This is your first action statement asking your client to settle their debt before it becomes overdue. Always keep notes of your phone calls so that you have a reminder of the commitments your customer has made. Learn more about online invoicing software. Keep an eye on your accounts receivable (the list of invoices that aren’t paid) and tackle the oldest debts first. Tips for how to write an invoice via email. You can remove yourself from the equation by using an online invoicing system. To adhere to our agreement and to avoid inconveniencing our budgets we request you to make the payments as outlined in our contract. upper Nile Street, Brandon City MO, 32453. If the debt recovery agency fails to recover the amount in full, we will be forced to cancel your account. It’s our hope you will pay the bill immediately to avoid any disruptions in our services. Here at Chaser, we’ve seen that approximately 80% of unpaid invoices can be success fully collected through email chasing alone. It often gets put off in favour of easier or more enjoyable tasks. Finalize by a complimentary close such as Yours, Sincerely, Most respected. Because of busy schedules, some people forget to service their bills in time. Get tips on running a successful business in our small business guides. A late payment letter should include; The letter acts as a reminder of a payment that is due soon. Then let them do the talking. Learn more about online invoicing software. You don’t need to say much. Also, I value you as a customer and hope to continue doing business with you in the future. It allows you to claim back any tax you may have already paid on the expected income. Get ideas on running your practice in our accountant and bookkeeper guides. It ensures your books reflect the lost income. Just be polite and friendly and tell them what invoice is late. Be polite, quote the invoice number, say when it was due, and ask when you can expect payment. A Thank-you letter for payment received should include; Interview Request Letter (Template & Sample), Gift Letter for Down Payment (Format & Sample), Gift Letter for Home Purchase (Format & Sample), Letter to Accompany a Gift (Format & Sample), Personal Loan Request Letter (Format & Sample), Transcript Request Letter (Format & Example), The name, address, contacts of the sender, Name, address, and contacts of the recipient, An expression of hope that the client will pay in time, Name, address, and contacts of the sender. A phone call is powerful – awkward to make, but effective. Or perhaps you’ll try them and get nowhere. Find banks from across the globe that connect and provide direct bank feeds to Xero. That’s why they’re in business. Follow up fast with gentle reminders, and take it from there. But they may take 25% or more of the money as payment for their services. Everything you need to know about invoicing in one handy printable guide. This payment is overdue for two months. Write a payment request letter or email The least daunting way to chase payment is to send an email. Get support on how to use Xero with articles and discussions, or get in touch. If you have not heard anything from your client, then this payment request email is crucial to the future actions you have to take. Check their terms before signing up. As highlighted in the contract document, the payments should not be made later than 5th of every month. You'll receive an email shortly with the ebook link. In such a case, the individual can write a letter to remind them they are yet to pay the bill. We will strive to continue offering quality and affordable service to our customers. Get resources and support for building apps and integrations using the Xero API. Get connected today. It’s a good idea to send the invoice again with your message. The longer you let an invoice go unpaid, the lower the chances that it ever will be. If you have already submitted this payment, please accept my sincere apologies. I write this letter to inform you we have not received your (name the bill) payment for December 2019. We’ve put together a couple of key tips to ensure you make it as easy as possible for your clients to process your invoice: Include the invoice as an attachment . It will make your bookkeeping a little harder, but it’s worth it to get paid eventually. This is helpful for clients who have a track record of paying late. A letter of payment release should include; If you had been anticipating receiving some money, it’s essential to respond by writing a letter to confirm receipt of the money. Reports, playbooks, books and guides to contribute to your success. You may decide these steps are too drastic for a small outstanding invoice. In most companies, the CEO or managing director has to authorize payments to be done to suppliers or other parties. Tools for our financial services partners to integrate with Xero. 2. You can charge a fee for late invoices, but only if customers know you have a penalty policy. As powerful as that is, a shocking number of finance teams don’t keep their email sword sharpened, and are likely to see drastically subpar success with their credit control. You’ll only need to get involved with cases where reminders have been ignored. In case of any queries, contact my office. Include the name and address of the receiver. The payment letter should have a specific subject showing why you are writing the letter. Find videos on using Xero, case studies, product updates and more on Xero TV, Clean innovative ideas and insights from people who know business inside out. It’s a good idea to send the invoice again with your message. © 2020 Xero Limited. A statement differs from an invoice in that it shows all the customer’s unpaid invoices – or summarises all their invoices and payments – between two dates. This step is important for two reasons. If the debtor has an account number with your business, you should include it in the letter’s body as a reference. A payment letter is a polite way of reminding your customer of their pending bill. It’s awkward for the customer too and that’s why it works. It sets out what will happen if the payment isn’t made within a specified timeframe. If we do not receive payment in full including fees and interest by the end of this month, we will regrettably have to ask our debt recovery agency for help. Outline the invoice due date and how many days ago it was due.