A scarred girl. It sends way too many mixed signals—especially for a girl with all that complicated stuff messing with her head.”, “Maybe. — Shannon Messenger. I open the door for Hannah, hoping it will prove I’m not a total psycho. The world starts to spin and I suck in a breath. I stroke the soft gray feathers around Gavin’s neck, trying to calm the panic seizing my chest, making it hurt to breathe. Audra is a sylph (Windwalker) who has sworn her life to protect Vane, who may be the last person alive to be able to control the winds from the west (see Westerly = west). . “I can live with a little pain.”, “It’ll be a lifetime of pain if you don’t listen to me,” Elwin corrected. Just when I think it can’t get any weirder, a familiar voice blows straight into my brain. Audra has taken the mission on becoming Vane's guardian and making sure that nothing bad happens to him. Then he was lost to his floaty dreams, most of which focused on the gold-flecked brown eyes he could never get out of his head. “Both of you need to take it easy,” Elwin warned, “or I’m bringing Keefe to my house and putting Bullhorn on guard duty.”, “Um—he’s, like, two pounds of fur,” Keefe told him. The telltale flurry will reach the Stormers’ fortress by nightfall tomorrow, and it’ll take another day of swift flight for them to arrive in the region. By “last time” he means when he hooked me up with Stacey Perkins. “I seriously need your help. But there’s only one way to be sure the breakthrough happens. And since then, he’d managed to fit three of the four pieces together. “Try not to look so miserable,” Elwin said, taking the empty vial. And a deep, overwhelming disappointment that had made it hard to breathe. “And by the way, neither of us are leaving until you take a sedative—and I want to see you down the whole dose.”, Keefe clutched his heart. Humanity's future is at stake. I turn down Shelby’s street, searching the row of single-story houses for the gray pueblo-style one Shelby’s parents own. Ten years later, he lives in California’s blistering hot Coachella Valley with his foster parents, normal teen angst, and childhood memories of a dark-haired girl. ***Review posted on The Eater of Books! I have to get over my obsession before she ruins my life. “Elwin, Elwin, Elwin. Sophie needed his help. And yes, I DO accept friend requests here--BUT! Let the Sky Fall was a book that I had really high hopes for. “Come on, Hannah is Shelby’s cousin and they’ve been joined at the hip since she got to town. Block. “Elwin, Elwin, Elwin. I had signed up to read an ARC through Around the World Tours and while I was excited to read it, it wasn't one of the ones I was dying to get my hands on. . Fortunately, I stop myself from saying that out loud. And he has no idea if the beautiful, dark-haired girl who’s swept through his dreams every night since the storm is real. It's entirely possible I'm a bit biassed about this, but I think this book is pretty amazing. “Fine.” Keefe reached for the elixir. Heather Brewer: I’m such a fan of strong, kick-butt girls—both in life and in fiction. “Wow, you really have it bad, don’t you? Anything. Freaking. “What, this noise?” Keefe asked, jingling the four weird bits of twisted silver and gold that Ro had brought him back from Candleshade. “Come on, man,” Isaac whines. Or why Alvar had felt the need to cover every surface with mirrors. She’s the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of the award-winning middle grade series, Keeper of the Lost Cities, as well as the Sky Fall series for young adults. But it’s nice to know that Hannah really did see her—even though I have no idea what that means. And I’ve always been fascinated by the wind. “Try not to look so miserable,” Elwin said, taking the empty vial. Along with the lovely news that his recovery was still taking forever, Elwin had also let Keefe know that Sophie had apparently already gone to Nightfall, and that her family hadn’t been there. But he hopes she is. He should’ve caught on. I still haven’t come up with a way to salvage the evening when we reach my faded white car. ), you might want to wait. “It’s only for a week.”.