He goes to Su-ha’s school and sees him playing in the field with a bunch of other kids and happily calls out, “Kim Choong-ki!” There’s no answer. Su-ha offers to take her home and says he can go it alone, and Kwan-woo hesitates, wondering in his head if this kid can be trusted. Hye-sung is such a great female lead; she makes me laugh every time she launches into one of her Look How Awesome I Am speeches, and I love her for being unabashedly messy. Ah, Lee JS has grown up! The fear settles in, and she starts to get skittish on her way home that night, avoiding contact with anyone on the bus, and jumping every time someone bumps into her in the street. Sinopsis I Can Hear Your Voice Episode 3: Hye Sun Rela Menyamar Demi Menyelamatkan Seon Bin.

And Lee Jong Suk makes me smile :), - It's completely ludicrous the guy got out in 10 for murder

but i didn't want I hear your voice to shoot straight up to being on my #1 most enjoyed show atm but here it is!

I literally laughed out loud at you "he who piggy-back the heroine to bed, is the mister she is sure to wed" line. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; You were abandoned at an amusement park? no messing with me! I'm in that "99%", I think there are two kinds of messy. The horror parade continues as he watches her make instant kimchi rice by shaking ingredients in a plastic container, and handing him a rice spatula to eat with. And while I know there's a high chance she'll pick the lawyer (*heartbreak*), I wish it was more smooth instead of the sudden "You are handsome, now" drunken reveal.. Hopefully writer/PD will do it well whichever way they choose.

“I’ll Be There,” now the world’s scariest song—thanks for that, Show—rings from the mystery phone somewhere on the other side of that door, inside her apartment. He darts up: “I have proof.

No drama-mama dances as well with pride as she does. Without that person, I would’ve died at your hands ten years ago. I sort of feel bad for SH about his mind reading ability. 1) I thought the same thing too but in this episode, they have him wearing figure hugging tops which outline his shoulders, pecs and arms. Anyway, thanks GF. In another life.... in a parallel world somewhere... but the fact that poor Su-ha has been unwanted and kicked around by scumbag life itself has me rooting for him to end up with someone - Hyesung or Kwanwoo - SOMEONE you hear me Show?!! She freezes at the answer: “Min Joon-gook.”. I loved his unabashed commitment to justice and that he represent how the rest of us get ahead without the help of a mind-reading hottie. ;). Does anyone here know the name of this director? I don't know, I've met many couples with 10+ year difference and they were functional and happy.

2) I love her "99% of women" justification for all her shortcomings. Wouldn't it be great if he's doing a bit of a Clark Kent so far? I think, the hardest part is not to expect anything in return. I think the Jailbird it's Do Yeon's BioDad. All he finds is the cell phone, still ringing, “I’ll Be There.”. Sinopsis I Can Hear Your Voice Episode 2: Soo Ha Berusaha Menemukan Hye Sung. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Yunno, is the judicial system in Korea really this open and informal where people can just barge in as a witness whenever they want? It's not a deal breaker, but it sure raises my eyebrows. Su-ha can hear him wonder if this kid saw him there, and why he seems familiar, but outwardly he doesn’t betray any reaction and just says it wasn’t him.

The cop who was at the scene remembers: “He kept saying, ‘Speak, don’t think, speak.

Su-ha wakes up and checks his hair in the mirror before going out to the living room, and pauses to smile at the bandaid on his cheek, thinking of the moment Hye-sung put it there. I let things slide a little as I get older. He’s startled at her change and zeroes in on her thoughts: “He might be in league with Min Joon-gook.” Aw, I know you’re scared, but not Su-ha! Granted, he wanted that result and to make SunHa look crazy and all that, but he got punched, and hard, and I was dancing in joy while worrying for SH. Like father, like daughter. But even though I feel spent, I’m a happy little yo-yo; yes I am.'.

Socotra, Pulau Alien di Yaman yang Ditumbuhi Flora Unik With Bo-young Lee, Jong-Suk Lee, Sang-Hyun Yoon, Da-hee Lee.

I swear, my friends can't even deal with me sometimes. She glugs water right out of the bottle and says, “You don’t know because you don’t have a noona, but ninety-nine percent of women have this hair and this face in the morning. 5) Mom is the best thing ever. Or 18, in the west.

She tells him to sleep here tonight and go to the hospital in the morning. Now her kids all call him dad, and they added 2 more of "theirs" to the bunch.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_A_and_Type_B_personality_theory, Basically it is a belief that came out of Europe I think, where people of the same blood type are of the same genetic family of descendants and share common genetic family traits, I think it got to Japan a long time ago and spread out through Asia from there. In this show, they are also eight years, which I have no trouble buying for obvious reasons. She asks Mom if maybe she should meet jjimjilbang’s son after all. I wonder how much the popularity of the characters really play into how the writers finish their drama. EPISODE 4: “You, in my hazy memory” Hye-sung inches toward the bedroom door, armed with a frying pan. I do have and use fililng cabinets. :-D). Really, they are lightening speed with this show. That’s a bitter pill for her to swallow, so she asks what else. The story is moving so fast, but I'd rather have it fast than slow. I think Hye Sung didn't mention the murderer since she didn't find out near the end when Lawyer Shin told her that he got released, and SuHa probably didn't say anything to prevent HyeSung from worrying about it. As others have pointed out, if us noonas can dream, why not onscreen? Don’t do that! Plus prosecuting a minor for attempted murder on circumstantial evidence.

With lots of other upcoming dramas I'm looking for to, this summers seems like it will be a great one. He whirls around, and she thinks at him not to say anything stupid or else he’ll end up ridiculed just like in that courtroom ten years ago.

It's been aaaaages since I've been this impatient for a drama. A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

But I'll use 87.3%, more specif numbers tend to be more convincing. "Pretty the paralegal" lolz you kill me. Like when she is genuinely worried when hye sung sounds tired, when she stands up for her/believes in her when no one else does, or when she lies about taking down the posters when really she kept it there all along.

No no no. 11-At this point I think this drama has the best mom in all the k-drama's currently airing that I'm aware of. I love dorks and there is no ambiguous moral dilemma to deal with. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Dang the ratings just keep going up... but it can't go up forever, right? He starts to get woozy as he’s talking, and then suddenly he just collapses on her shoulder. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 A flashback to Little Su-ha shows him standing alone at his father’s memorial.

6) Maybe they will let them slide since they made Do-Yoen's parents extra-horrible. Your email address will not be published.

If you don't feel the romance between her with either of the guys, you should watch this week's episode of Hwasin (ep 16)- the 3 of them are guests, and there is NO elctricity between any of them with each other - it is hilarious, and then to see them in thd drama together - haha! I mean, I'm used to police incompetency (e.g. “Don’t you all have a first love like that in your hearts?”, Su-ha slams his hands down on his desk in the middle of class, startling everyone.

The headband drunk scene had me in tears. I've been seeing 18 and 19 for Soo Ha. :). Ep. It was a great setup to have him tell her his name hoping for a reaction, only to get his heart crushed, and THEN have her come around and remember him (not to mention that she gets to do the big rescue yet again). Park Su-ha.”. But all Su-ha can see is the man who killed his father and threatened Hye-sung, and he balls up his fist in anger. This couple has to happen first. Maybe the true danger is Su-Ha ending up with Kwan-woo.

Kwan-woo catches up to her in the street on her way to work, and leans in close: “How do I look today? Ikr?! Su-ha watches from a distance as Joon-gook smiles pleasantly at the elderly and gives them extra food like a decent human being. (Although I don't understand why Hye-sung never went into witness protection or something....). Your email address will not be published. ONE good trait? Ohmaigad I have been stalking dramabeans and refreshing repeatedly. And then a little while later, Uncle takes him to an amusement park, and Su-ha waves at him to say that he’s over here. Damn, he provoked you on purpose. A shopping bag. Granted, she's not a mother in law, but still...kdrama mothers tend to be horrid. And was i the only one who was fearful for our dear mother when the killer (his name-who-shall-not-be-mentioned) grasped the poster in his hands?? technically, he probably /is/ legal. If it's the other way around, I'm sure a lot of people would be calling it sick and disgusting. I guess. The laundry that I haven't yet folded that's in a pile in front of the closet. Ayar değiştinizde bir defalık sayfayı yenilemeniz gerekir. Continuing the streak of liking almost everyone. Su-ha demands to know where he is, and Joon-gook happily meets him. Nice eyes. I have two neighbors where the age differences are more than 10 years (one is 12 the other is 15) and in both cases its the wives who are older and they've been married forever.

:D. When Captain Crunch gave her a piggyback I almost had a stroke. Okay, we need some rules around here. when the murderer said that he said things he shouldn't have/talked about people he shouldn't have.

If I file away an ongoing project, I'm likely to redo the work instead of retrieving it from the filing cabinet. Every Single Day – “Dolphin” from the OST [ Download ].

He will always be that in my mind now. Üye olun; video, müzik ve resim paylaşın, arkadaş edinin ve içeriklerinizi oluşturun! At 7 years latter, they are going stronger than most couples I know.