25+ seems to be the right age.

My brother had a sample of this and was eager to have me test it out.

It's for a man who drives a truck, no one else.
Not too overwhelming but it lured in the background. This starts off horrifying: zoo enclosure. The hyrax note is especially interesting.

Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. It smells rather funky; with elements of civet, castoreum and musk. And in the dry down? Mmmm. I do suggest trying this out, but at the comfort of your own home. Like the hyraceum is soaked in a glass of Jack Daniels. This is the animalic sibling of Incense Rose by Tauer, a fine niche in its own right.

Animalic if you consider the scent of a kitten rubbed with a dryer sheet to be animalic. It's river, animal musk and poop. Oh Hyrax I’m sorry it’s not you it’s me. The hyraceum at this stage tickles your interest and makes you wonder what this could be.

You would have to be extremely intimate with whomever you wear this around. Bottle Size: 60mlConcentration: Extrait de ParfumPrice: US$145; CAD$185*Where to Buy: ​Zoologist Perfumes*price is subject to change. In its final phase, Crepuscule lingers on the skin with the incense most dominant to my nose, followed by patchouli.

One of the reasons I find perfume …

But there is more to hyssop than this benign use — according to Fragrantica, it is also used to make the liqueur Chartreuse (after which the shade of green is named) and to color the famous spirit “absinthe”, widely used and also widely criticized in the 19th century as the notorious “green fairy” that “makes a ferocious beast of man, a martyr of woman, and a degenerate of the infant,” according to one writer.

Perfume lovers: 581415 “ I have a special place in my perfumed heart for fragrances like Hyrax; always have.

For the uninitiated, hyraceum is basically the fossilized shit and piss of the Cape hyrax - a rodent-like mammal.

What an insane, insane perfume - I cannot believe it was actually released.

I respect them all and I really adore quite a few but I truely can't imagine anyone wearing this.

Leather and smoke and vetiver and barn.

A hyrax’s … Okay so I THOUGHT I knew what the word animalic meant.

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As an animalic fragrance Hyrax will work better on a colder day. I'm in love with this perfume and I am also someone who loves Visiting Castles since I live in Belgium. But the actual smell of poop and rotting hay is pretty strong and very realistic and projecting.

Left side of middle section, Gustav Klimt’s Beethoven Frieze. That’s Hyrax. The Zoologist line is made up of remarkable olfactory journeys some wearable, some not but all worthwhile to experience ....except for Hyrax. Kyung-chul ( Min-sik Choi ) in I Saw the Devil by Jee-woon Kim 2010.

So clean up and then put on Hyrax. Summary: Misfit (Arquiste) is a patchouli fragrance that repairs the spotty record of the ingredient. The hyrax note is especially interesting. Climbing to its perch in the morning sky, the African sun reaches across a mountain range to caress a wide, flat boulder, baking it to a gentle heat. The perfume has a very short beginning where one can detect notes of elemi, rose, pepper and saffron before it goes to the dense heart that contains the hyrax (very prominent), styrax, hyacinth and whiskey. It is this which gets used most often. It smelled like…um…excrement; concentrated excrement. It's like a giant herbivore took a hot poo in a flower garden. Top notes are Saffron, elemi, Pink Pepper and Turkish Rose; middle notes are Hyrax, Whiskey, Styrax and Hyacinth; base notes are Castoreum, Civet, Amber, Benzoin, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Tonka Bean. More feces. Very skanky and dirty to the extreme.

Will not be everyone's cup of tea for sure and not mine either . After a few minutes it is a more animal poo than human poo, but still poo. I am impressed by this brand’s decisive and non apologetic take on animalic genre clearly at the opposite of all trends. Hyrax is especially appealing because of its blackberry note, which I did not detect in my first try.

A dutch oven after frenetic morning sex. The perfume is beautifully blended with strong sillage, projection and lasting power. Starts off with an acidic, pickled note that's super unique. Even Kouros will bow down to this.

Then I was shown how, as you dilute it, the gag-inducing turns into a rough leathery ingredient.

It has a shoe polish type opening which can be off putting to a lot of people. The good news is that the drydown is a lovely woody musk reminiscent of Zoologist's Moth (which I adore). This could shock casual floral and woody perfume wearers, so please tread with caution. In other words, this is very heady stuff, but NOT in the older woman six sprays of Poison (cough!)

They settle onto the warm expanse of rock to partake in their ritual sunbath, but remain ever vigilant. That burnt-plastic / new-car-smell leather, but with animalic and mineralic facets. This unique perfume skillfully blends saffron, pink pepper, whiskey, rose and musks to invoke an abstract image of a dusty African mountainscape.

You really will be able to stand out yourself from the crowd .

If you're not sure what these types of notes smell like, -this- is the one to sample for reference. It's unique, dark and luxury fragrance with very very seductive and animalic vibes .

Pritzkoleit himself is the founder of ​SP Perfumes. So, yes - I totally see the poopy smell. From the shade of a narrow crevice, a family of hyrax emerges, hot dust dulling the sheen of their golden fur.

So animal. They are all based on the orange tree (neroli, mandarin, and blood orange with orange blossom) and they connect the three fragrances like a golden thread running through a complex tapestry of scent. Like the nimble hyraxes that spill from hillside crevices in search of the sun upon their musky hides, this scent will weave its way into your senses with a light but primal touch." That's pretty much covers the olfactory impression for me :). Copyrights © 2006-2020 Fragrantica.com perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. Disclosure: this review is based on a sample provided by Zoologist.

Now which flowers, there lies my problem.