Watch a brief glimpse of a castle in the making. The blacksmiths are getting ready for the big day! Throughout the seasons, Guédelon's workers rise to the extraordinary challenge of building a castle from scratch. If you're fascinated with the middle ages, you don't need a time machine to visit the period. This week, the blacksmiths begin their attempt to turn stone into metal. Our task is to recreate the construction techniques and the logistical organisation of an early 13th-century building site. This pioneering construction site offers information on wattle-and-daub or rubble walling, making and using limewashes, traditional terracotta roof tiles, oak shakes, flax and hemp ropes. The master-mason provides the answer...whilst operating the treadwheel winch. During this coming season, the first pepperpot roof timbers will be raised to crown the Chapel Tower. The serious nature of the project demands the involvement of the academic world, and our work is monitored by both archaeologists and historians. The workers are always on hand to talk about their craft and the castle's progress. In just a few short years, Guédelon has become one of France's major tourist attractions. His dream was to construct a castle as it would have been built in the Middle Ages: an idea which some found mildly amusing and others dismissed as outright folly. At a time when environmental protection is of such concern, Guédelon provides practicallessons in sustainable building. Each year, around 650 people choose to play an active role in the venture and learn more about the building techniques used on site. And Florian explains the importance of forests to feudal lords. Stone quarrying, building vaulted ceilings, blacksmithing, raising roof timbers, making fired earth tiles and the use of lifting machinery are just some of the activities which visitors can witness at first hand during a visit to Guédelon. And there's no rhyme or reason to Constantin's autumn deliveries... Join Yohann for a new series of adventures in Guédelon forest and discover the world of wood and woodcraft. In this fifth episode about woodworking, Nicolas gives us a lesson in joinery. Watch woodturning on a medieval-style foot-powered pole lathe. The site is overseen by Florian Renucci, the master-mason. At the lime kiln, Yohann and Fabrice are breaking open the kiln to finally reveal the quicklime inside. Trialled in the 2016 season, a new workshop has been installed in the courtyard: the mint. Guédelon Castle (Château de Guédelon) is a castle currently under construction near Treigny, France. ), Maryline MARTIN - CEO, Sarah PRESTON - Press officer  +33 3 86 45 69 15. Employing 70 people, this venture, thanks to ticket sales and gift shop alone, is entirely self-financing. In 2017, Guédelon celebrates the first 20 years of construction. It's the big day! In this penultimate episode of The Fires of Guédelon, Yohann discovers how wooden bowls were turned on a pole lathe in the Middle Ages. On the banks of the millpond, we discover that medieval master-builders didn't like too much fish on the menu! Some were already qualified, others have acquired their skills on site. She recognised the opportunity to embark an an exciting collective venture. Today, Guédelon employs 70 people, of whom 35 work on the building site itself. At the lime kiln, Yohan and Baptiste are feeling the heat. In the forest, Constantin reveals the origins of some common expressions. They can study the skills employed, how tools are handled, and how the site is organised. We hopethat you have enjoyed this series and that we will see you soon at Guédelon! This way of working has allowed us to reveal some of the medieval castle-builders' fascinating secrets. Every Thursday from January 11th. In this final season of the Fires of Guédelon, Yohann seeks out the new window in the lord's chamber. Guedelon Castle in Burgundy, France is a unique project where volunteers and researchers are constructing an authentic 13th century castle… Once examined, photographed and measured, their evidence helps us to avoid committing unnecessary errors which would later need correcting. Did you know that a vault's keystone is the first stone, not the last, to be fixed? Among the castles which serve as models are Ratilly (89), La Motte-Josserand (58), Dourdan (91) and Yévre-le-Châtel (45). And did you know that the design of our castle has its roots in a dispute with the English? Every day, the site attempts to resolve some of the many questions still unanswered regarding 13th-century castle construction. In 2016, Guédelon welcomed nearly 300,000 visitors, including 50,000 school children. And in the castle courtyard, Florian announces the 2019 building programme. Yohann gives us exclusive images from inside the tile kiln. Set in a woodland clearing, just a stone’s throw from the construction site, you can now visit this working mill. see all the up-dates ticket office shop Visiting Guédelon … This mill is the fruit of three years' collaboration with archaeologists from Inrap (French National Institute for Preventative Archaeological Research) and is based on the archaeological remains of a 12th-century water mill found at Thevray in Jura. We have reached the end of our series "The Fires of Guédelon. Florian reveals all... Yohann has an appointment with Aurélie the basket maker...Nicolas reveals a brand new workshop and Florian tells the tale of the "robber barons" of Château-Renard. The Fires of Guédelon: SEASON 3 EPISODE 1, The Fires of Guédelon SEASON 2 EPISODE 10, Guédelon reopens March 18th 2019 - Sunday 3rd November 2019, The Fires of Guédelon: SEASON 2 EPISODE 1. Our baker offers you the chance to taste bread made with Guédelon-ground flour and baked in the castle’s bread oven. Bruno has started loading the tile kiln in readiness for the firing. An archaeological survey had revealed a medieval stone fortress hidden within the 15th … But will the firing have been a success? And have you heard of "The Green Man"? And at the head of his New Emporium, Constantin is suffering from executive stress... Why do stonemasons need the help of carpenters to build a cross-ribbed vault? At the castle's gate, the carpenters must "ease the centring" under the vault. The site is an excellent educational resource, bringing to life the history of the Middle Ages. Inspired by the past, this building site is also of great relevance to the 21st century. The carpenters' "tracing floor" will hold no secrets for you after Yohann's visit to Nicolas the carpenter. Just as in the buiding of the castle, all the different crafts on site worked together with the aim of producing the same type of flour as might have been found in the Middle Ages. And Florian has a pressing need to explain health practices in 13th-century castles... At the stonemason's lodge, Robin explains the meaning of mason's marks. Closed Wednesdays, except May 1st and 8th and from July 8th to 31st August 2019. Throughout the seasons, we dye 100% wool scarves on site using plant-based nautural dyes such as mignonnette, pastel, madder, onion skins. He is responsible for the day-to-day running of the site and, along with the project's managers, ensures that the work carried out is as historically, architecturally and archaeologically accurate as possible. The blacksmiths will attempt to extract steel from the iron ore. Will the experiment suceed? The tile maker heats the kiln to 1100°C and Constantin - at long last - closes a deal ! Rendezvous at the forge for the preheating of the furnace...And Yohann goes clothes shopping at Constantin's Kiosk! Deep in Guédelon forest, Jean-Michel has the answer. It was Michel Guyot, owner and restorer of Saint-Fargeau Castle, who first dreamt of building a castle from scratch. Yohann sets out to discover what French masons do with a "grasshopper". Constantin, as always, has the answer! Maryline Martin was the first person to believe in the viability of the project. Many of our visitors are loyal to the venture and have a deep connection with the Guédelon; they regularly return to follow the construction's progress. In this final installment from the lime kiln, Yohann and Fabrice slake quicklime to produce lime putty. This week, Yohann discovers the secrets of the quarryman's trade and Florian reveals why Guédelon Castle is built entirely from ferruginous sandstone... Join Yohann for a new series of adventures on the Guédelon construction site. Join Yohann and Fabrice lighting the lime kiln and Constantin reveals the tools needed to split a wooden shake. The Guédelon advisory committee is comprised of: Unlike any other present-day building site, Guédelon warmly welcomes members of the public. Yohann and Florian invite you to embark on a new venture with us! In Guédelon forest, Florian reveals the secrets of this mysterious being... Do you know what a "side-axe" is used for? And Yohann discovers a new feature at the summit of the Chapel Tower!