It could have been much worse. I realized I needed to get my head wrapped around this whole “I’m now blind” thing! Ever since then, I’ve been learning how to be a blind person and cope with the reality of what I did to myself. Páginas relacionadas. Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Search blogs by month and year: Hello! So you started experiencing vision loss and then you decide three months later you know what, I’m going to do this in public! Here is where you can peruse through all my past blogs, as well as guest blogs – dating back to January 2014! I did give Maria a bit of a hard time about her reliance on dictation. As the years have gone on, I have started to understand and accept myself. I was expected to die, but as all my independent ladies can attest to, we tend to be survivors. And on Instagram @GirlGoneBlind. Positive response on this blog and people loved it! ... Ver más de Girl Gone Blind en Facebook. Ver más de Girl Gone Blind en Facebook. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! MJ: Reid My Mind Radio – Who is Girl Gone Blind, Subscribe to RMM Radio And crikey, what’s a girl to do? I’ll tell anyone who will listen about the benefits it affords to people with vision loss or other disability. How am I going to be the mom that I was. MJ: I would lay on my bed you know crying and crying and crying and think [uh, gasp] how am I going to be a good blind parent? > Iniciar sesión ¿Olvidaste tu cuenta? Here’s a little about me! What I’ve been through. What’s good everybody, it’s me T to the R E I D! MJ: Her response?! We do interviews with people in the LHON community and we also talk about our experiences. Girl Gone Blind, is Maria’s space on the internet, her blog where she’s been sharing experiences, observations and information about her life as a, well, girl who has gone blind. The good the bad and the ugly and the and the crazy , the funny, but then you know there’s nothing to regret. I was completely healthy except there was a problem with my optic nerve. MJ: I thought, but you know I can’t leave my kids. MJ: She held on to three words that she says can help her through most things…. It’s been a crazy three years but I’m headed to a good place I just know I am and I’m just going to keep that arrow pointed that way and see where it goes. I’m also a strong believer in the need to be proficient enough with a keyboard if physically possible MJ: I thought about righting a blog previously as a health and fitness Guru if you will, but I never did. Counseling to help work through the barrage of both feelings and thoughts about the loss not only of her sight, but all that comes with that; >. A daughter. And in this latest episode of Reid My Mind Radio I’m featuring a piece I did for Gatewave Radio…. TReid: ... كلمة السر: هل نسيت الحساب؟ تسجيل. And that’s where RNIB Connect Radio discovered me. TReid: It was…, While sitting with a good friend one day enjoying her company, she asked me about my phone and to how much I was able to use it. Wonderful blog topic from My Blurred World! We had heard there was something pretty special…, Posted on September 11, 2020 As the years have gone on, I have started to understand and accept myself. Blind Abilities. Treid: Maria figured out what she needed to go through the process. MJ: Iniciar sesión. Ok, here’s the back story on all of that! MJ: I have begun to realize…, My name is Gabriella Mendonca and I am a digital content creator. My website is I was working at three different locations and I was also running my own Boot Camp as well as doing the mom things – running around taking my kids everywhere you know volunteering and all that stuff. My mum used to say that I could draw before I could walk. You use dictation. I’m 21 years old and I became blind at the age of 17 from a drug overdose. I think where it helped me is I was able to put my emotions and my story out there and I knew inside that maybe it would help somebody else either relate or understand what I was going through. It involves adjustments for almost every aspect of a person’s life. TReid: Posted on September 24, 2020 The vision loss…. Maria Johnson is journaling her way through her adjustment to blindness. My parents and teachers deserve much of the credit for my being braille-literate today. MJ: Wild Woman Sisterhood. This has turned into this wonderful place that I have set myself in and I absolutely love doing it and it’s so weird for me to say that I love what I do and it’s all because I lost my vision. Besides being blind, I had no sense of smell, and no endocrine system, which meant that I had no thyroid, no adrenal function and the list goes on. MJ: So I actually did therapy and group therapy weekly for about a year and a half. and on Twitter a@Girl_Gone_Blind MJ: IGotThis! I grew up with aniridia syndrome alongside my sister, father and grandmother – all of whom also had this hereditary condition. It was a rather short conversation and we…, I vividly remember the incessant hammering of the MRI machine, the seven vials of blood drawn on two separate occasions, the car rides to and from the appointments, preliminary testing by an ophthalmologist that seemed right out of a sci-fi novel, and my parents leaving the pediatrician’s office in tears after hearing the initial findings and dire possibilities of disease. TReid in conversation with Maria: And so I always had that little bug in me I think. Do you do any keyboarding? Hash tag Blind Goals. Multiple optometrist, ophthalmologists ; all trying different tests… “What does September 24th mean?” a friend asked as we sat in a group at a party. For me, it was escapism because, from the age of 4, I started to lose sight in my right eye. MJ: They loved it and they were appreciative of my vulnerability and my openness to share what had been going on with me over almost the last year. I was born with vision, but lost my sight at the age of 18 months due to a tumor on my optic nerve. Blog at Hopefully relate to the experiences and maybe even be inspired to continue on their own paths. her independence, her perception of herself, trying to figure out what it means to be blind. It is a mitochondria mutation that is passed down from the mother’s side. Chances are if a person is losing their vision and seeks assistance, they will learn of the vision rehabilitation system. Organización. TReid: In some sense I’m an Access Technology evangelist… TReid: I assumed Maria was proficient with technology and probably received training in either magnification or screen reading software. TReid: Both comments and pings are currently closed. Judgement, that’s one of the things that’s scary about Tags: Audio, Blind, Gatewave Radio, Independence. I was going to the hospital every week, getting patches and drops in my good eye in an effort to help, but it never did. by Girl Gone Blind®, You should be proud of yourself for doing everything you can to survive your days. I had surgery and the tumor was successfully removed—I would live, but I didn’t escape unscathed. Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. TReid: I thought I need to get my head wrapped around this. Before I could even attempt to figure out how I was going to you know cook or you know knit or [giggles] all the other things they wanted to teach me. Oh, and as my website name would suggest, I am also legally blind. I was diagnosed as being blind as the result of a rapidly growing brain tumor. Now I do a weekly segment for them ; chatting with Girl Gone Blind as a Lifestyle Blogger. I got the bug right then and there and said you know what I’m going to keep going with this because people like it. *Girl Gone Blind I honestly was planning on how I was going to exit this world. I’m on Facebook at Girl gone Blind I was born blind with no useful vision. If you haven’t yet, make sure you Subscribe to RMM Radio I’m a proud mama of two fantastic kids, group fitness instructor, blogger, speaker, podcaster, and consultant in beautiful San Diego, CA. Wonderful blog topic from My Blurred World! There are so many stories of blind people not only succeeding at life, but thriving – yet I felt ostracized, incapable, unaccepted and lost. Going blind is a real challenge. alright, so I was always a pretty good typist when I was sighted. I got this! by Girl Gone Blind®, A handful of years ago I was headed to an event in Phoenix, Arizona, when we found ourselves driving thru Gila Bend — a small rural town in Arizona with the population just over 2,000 people. MJ: She wondered if she were to send me a web link to something, would my phone read it to me. *Girl Gone Blind on Twitter Whether it’s waking up in the morning determined to get through another challenge, another struggle or another bad day. This episode features the latest Gatewave Radio piece answering the question; Who is the Girl Gone Blind? For those fortunate enough to receive services, it would include personalized training to aid that person to remain as independent as possible. I’m feeling good today and that’s by choice not by circumstance… let that marinate. TReid: in order to have maximum control over your technology. The future was unclear, a bit…, I was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic condition that gradually causes vision loss, at 5 – and growing up with this condition was not always easy. TReid: Today, I am employed full-time as a Senior Software Engineer – a job I couldn’t do if I hadn’t learned braille. I was working as a fitness instructor. TReid in conversation with Maria: Is that still your choice of input? I remember clicking publish and thinking uh [exhale] my gosh I hope, I hope somebody reads this. There’s no one size fits all plan for adjusting to blindness. I questioned my worth and was surrounded by self-doubt. That was my mantra. Post to. The truth is Maria didn’t let that become an excuse for not starting or maintaining her blog. Girl Gone Blind, is Maria’s space on the internet, her blog where she’s been sharing experiences, observations and information about her life as a, well, girl who has gone blind. o. Crear cuenta nueva. There it is! Immediately following the piece, check out what happens when I run with a bit of inspiration from something I heard in my conversation with Maria Johnson, aka, A Girl gone Blind. I began to really suffer psychologically…, Trigger warning: this post contains mentions of drug/alcohol use, suicide and self-harm   My name is Ashley. It was so random and had nothing to do with the current conversation I was having. Losing my vision has never stopped me from achieving my goals and chasing after my dreams. My brother was totally deaf, though fully sighted. It then affects the other eye within a matter of weeks or months. The Blind Perspective. TReid: *Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. TReid in conversation with Maria: It starts with a small blurry and/or cloudy spot in one eye. Come January I basically wrote about what I’ve been going through and what actually was going on with my vision and what it was called. TReid: I’m blind, and I’m also a visual artist. Sitio web de educación. TReid: Well I got the hugest response. sharing personal stories. Today you will meet someone sharing some of her experiences online, on the internet via her blog. Within a month of receiving the diagnosis, Maria was legally blind.