At any given moment, almost 500 are serving time in one of 7 federal prison Protective Custody Units (PCU). Perhaps the most classic scenario used to illustrate this reality is that of a witness to violent mob activity. If members of the mob understand that someone has witnessed their criminal behavior, they will likely take it upon themselves to ensure that the witness remains quiet about what they have seen. via a relatively secure method (perhaps place a call on a landline in a location unlikely to be monitored) in order to obtain the guidance and support you are currently in need of. Participants in the federal witness protection program (usually witnesses and their immediate family members) are issued new Social Security numbers and other personal identification documentation. Favourite answer. Witness protection programs are designed to assist individuals caught in situations like this one. If he agrees, Kerwin and his family will receive a full protection and benefits from the WPP including secure housing facility, security and escort service, assistance in obtaining a means of livelihood, free medical treatment, reasonable travel expenses and subsistence allowance. How does the witness protection program work? In this scenario, the witness is placed in a near-impossible position. It is a program established under Republic Act No. Not all WITSEC participants go free. I've always been curious to know and now I'm writing a report on it and I know squat about it so in lamens terms could someone break it down for me? Like what does a person have to do to be under … He will be placed under the custody of the Philippine National Police due to security concerns. Not only that, a State witness can also get payment of full salary or wage due to absences, while acting as a witness. These documents help to build a foundation upon which to establish new identities. Popular culture makes relatively frequent references to the federal witness protection program. How does the Witness Protection Program Work? Richard J. Banta, PC - Personal Injury Attorney Denver, CO - 501 South Cherry Street Suite 1100-MB11 Denver, CO 80246, You may be understandably concerned about the prospect of approaching an attorney if you are currently concerned about your safety. As such, the  Government proposes to put his relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity on the witness protection program if he agrees to be a witness against the illegal drug trade in the Philippines. The affidavit will be evaluated to determine if he is qualified to be placed under the custody of Witness Protection Program. Privacy Policy, we won't post anything without permission, Copyright © 2020 Chive Media Group, LLC All Rights Reserved. Republic Act No. What we’ve learned is that witness protection is only kind of similar to how it’s portrayed in the movies. Only a couple interviews with those involved with the program have ever even been conducted. He may also be given one-time financial assistance for his support and that of his family. One is left wondering how it really works, how does one qualify for it and what are the benefits of the program. The witness can only be discharged from the program if he already completed his witness duty, or if he fails or refuses to testify. How the Witness Protection Program really works By: Elizabeth. His family in Leyte is also being threatened as well. By definition, the Witness Protection Program, also known as WITSEC, is a secretive program. A person can be admitted to the program if he has knowledge regarding  the commission of a crime and is willing to testify in order to help the investigation. They change your whole life. But if you believe you might benefit from this government service, it is worth exploring with an attorney. In: Facts, Interesting, Lifestyle. by Richard J. Banta | Feb 16, 2019 | Uncategorized. 1 decade ago. Republic Act No. But please consider contacting an, 4 Things You Should Know About Speeding Tickets, How to Prepare for Your First Personal Injury Attorney Consultation, Driver Charged in Deadly Jersey City Pedestrian Crash, FDA Warns About Even More Dangerous Hand Sanitizers. Elsewhere in Australia and New Zealand, witness protection programs are managed by state and territory police forces. Witness protection The CCC is the only independent commission in Australasia with responsibility for the state’s witness protection program. Usually, those who are qualifiedare those that have important testimonies regarding grave felonies or complex crimes, such as murder and drug-related crimes. and Another was given by the program’s creator Gerald Shur in 2013. It is worth noting that not every witness to a crime qualifies for this extreme form of protection. Anonymous. If you, a family member or friend have been injured in an accident, our first concern is that you focus in the near future on your health and well being as well as that of your family and friends. You may be understandably concerned about the prospect of approaching an attorney if you are currently concerned about your safety. Feb 12, 2018 495 Liked! If you have concerns about your safety as a witness, please consider speaking with an experienced attorney at your earliest possible convenience. Recently, alleged drug lord Kerwin Espinosa asked about being placed under the Witness Protection Program. Moreover, after being honorably discharged as a witness, he and his family may be relocated in an area where he will be safe and/or given a new personal identity. Before being admitted to the WPP, Kerwin should execute an affidavit. How the Witness Protection Program really works. When a witness’s testimony is truly valuable and obtaining that testimony places a witness and/or that witness’s loved ones in serious physical danger, that testimony may be traded for entrance in the federal witness protection program.