this is a warm, humid cabinet so the dough can achieve maximum fermentation and leavening. I am so thrilled to be taking my first Baking and Pastry class through school now. Introduction to Baking and Pastry Course: FOD2119. slight molasses tang. bastards have a shorter and fatter shape, characteristics of a enriched/medium dough. it involves holding an egg up to a light and checking the shell for cracks, tiny holes, and the size of the air cell. causes a baked good to rise by adding carbon dioxide, steam, or air into the mix, What are the 3 factors that can control the actual creaming time. 13%, hard outer portion of the wheat berry. Their chief differences have to do with their fat, the type used, its proportion, and how it is introduced it into the flour. Introduction to Baking and Pastry Week 1, Day 1. 2%, fatty portion of the wheat berry. a classic dish if french cuisine. table. use only as top crust. I finally made it! A characteristic of cake flour is that it doesn't clump together. simple syrup made or naturally occuring such as honey and maple syrup, have an ability to hold and retain and pull moisture, 5% weight (5.6 oz) of lye to 1 gallon of water, -from converting cornstarch to a liquid through the use of enzymes, -a monossacharide sugar with several forms; an important source of physiological energy, -a natural sugar harvested from the sugar maple tree, shell, white, yolk, air cell, chalzae, membrane, characteristics of egg air cell or pocket, -leavening: whipped eggs trap air and expand when baked, a process used to determine the quality and freshness of an egg. Which 2 fats produce a flakier pie crust because of their higher melting points? When making lemon flavored Chantilly cream, it is best to use lemon juice to achieve the correct flavor. sugar cane or beets. Chef Seth went over the usual first day things like the syllabus, the … may also be known as caster. Technical requirements for online courses, ©2020 Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology. Based on the three basic types of bread dough, __________ dough can contain up to 8% of sugar and fat. controls spread in cookies. Short flake pie dough is also called Mealy pie dough. Course Description: This course is a combination of theory, lecture, demonstration, and hands-on production to provide an introduction to baking and pastry techniques for use in a commercial kitchen. made of larger particles and is used primarily for decoration on cookies, cakes, and other bakery items, dissolves rapidly in a mix. added to a prebaked pie crust with meringue or whipped cream. How many categories of pies are discussed in lecture. it also helps determine the location of the yolk, a cooked paste with developed gluten and gelatinized starches that contain moisture adn fat. As a baking and pastry arts student, you'll be exposed to a wealth of recipes and types of food that hail from around the world.Your studies will include such things like necessary food handling regulations, fun tips like best egg poaching techniques, and hard skills like how to efficiently operate any kitchen. 2/6/2013 0 Comments I finally made it! No need to be fancy, just an overview. Write something about yourself. helps retain moisture and gives a soft chewy texture. Emphasis is placed on identification of products, weights and measures. Stay tuned for updates on my new baking and pastry journey! before the final step, the loaf may be scored. also called sanding. Start studying introduction to baking and pastry. all washes or garnishes should be added at this point, the dough is placed in the proof cabinet. Start studying Introduction to Baking & Pastry. when ice cold and pushed is pliable and doesnt break, when making puff pastry, never try to roll which side of the dough, all puff pastry folds happen at what thickness, when poking holes in the pie crust prior to blind baking to prevent the crust from shrinking and allows releasing air, when filling a bread loaf pan, fill it to about, breads containing milk, sugar, and eggs are usually cooked to, when making a bread, order of ingredients, liquid first, then yeast, then flour, then salt, then additional that arent a significant, becomes very white, loses some flavor, loss of oxygen. Introduction to Desserts for Baking and Pastry Arts Students . roles of the 4 basic bread dough ingredients, -flour- provides structure, acts as binding and absorbing agent, gives flavor and nutrition, tenderizes, adds sweetness, crust color, helps retain moisture, enhances flavor, lubricate gluten strands which increases dough volume. Bran is the one part of the wheat kernel which is never found in flour. gives softer crumb and crust, adds flavor, helps to create even colored crust, improves texture and grain, adds nutrients and protein, long, chewy, and crispy french bread. When making a Homestyle pie, which fruit is generally NOT used? it helps control the fermentation activity of the yeast. -all but 8% of the moisture removed. contains fiber and B vitamins. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this publication. what two ingredients should never come into direct contact in a yeast dough bc they react with each other, "marinating" better oven performance. type of filling depends on the fruit. I guess we will find out! selected for distinct flavor. French for the german word, kuchen meaning cake. strengthens gluten. what three things are needed for yeast fermentation, Salt is important in bread production because. always presented in an open faced tart style. more uniform. Emphasis is placed on identification of products, weights and measures. Special focus is placed on the study of ingredient functions, product identification, and weights and measures as applied to baking and pastry techniques. We learned the laminating dough techniques and the puff pastry shapes. -the ability to weaken gluten strands which helps tenderize the baked goods during baking. leavening granules dormant, bread products that are leavened with chemical leaveners rather than yeast. 100% veg oil.