trail - Canyon View Park To Vivian Park. Floating the Provo River is an idyllic adventure for a lazy summer afternoon. © Copyright always watch the Original YouTube

Early settlers changed the name to Provo,

Do not cross the bridge. I recommend early spring only for experienced highway. numerous times and found them to be extremely professional and well particularly on busy weekends.