Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye have a sweet smiles that make me love GYEH more. Furthermore a very beautiful guy, so sexy and charismatique. I really mean it! ahmie guerrero Mar 25 2015 12:15 am LOVE your smile :) Hope you happy everyday~~~. "BIG" has a nice story but the ending is sooo disappointing! I hope they put all his TV and Movies in netflix.. GY i wish all the best and i hope you can have all your wishes come true. Will always support you. I don't know if you ever get to read this Mr. Gong Yoo, but I would like to say that you do what your heart desires. He has beautiful smile *_* #melted, SBeau06 Dec 13 2013 7:53 pm Netflix’s latest K-drama ‘Start-Up’ is only a few days away from premiering, but what date will the series release around the world and who are the cast? bissan..you should watch "one fine day"...very beautiful story,genuine feelings and pure talent..I always want to watch it again and again alongside with coffee prince..Gong Yoo is the best, jesslyn vanella Jan 17 2014 10:18 pm Terima kasih from Indonesia ^.^. I must say that although Lee Dong Wook is famously gorgeous I found my eyes pulled to Gong Yoo. Wolf60 Oct 22 2009 11:59 am <3<3<3 ever since I saw Guardian: the lonely and great god in 2017 I've never stopped loving him. Teresa Marchiran May 14 2020 12:04 am :)). Rawan Mar 12 2017 9:04 pm You really really a good & excellent actor. please make another series or movies. He is finally back after his 2-3 years serving in the military =O i feel that hot actors should not have to go into the army... the fans are gonna have a heart attack everytime they hear the word WAR! But true you are my fav k actor. I will die to marry him :p, beautiful goblin Apr 02 2017 8:06 am Dude, I was so looking forward to Goblin. Arr Gi Shi ,I love You!frighting.Now I try hard my study .I sware onday I will come to u. yoo ma hart Feb 20 2018 2:52 pm His face is so much different from other korean actors, gong yoo is so handsome. He is one of the popular actor in korea. I loved this and I hope Gong Yoo can see these comments and know he has left an indelible mark on many hearts.

FollieRocks Nov 25 2018 9:10 pm Gong Yoo is an amazing actor, I have enjoyed all his film/drama roles and can't wait to see more of his work.
She waited for 5 years to finally got your 'yes' to work with. Gong Yoo is so kind by reading script movies, so these blinds people can understand and enjoy watching it. I really like ur pair.. No one can replace u both.. Fighting !!! Good luck bro, I'm rooting for you. You are the best! Such a great and impressive actor, cant wait to see you in your next project!!! Thank you with all my heart , wish you all the luck in ur career and ur life <3, Roro Dec 21 2013 4:51 pm Why are you so talented?! Regrets are part of achieving wisdom so the concept of spending centuries in atonement is compelling. can't get it out of my head. Very Good in Acting :)) You are a simple person with a big heart and having a great impact to the audiences with a wholesome personality. Bts lover Dec 26 2016 9:05 pm lol he's so damn cuteeeee. israa zidan May 23 2014 10:04 am ! ♡, jeje alhussaini Dec 31 2013 5:28 am He and other actors are the reason that I enjoy (obsessed) Korean dramas......I am even learning Korean so that I can visit Korea and see the many places, food, and the people that I have seen in the dramas. I just think that you are seriously sexy! Your new film "Silenced" is wonderful. //
It is very glad to be able to meet in December. Each of our characters has their own venture, but the group quickly becomes intertwined after they each begin their journeys to success at a place called ‘Sand Box’. Waiting for Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi in same drama/movie. You r the most handsome goblin everrrrr... devi Dec 13 2016 4:28 am

I like you oppa!!! I really fell inlove with this man in every word he uttered saying this heart fluttering statement. It was so perfect movie beacause of the characters and also it because of you! ohhh... and definitely SEXY! Lils Apr 23 2012 1:59 am Gong Yoo.........................Keep up the good work! Love u sooooooooooooooo much!!! mariel May 24 2017 6:06 am Gong Yoo on the success of Goblin...U were incredible n so realistic. Thankyou for giving us 3 movies in one year. Doona was earlier seen in successful Netflix originals Kingdom and Sense8. He is too hot to handle! Amna Ameer Jun 13 2020 3:06 am Hope to see more of your projects soon (hey, producers dont waste your time and resources...cast Gong Yoo in great projects...oh well, even if you project isn't that great but with Gong Yoo in it, it will surely be a hit!). It's nice ending and inspiring story as a whole, make this drama one of the best among Korean productions. if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") I finished watching Coffee Prince and Big now started with Finding Mr. Destiny.

//]]>, Mail (required but will not be published). Dichi Feb 15 2015 12:17 am SARANGHAE. pegasus Nov 11 2012 7:22 am KEMIN Oct 06 2010 9:24 am kathy king May 05 2012 12:21 am Gong Yoo is a great actor, one of the best ones in the world!!! kaye mariam jumuad Feb 04 2017 1:56 am full time i think about ur coffee prince. Anniebell Apr 20 2017 8:37 pm I ship you with Ha Ji Won badly so I look forward for you two to come together in an amazing drama. i love it! W4GRB.average_rating=new Array();

you are hot funnnnnnnyyyy wonderfulll love you soooooooooooo much <3 <3 tunisian fan ;) !!!! as exactly the same nearly a lot often inside case you shield this You have a talent , charismatic and good an acting , waiting your an acting in the next movie or drama :). All friends, it is a chance for you in love to eat pizza like us.". I love you Kong Ji-Chul. Fighting! Enis Aug 25 2020 10:23 am but I enjoy seeing you more on dramas where your character has more depth & substance & doesn't revolve around a woman. hope to see you soon in new drama or movie.... Because of Gong Yoo, i am watching Korean drama . When time allows, I shall watch his other dramas and movies.

{{#media.media_details}} ...i considered Gong Yoo as one of the promising and handsomest actor in Korea...i really love him not only because of his good looks but he has talent in singing...i'll bet that if he is not into acting..he will be a balladeer .....I have watched his video singing Eric Benet's "The Last Time"..his voice compliment the song well... norul saranghae Yoo....<3... CW Jun 19 2013 6:14 pm all the best for you.. Lorraine Aug 22 2020 8:07 am Keep on keeping on! I am a kdrama fan since 2013. I really enjoy your work. my mom being his fans since her accidentally watched coffee prince on my laptop XD.
I'd love to see more of those dramas for sure,,, played perfect. I'm one of your fan from Malaysia. increase. Wish you more success on this year... And hope you healthy and happy always... JAZZSAYINGS Jun 29 2017 3:52 am JOIN NOW SIGN IN. I'm a Fan, Mp Aug 19 2017 6:53 am Oppa, i loved your acting in Coffee Prince and Goblin. Mich Elle Apr 17 2017 3:27 pm You can follow him on Instagram @seonho_kim. i think he likes romantic comedy and melodramas more than action film, cause the only action film he ever does is "the suspect" which happened to be my favorite, started watching him from goblin to train to busan to the suspect then coffee prince, but i like the suspect the most, would like to see him doing more action movie but i don't think he will ever do another one, still would like to see more action from him though, too bad he's back to being prince charming now, guess i'll go watch the age of shadows. He makes music, he evokes emotions, silly or sad. Don't see him much any more  :~(. Last but not least, kbs 'big'. Because of him, I started to wach K-drama. Hope Gong Yoo can read it, and does not upset about my suggestions.

In their second VLive interview, he’s also seated next to Sohee and their builds together is definitely heart fluttering. 1 Favorite Korean actor. Nancy Harris Apr 27 2019 11:15 am The way you smile, move, cry and laugh make me feel happy. They are both lovely, sweet smiles, and so kind to do a lot of charities. Anything that is about you :) <3. Recently watched BIG and all his past dramas. Zee Apr 04 2015 8:34 am kdrama Dec 24 2016 9:49 am

he is very cute and charming, his appearance and acting. Tristan Feb 22 2017 12:50 pm I miss him!!

Good luck! Jasmin cariaga Feb 19 2017 4:03 am Much love from America and the black woman who love u and your work..."Kisses', sara Aug 21 2011 5:42 am Look forward to your next projects Mr Smile. althoug i think coffee prince was better than the other drama that he has played. alba Jun 27 2012 6:09 am That is fine. They might be a great couple.

I hope for new and better project for him! Also, the theme song "second first love" you recorded is awesome! Seeing you in TV is enough for me..

i love you so much and ilike your act

I love you oppa!!! Gong Yoo his so awesome!! We took a picture together. window.W4GRB = new Object(); I love your "biscuit teacher and star candy" television movie.keepitup!! i love your voice, you captivate my heart. He can be funny, but his tears flow so naturally. i hope i will see you soon in person mr.gong yoo. I've been your fan since school 4. I like him. I missed the team up. He is my number 1 actor in the whole world. fan.gyeh May 14 2014 11:39 am Marry me. Oppa I want or really wish your co-star for your new drama it would be Lee Bo Young or Ha Ji Won or maybe Son Ye Jin (yes..yes...hahaha).I want someone who matched your acting and age as well no big age gap like Ji sung and Hyeri drama lol .It would be great . ╥_╥. ana Nov 22 2014 7:55 pm zaynab Mar 07 2017 10:18 am Now I'm going to wait for Yoon Eun Hye to come back : ) God bless him abundance of eternal infinite love, joy, happiness with his beautiful gorgeous life partner (whoever, wherever she's from). W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; Start-Up Netflix release date… Start-Up is currently scheduled to premiere on Netflix on Saturday, October 17th 2020. merry Sep 22 2016 9:48 pm just finished watching coffee prince and he is really sexy. Goblin is so goooood. Gong Yoo is back after a long break of three years from Korean dramas. Hi, A fan all the way from Nigeria. If they are reunion Coffee Prince 2, I am the first one cry out for happiness. Best scene :). He is a great actor! brilliant actor, and best at action/thriller/deep drama... watched SUSPENSE a few years ago, as well as SILENCED (but didn't make the connect, as a slightly newer kdrama viewer). Daisy Apr 27 2020 7:51 pm