%%EOF Health: 3 Flammability: 0 Reactivity: 1 . Company: Kuehne Chemical Company, Inc. 86 North Hackensack Avenue . �H��5S�|�� �,���9F çY�x�@��Ƀ��N㤶���(s�l���&�y"��`u:���9"� K�:)֊8�����C֊E�w;���4p�(�^sБ��|���o��XG��c+�Pn�G �'���^�����C ������%�.�%aR�F"a�.4K��IA&5�AF(\��^�e@!���_)�Cͺ�u|���Ђ�]�ϜJ�;����Z�G���P������!LQ^�A�`U���� ���Td�c�"�������Ԑ�R�&�����K.�X�Tطi�HƎ/�[� N1}[bi�� �|:��k �4{W(�w�ҺzEk�����0!e���k�jOy�m�ઉ����3m�� İA�o�S�B{B`�=TW�׳0R���%����0Ѓ�BK/�s��ݪ��yZ��]��+sy��=���Q�"⢯��. h��WYo�F�+�� p��d�N �I9q H��T�N�@}�W��n%���BH�P�JT�X�Căq�� 1B - H314 The full text for all hazard statements is displayed in Section 16. Hydrochloric Acid Solution, 6N (Certified) Revision Date 25-Apr-2019 Stability Stable under normal conditions. H�\��n�0E���Y6��� !E4�X���~ ���ː_�R��c��{�qT�ϵ�g��������8�7�.x���0������։(7�4�P�nE�G��f���ь܈�������W�l jn����v��%��K�^�!Z˶� ���lC����CH�q�a�hpr�F��+�b��s�J����O�e�N�^ ��ۅW�3s(,R����4f���8eN�3�8gΉ%�$V̊��|��~F��d�����sΓS��3�Ar��Z�y$呬#IGrIy$kJҔ�q�\��Oļ'��D��"_�^��{)�R��K���]�WxQS�O� ���7�C�ף���:�[|�F7:Ut�_ (;�c Hydrochloric acid will react with most gases to produce hydrogen gas. Call a POISON CENTER or physician if you feel unwell (P312). Hydrochloric Acid Solution 0.1 M - 2.4 M Flinn Scientific, Inc. P.O. CAS Number: 7647-01-0 . SECTION 1 — CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. © 2020 Flinn Scientific, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Clear, colorless liquid. SECTION 3: Composition and information on ingredients Mixtures hydrochloric acid 30-60% CAS number: 7647-01-0 Classification Met. endstream endobj 696 0 obj <>stream Product Name: Hydrochloric Acid . 1 - H290 Skin Corr. 5h�2HBp;e��`���5s�)|VQ_7�5� �Q���y 9p}���iP�}���l��J�q�cMKS��n�^w�@��,�aإƁU��^�X�n�y�{��N�{l�y�� ��n���x�쯹 �ѳ?S�t(ޡ�&,��=�>��}8p.P=? Causes severe skin burns and eye damage (H314). /Contents 4 0 R>> Identify 3 chemicals that produce a potentially dangerous reaction with hydrochloric acid: Acetic anhydride AgClO + CCl4 Alcohols + hydrogen cyanide, , 2-Amino ethanol, Ammonium hydroxide. endobj PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Product Name: Hydrochloric Acid 5% (v/v) Synonyms/Generic Names: None Product Number: 2588 Product Use: Industrial, Manufacturing or Laboratory use Manufacturer: Columbus Chemical Industries, Inc. N4335 Temkin Rd. lbN�����/A2���%��j��B�����┥%� x��+b�ݚ_ɘ������p���ʩ�S�P���"����_,�@i]k���L��d?���?0�+��V��ŸN4�h@M�}Ȇ��Ƴ��K��V��-J�F�j�%�Q�Ճ Hydrochloric acid has the ability to corrode metallic surfaces. ;I�I|���f������@�X���(��؆ZOu�1���h��Q�Bۀ_��ʯ\m�W�+��R��_�R���M{ �L���J��N)Ճ9���j矑j���՛�U#�Ky���@j�c��hy��k A;�v��Uc��ymf���hV��U�y�I3��U���ƪ;�YuM��R�����~Ru:�w�=�2��?�5�哩���H�����-{Ǫg�}��g�}�؃8�/ L7R 14. Avoid contact with strong oxidizers, bases, amines, and alkali metals. Shipping name: Hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from sources of moisture. Exposure to moist air or water. Chemical Name: Hydrochloric Acid . l�b��Ԇ�n��Q��`(�����*�jӹ��l��hѣ+������ z�ڪ�ōnњub�Rkf��C�$�uUn���Mш�jo�����-ux��NCF�����&��p9��Ȝg�L �Wk�8V��Ҭ��b#L������X�,���Dw��n(T>�Gv�b?�|H`���9i��^���a�#�������]M`c���\_��KJ����Vl� Not applicable. 712 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<12BBEE140B87DF45B8443538B6F2D595><5365C90D7DA55A4E9F147C78BE714747>]/Index[692 36]/Info 691 0 R/Length 92/Prev 135925/Root 693 0 R/Size 728/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream List the personal protection when working with the chemical:-Wear chemical splash goggles and face shield. �����(��#t���қp���N�[�JkB��Z(i�w>/��wUNx�������[6x-��sP[�h���5�����0��I&|�k��b,��R�]�_��¦O?L 692 0 obj <> endobj SECTION 9 — PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES. 4 0 obj endstream endobj 697 0 obj <>stream SECTION 3 — COMPOSITION, INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS. When dilute hydrochloric acid is used, gas spontaneously flammable in air is evolved. Auto-ignition Temp: Not applicable . UN number: UN1789. endstream endobj 693 0 obj <>/Metadata 25 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 690 0 R/StructTreeRoot 36 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 694 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Type/Page>> endobj 695 0 obj <>stream Never use hot water and never add water to the acid.Do not allow contact between hydrochloric acid, metal, and organics.Follow good hygiene procedures when handling chemical materials. Safety Data Sheet (HYDROCHLORIC ACID 15% ACTIVE) PAGE 4 of 10 7 – HANDLING and STORAGE STORAGE: Keep in a tightly closed container, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area below 44°C (110°F). Control Parameters: 7647-01-0, Hydrochloric Acid, C 2 ppm USA. Flinn Suggested Chemical Storage Pattern: Inorganic #9. ����S㿇�f�2�zM�����y����|���_ �2-A�9 �����ת�"FB���"oʊ�u ���#/�tp5��p`r.�-�O�6E֙b����t�R��#���B�=H�t��e:v�)�s�B�K�dWC�.�<<0r�� ]�9d3P��?ҷE�ִ����2'���a���X��ָ\��K��I Use only in a hood or well-ventilated area (P271). %PDF-1.5 %���� Flammable Limits in . Acrid, chlorine odor. Protect against physical damage. endstream endobj startxref Wear protective gloves, protective clothing, and eye protection (P280). Cesium acetylene carbide burns in hydrogen chloride gas. Flammability (solid, gas) Not combustible Upper/lower flammability or explosive limits Not combustible Water solubility 100% Molecular weight 36.46 Relative density (specific gravity) 1.16 (32% HCl solution) 1.19 (36.5% HCl solution) Bulk density 8.75 … Chemical Formula: HCl . h�bbd``b`z$[A,� bjL)ߝ�%A_�>d2�;��9s|�I�n�E���q4iۢ��V���u��wpM��oXZ'L&�"�ڀK�Ȝ�`3�_�x�n��+�>�u[5崺(�o�E���pr2�� ��A4[H(@J!�y �Xȟ Y����9),+���.X�j��P�����x�Ge�CÎ�f g. ACGIH 7647-01-0, Hydrochloric Acid, C 5 ppm 7 mg/m3 USA. See Sections 8 and 13 for further information. Keep container tightly closed and store in a safe place. <> h�b```�*V��� ��ea�hp`�a���1��h���mL�n� *a �����v��;�I�j`�h`�h��` M3�p e -�� �����oa9 ���An�%�,��\xվ������8���� 10KYiv�b����=O��"Y� �.%