Quick Keto Summary. As delicious as ice cream is, it’s pretty much a … A serving of Rebel Ice cream is between 150-200 calories and contains 14 grams of fat, 2-3 grams of protein, and 10-14 grams of carbohydrates depending on the flavor. There’s no denying that ice cream doesn’t top the charts when it comes to nutrition. We conducted blind taste panels for more than 100 people, including people with diabetes, and awarded the top-rated ice creams … In case you didn’t get the memo: Yes, those of us with diabetes CAN eat ice cream. Whilst this isn’t a necessity, it is important to understand your own body and whether ice cream will make you ‘spike’. It is believed that ice cream will cause a drastic rise in your blood sugar level which to some extent may be true since ice is mostly made from sugar. Many diabetics opt to only eat ice cream on days that they have exercised extensively to help keep the blood sugars low. Some ice creams are safe for people with diabetes to enjoy. It also has 0 grams of sugars, but it relies heavily on Erythritol to sweeten flavors. The next time you're craving a bowl of ice cream, scoop up one of our 16 best consumer-tasted and dietitian-approved finalists or winners. If you’re unfamiliar with keto, you basically eat 60-80% fat, 15-30% proteins, and very few carbs. Protein found in the ice cream can help slow down the absorption of sugar in the blood. To combat this, it’s a great idea to take a short walk after eating your ice cream. 06 /11 ​Portion PORTION: You will be sad to know but the suitable portion of ice cream for people with diabetes is very less - half a cup. Even though some outside the diabetes community don’t think so, and they try to … Ice cream nutrition. If you're looking for sugar-free varieties that don't raise blood sugar, the bad news is ... there aren't any. Choosing from a wide range of available ice cream products can be difficult for people with diabetes. You may think ice cream is off-limits if you've recently been diagnosed with diabetes -- especially since many varieties are high in sugar and cause your blood glucose to rise rapidly. But, this shouldn’t be the case, there are various ice creams and frozen yogurt that you can take even with type 2 … Doing this can help to keep your blood sugars low.