These are portfolio managers who are so highly focused on earning high returns that they become foolhardy and invest in very high risk stocks. This refers to the various classes of assets, viz.

If there is a heavy price movement in an asset after an investor places his order, he can cancel his order and re-submit it as a limit order, placed around the current market price. price weighted and value weighted or unweighted, to arrive at a basket of securities that is representative of the overall market or sector. The institution then provides what is known as erasure guarantee. This is an underperforming stock or security, for it gives out lower than average returns, unlike the leader. A market order that requires prompt executions to fill an immediate request, is termed as a held order. A price earnings ratio is a company valuation ratio that is calculated by dividing a company’s market value per share by the company’s earnings per share. Direct repurchase means when a company buys or repurchases its shares from the market, reducing the number of outstanding shares. Upwards momentum most often follows a buy break. These are additional warrants that can be acquired with the exercise of primary warrants and act as sweeteners to prompt additional investment in the company. When a security pricing pattern closely resembles the overall market, such that, it can accurately predict the market pattern through its own pricing, it is called a barometer stock. Accurate Guttral Translation, Synonyms and Antonyms. (intransitive) To construct or repair a hedge. untidy meaning in Urdu (Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US: 1) untidy. This is the premium that investors demand for an illiquid asset, that cannot be easily converted to cash without taking a big price fall. This is an obligation on specialists to post a bid or an ask, when there is insufficient market demand or supply to match orders, on the NYSE.

Mosaic theory is an analytical method that security analysts use to gather information about a company. A theoretical Dow Jones Index is a method of calculating the Dow Jones Index which assumes that all the components to an index hit their highest and lowest points at the same time during the day.

This is a financial theory that predicts the small firms (with smaller market caps) to outperform the larger firms because of greater growth opportunities. This is a term coined for the Friday of April 2nd 1993, when Philip Morris (maker of Marlboro cigarettes) caused a $10 billion market cap loss in a single day, by making an announcement to cut product prices so that it could compete with generic cigarettes. This is a third party valuation demanded by the shareholders to ensure that mergers and acquisitions do not result in the acquirer paying less than the present value of the target company’s worth. Guttral Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Guttral in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu.

This is an index that gives equal weighting to all the individual stocks that make up the index. Significant portion of the outstanding shares of a company owned by an entity allowing the latter to exercise controlling influence on the former. A profit warning is a company’s intimation that its profits are not likely to meet the expectations of analysts. From the farmer's point of view, in areas of predominant arable or intensively managed grazing, there is little or no economic justification for retaining hedges. This is an ETF that attempts to amplify the returns on an index by using financial derivatives and debt instruments.