To us, brand integrity isn't just a tagline; it’s everything. THE IMPORTANCE OF HALAL CERTIFICATE AND HOW TO GET IT 1. Agree to comply with Halal certification requirements or other requirements recommended or approved by JAKIM. Halal certification is needed in Australia for two key reasons. Nutritional Supplements, Health Foods? Application for the certificate for national and international markets should be submitted to the JAKIM Halal Hub via an online application. Emerhub is one of them and will be able to prepare your application and advise your management team. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Simple 3-step approach to halal certification. Halal, when applied to food, is a dietary set of guidelines for Muslims living an Islamic lifestyle. The certificate is the Malaysia Halal Certificate, which is an official document stating the halal status of products and/ or services according to the Malaysia Halal Certification scheme issued by the competent authority. Name and description of product/menu for certification; Name and address of manufacturer/ingredient supplier; Halal status for ingredients with the halal certificate or product specification for critical ingredients (if relevant); Other documents such as HACCP, ISO, GHP, GMP, TQM, etc. One of the services IFANCA provides to halal consumers is third-party halal certification. 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Reserve your booth now! It was developed under the Malaysian Standard Development System, under the wing of the Department of Standardization Malaysia (DSM), Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation. Some of the industries included in this market that we serve are: meats and packaged foods, food additives and enzymes, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, health and personal care products, and more! Halal, when applied to food, is a dietary set of guidelines for Muslims living an Islamic lifestyle. Food manufacturers usually pay a fee and voluntarily submit their food products for halal certification. We have the experience, know-how, and an exceptional team to help get you certified using a simple three step approach: Currently the world’s second biggest religion with over 1.7 billion followers the Muslim population has created a multi-trillion dollar global market. What Makes Halal Meat Different From Regular Meat? However, since this is an F&B blog, let’s focus on just this aspect. Implementing Halal Assurance System Fax : +603 7988 0136, INTERNATIONAL/LOCAL HOSTED BUYER PROGRAMME. Applicants who are eligible to apply for the Halal Confirmation Certificate are categorized as follows: Application for the certificate for national and international markets should be submitted to the JAKIM Halal Hub via an online application. Not to worry! Our certification symbol, the Crescent helps halal consumers select goods, assuring them that what they buy is halal without a doubt. The ISWA Halal Certification Department is managed by the USA Halal Chamber of Commerce, Inc. which is an internationally and domestically recognized full service commerce and professional certification body that is dedicated to promoting Halal business … Halal Consumer© Magazine is a publication of the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America(IFANCA). Please enable scripts and reload this page. The company must give a statement about willing to manufacture Halal products. Are Your Food Additives Halal? Why Halal Certification Is Important. The app, called QuikHalal, simplifies and speeds up the certificate application process to help more businesses get certified. Three forms need to be filled in Products / Consumer Goods, Food Premise, and Slaughter House forms. The average application takes between six to 24 months to be vetted by an internal auditor. The ... © COPYRIGHT SPHERE EXHIBITS MALAYSIA SDN BHD. Since 1982, IFANCA is committed to helping halal consumers through research, education and advocacy. Halal Digest© contains Islamic guidance, interesting articles, relevant news items, recipes and other information about halal topics. Halal certification is a voluntary process by which a credible Halal certification body, like HCS, certifies that a company's products or services can be lawfully consumed by Muslims. Applications will be unsuccessful for the following reasons: Applications can also be done and monitored through an app created by a Universiti Teknologi Malaysia lecturer Dr. Mohd Iskandar Illyas Tan. Products and services meeting the requirements for Halal certification are delivered Halal certificates. 3. Tel : +603 7989 1133 Halal Cosmetics and Toiletries? The company is producing and distributing halal and non-halal products; A natural substance that does not involve any processing; Drugs or products that are categorized as pharmaceutical products by the Ministry of Health Malaysia ; Processed products which were manufactured overseas; Products that are labeled with names synonymous to confusing terminologies such as ‘bak kut teh’ and so on.