To offset Nanno’s manipulative successes, the show draws clear moral lines, pitting her against outright villains more often than not, making for guilt-free revenge tales that pass by swiftly and stylishly. So, three star is completely average, and 5 stars means it is one of the better episodes.

Does Nanno let them off the hook after awhile? Plot? Looks like you're not Logged In or Registered yet. Trophy is one of the meh episodes.
It doesn’t take long and she becomes a genius under false terms. Anyway in the 2nd episode i thought it was intentional to not have a real definitive ending as it could just as well be a parallel to real-life’s impact on victims of rape/cyber bullying where apologies are all people can do and nothing will really truly fix the victim. She quickly becomes jealous and, Nanno talks her into cheating the system. It really didn’t do anything for me. Synopsis Baggage is dangerous. Girl From Nowhere is an Thai anthology series about a girl named Nanno. Of course, add in the ending to all that, and it was kind of just annoying. Sometimes the cheapest special effect is a hot chick. The whole student body begins to romantically link Nanno, and the most popular boy in school, Hann. The two becomes insecure and envy of the attention the boys are giving Nanno. Nanno's business immediately became popular among students. I want to be able to share my passions with others. They even go as far as bribing two girls to help them in their conquest. Jenny says: June 27, 2020 at 1:54 am In my opinion I think it was Suer who killed Koh, remember when he said he needs to pee and Koh was found dead at the toilet, but its still frustrating because has a blood spatter on their uniform.

The girls invite Nanno to a party. Anxious, the group decides to bury her lifeless body to avoid getting caught.
She already has it figured out. When a heroine performs action stunts, “there’s like so much backlash about it not being believable,” Rosenhan said. She quickly turns the tables by getting close with his family. Nanno (Shisha Amatayakul) might be the titular girl from nowhere, but in this new 12-part Netflix Original series from Thailand, she’s coming to a school like yours.She’s dangerous. it didn't make a whole lot of sense either and also kind of took half of the movie to get to the thriller aspect of things... but in the end, if i was held at will, i'd watch it again. ( Log Out /  Leaving Hann to take care of Nanno for the rest of his life. After trying to leave, the girls force Nanno to stay in the room. Does she finally come clean after awhile? Nanno (Shisha Amatayakul) might be the titular girl from nowhere, but in this new 12-part Netflix Original series from Thailand, she’s coming to a school like yours. While governmental restrictions on religion rose, social hostilities declined — meaning we’re doing better on a person-to-person level. With its central story revolving around a teenager, TK, who shoplifts and gets into trouble at school just to get the attention of his absent father, ‘Lost & Found’ is also significant in that, for the first time in the series, viewers glimpse that demon child Nanno is perhaps capable of having a heart. I will post them on Monday’s until I have finished the 12 episodes. While being raped, Nanno begins her reign of terror.

That cleverness and confidence is what situates Girl from Nowhere in highly watchable territory, finding a vengeful catharsis in what would ordinarily be a run-of-the-mill high-school setting. She quickly unknowingly catches the attention of the three most popular boys in school who subsequently attempt to court her. But sometimes that was a challenge while writing in the spy genre, where the trope of the “femme fatale” and sexualized female characters are common. Now, the tutor of Mr. She’s hoping to escape her past, but it isn’t long before that past catches up with her. A space for all things pertaining to books, Asian cinema, otaku culture, and self-care. Trigger warning: The show depicts scenes of rape, abuse, and heavy violence.

One of whom takes advantage of how messed up the other 2 are & exploits this in her desire to tear them apart.It’s well made & simply shot. And not good enough to good. More details at All the horror movies I need to get around to watching...eventually. As she begins unloading shotgun shells on everyone, the rest of the episode reveals just how the teacher reached this breaking point. Tiffany Rosenhan’s debut novel, ‘Girl from Nowhere,’ will be released by Bloomsbury on July 21. Trailer JustWatch. In fear of getting caught, she decides to break her dominant arm with a hammer and proceeds to frame her childhood friend. One of the least-talked about series currently available for streaming on Netflix is Thailand’s Girl From Nowhere, a dark 13-part show about a teenage girl, Nanno (Chicha Amatayakul), who wreaks havoc at every school she enrolls in.