Alright, it's not that simple! I like your idea on wholesaling. You have a good niche that is focused yet broad enough. As you begin making money and flipping money, you can always continue your education with the more expensive programs using profits from your flips. Investing slowly over time doesn’t happen quickly, it doesn’t help you now, and it isn’t exciting. Connect with 1,000,000+ real estate investors! Instead, by focusing in on one specific type of lending and becoming an expert at it, the business grows faster and earns more. But if you build a sizable business, you can make some incredible money and just as importantly, create time freedom as well. You seem to have a way with explaining information to us newbies that makes sense as this tends to be a somewhat complex learning curve. It also costs very little to get started, has few barriers to entry, and is easy to take market share because most people don't have an existing relationship with a real estate agent. You can contact Eric by emailing him at [email protected] or with this contact form. The Fastest Growing Worldwide Company (and it’s compensation plan), How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep without Drugs, How to Easily Fix Clickfunnels Error “Something is Broken”, 7 Incredible Reasons to Reevaluate Network Marketing,, Everything I Know About Evangelism… I Learned from Network Marketing, Best David Goggins Quotes (Can’t Hurt Me), 51 Best Wealth and Prosperity Scriptures for Financial Breakthrough, 27 Actionable Network Marketing Secrets for Guaranteed Success [2020]. Then I started to order pre-stamped envelopes and pre-printed & pre-folded letters online (they don’t cost much more). The difference is there are tiered levels, kind of like the real estate industry. Start analyzing real estate properties, we do the math for you. One of the most common questions I get is, “How can I replace my W-2 income with passive income from rental properties?”, Create an account today to get BiggerPocket's best blog articles delivered to your inbox. This industry includes companies like Avon, Mary Kay, LuLaRoe. Please log in again. I would check out each one and see who resonates with you. The only investment I can think of that approaches this kind of return is investing in your own education and then nailing a great job. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. In actuality, it doesn’t if you focus on investing strategies that generate the highest per-unit cash flow. If you’re still unsure after reading everything or watching the video, you can always email me directly: This will be different for everyone depending on your goals, the area you live in, and the type of land you want to buy. Amazon isn’t the only affiliate game in town though. My closing ratio on purchases has went down, but I was killing myself trying to keep up with the calls. He spends his time with his family, growing his businesses, diversifying his income, and teaching others how to achieve financial independence through real estate. It will help you spend less than you earn, then you can invest the difference.