Hutton Enquiry Reporting instantly Via Website ( Log Out /  Feigned mental illness to report on conditions in an insane asylum. Whether or not you strive to produce writing that you consider journalism is not all that important. Gossip and town chatter played a role, but genuine news (as well as propaganda, sales, and... September 11, 2001, the north and south towers of the World Trade Center in New York City fell due to a series of suicidal airborne terrorist attacks against the United States. Here's @alexghibbert donning #BlackFriday @googleglass at #asda Trafford – his video coming up, — Paul Gallagher (@pdgallagher) November 28, 2014. Wells, a journalist and a civil rights activist, took charge of many issues during her lifetime, working tirelessly to get to the word out about the issues affecting the black community, from race to lynching. ( Log Out /  The Online Journalism Handbook 2nd Edition now available on Amazon, Ebook Scraping for Journalists available on Leanpub. shut down Internet access. Thanks Paulos72 – I didn’t know about that story and it’s a great example of computer assisted reporting/blog journalism. Though there are various purposes for it, the most important aspect is the freedom of expression. At the time, the doomed steam liner was the largest of its kind measuring in at a record breaking 883 feet in length. What about this year's US elections, with Obama's use of social media and blogs to help him into the White House? Wolfe worked as a journalist for ten years and helped write and edit an anthology called “The New Journalism," a style which some journalists still employ, though it has fallen out of favor since its heyday. The demonstration of coding’s ability to grab data (in this case from the local police department) and combine it (with Google Maps) – the ‘mashup’ – is a key moment in the development of data journalism. How the BBC website looked in 1998 when it reported on Drudge. One thing you’ve omitted here, but maybe rightly so, is the Virginia Tech shootings. The root of journalism … Journalism the main source and primary source of news would be printing press i.e. I also had a suggestion for the list which popped up whilst I was thinking about some defining moments of the Presidential election. how could you omit the biggest story of the summer olympics broken by this guy:…. Of interest but not transformative. Pingback: Are bloggers ready for the arrival on their turf of so many former, print journalists?, The term 'McCarthyism' was coined for the aggressive investigation and questioning style of the Senator of Wisconsin during... December 8th, 1980, a day in which music lost one of the greatest contributors of all time. The last year seems particularly significant, from the rise of bots and the connected home to controversies over Facebook censorship and fake news. is one strong case), but they all prove the same point: blogs can do journalism. Hi, Paul. Change ). Upon the heels of the second world war, as relations between the East and West started becoming frosty, one man, Joseph McCarthy, then US Senator of Wisconsin, made it his self-ordained mission to cleanse the US government of so called 'Communist' or 'Communist' sympathizers. Although historians now believe a fire in the coal bunkers to be the true cause of the explosion, the fact that it was published by the New York Journal made enough of an impact to alter history. Januar 2017 – Medienlog, We Love the Internet 2017/05: The Drunktionary edition | Curiously Persistent, Online journalism: 45 key moments | - Blog, Fifth meeting: Practices of journalism, part 1. You can see which events were dropped from the original timeline by comparing that here. The photosho... Tom Wolfe, an influential novelist and award winning journalist, helped set the stage in the early 70’s of what new journalism is, and how to write a good story. ethical debate around the use of hacked data. It all started in May 1884. But events that spring would quickly end his political career and forever change journalism. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. 46 thoughts on “ Are these the biggest moments in journalism-blogging history? She was the first woman journalist... February 15, 1898, the U.S.S. breaks first big online scoop in 1998 with Monica Lewinsky story. « These Digital Times, Pingback: The biggest moments in journalism-blogging history? US blogs raising pro journos' consciousness of blogging in 1999 — Jim Romenesko's (now a must-read for print industry gossip, memos, layoffs etc. Oh, and this applies to your professional Twitter stream and Facebook updates, too. In India, bloggers have long been doing what the Main Stream Media have been reluctant to do: bring out the truth. Pingback: Timeline of online journalism events |, Pingback: Major Moments in Blogging History | Connor Weingarten, Pingback: 41 key moments in the history of online journalism – have I missed any? First awarded in 1917, Pulitzer Prizes are awarded annually, currently in 21 categories, to recognize achievements in journalism, literature, and music. Pingback: Breaking news online - uma curta história «, Pingback: Top5: Most annoying discussions | Discussões mais irritantes « O Lago | The Lake, Pingback: Online journalism lesson 2: blogging | Online Journalism Blog, Pingback: Giving the Little Guy a Voice « Fitting Together. ( Log Out /  The sinking of the Titanic will forever go down in history as an astounding calamity and massive technological failure. The approach to how journalists have written has changed over the years. Pingback: Teaching Online Journalism » Breaking news online: A short history and timeline. 1. Are these the biggest moments in journalism-blogging history? This is a horribly Anglo-American list, too, so I’d particularly welcome similar moments from other countries. In 2005, blogger Gaurav Sabnis wrote about the wrong doings of a private Business School IIPM (Google” IIPM” scandal). The Titanic, prior to its demise, was tracked since the time... On Sunday, June 15, 1974, in Sarasota, Florida television reporter Christine Chubbuck attempted on-air suicide during her local 9 a.m. newscast, Suncoast Digest. Will also include Christopher Allbritton's Back to Iraq for showing fundraising potential. – Journalism as a Profession. Not sure it’s significant in affecting blogging journalism more widely, however – I could also have included various other big scoops by blogs (Chinese pet food story and Itchmo etc. The spread of blogs provided most of the key moments in the early 2000s, as eyewitnesses, experts and groups of passionate individuals challenged mainstream narratives and ways of doing things. Following the explosion, The New York Journal immediately blames Spain and give the U.S. the final push to go into war with Spain. The traditional em dia outlets were reluctant to follow up because of the said Business School’s huge ad spends. Important Moments and People in Journalism History. This is another difficult one. By 1991 email was 20 years old and the internet was in its third decade. 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