How did you and Gillian Jacobs approach that? Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. I think things like that help to show that he’s not some kind of hapless victim at all. TVLINE | For a lot of this episode, you’re acting and reacting to a voice inside your character’s head. Mathias and I talked about it for a long time. But, it’s not like she was born evil. JIMMI SIMPSON: Westworld is a juggernaut of everything you could imagine that has to work together — the production value is an entire experience. Which is the actual possibility of what is happening in the story. Fox Sets January Premieres for 9-1-1, Resident, Miranda Remake and More, The Umbrella Academy Renewed for Season 3 at Netflix, Good Doctor's Richard Schiff Reveals COVID-19 Diagnosis, Wentworth Miller Announces He Is 'Officially' Done With Prison Break…, Fox Sets January Premieres for 9-1-1, Resident, Miranda Remake and…, The Good Doctor EP on the Decision to Kill Off [Spoiler], Bring Back…, The Twilight Zone Season 2 Premiere Recap: Hearing Is Believing, Twilight Zone Video: Chris Meloni and Jenna Elfman Have a Close Encounter. That’s why I hopped-on so quickly. Well, nothing is evil or good, right? So we tried a bunch of different things and they all worked for different reasons. DEN OF GEEK: How is The Twilight Zone different from your other big sci-fi projects like Black Mirror or Westworld? Phil is charming, but a lot of guys are charming when it gets down to brass tacks. Such magnitude. The cool thing is that what happens with The Twilight Zone is your mind is saying “This ride’s so fun.

For others, it was helpful for me to just memorize the entire scene, and then play Annie’s lines in my head. I think that’s exactly Phil’s issue. That it’s not just that she creates this. In the Season 2 premiere, titled “Meet in the Middle,” (read our recap here) Phil (Jimmi Simpson), a lonely, fish-out-of-water in … When the audience realizes what Phil has gotten himself into before Phil does, and I think that is an amazing Twilight Zone twist. and the author of the book Luke Skywalker Can’t Read and Other Geeky Truths (Plume 2015. I mean, you can enjoy the story knowing the twist, it’s so beautiful built around that reveal. When something happens in the beginning of a relationship we’re like, “Oh, that’s different!” We cling to it. It was a lot like the show! We had a wonderful woman who read Annie’s lines, and that was helpful for some scenes. (This is The Twilight Zone, after all. For me personally, it’s part of my DNA. Now that you’ve done all these big sci-fi shows, you have to do Star Trek next, right? The director and I, Mathias Herndl — I think he’s legendary already, he’s so good — we talked about it a lot and how do we best achieve the drama that is happening in a scene when it’s literally just me. He was petty. Rod Serling starting this crusade 50 years before either Black Mirror or Westworld existed. To see his little want to be taken away, and that he overreacts with that, it’s a nice marker of where he’s at. Thanks for saying that, man. Never like line-by-line, but whole scenes. Bringing his usual cocktail of kind jumpiness and quirky charm, Jimmi Simpson presents an utterly realistic version of how a person like this would actually react in this situation. And sometimes it just made the most sense for me to memorize the entire scene. I’ve always gravitated toward all The Twilight Zone series, whether it was the original, the ‘80s, or now, with Jordan [Peele’s]. He has the ability to lose control. It can completely swirl around in this self-pity whirlpool of, “No one’s good enough for me.” I think we can all certainly relate to having bouts with that. Later, the director, Mathias [Herndl], I suggested that when she hangs up on him, he screams “bitch!” Just show that this guy has that in him. Sometimes we had a wonderful woman to help with her lines. I would love to be part of the legend of ESP storytelling. TVLINE | What is it about Phil’s connection to Annie that’s so different from the other women he meets? Here’s what he told us about his trip to The Twilight Zone. Which is really hard for a short sci-fi anthology to do. This episode had a real classic Twilight Zone twist. He was demanding. Can you talk about that? So I was approximating and creating her in my brain, and then responding to what my brain created.

I’ve been fantasizing about that since Next Generation, so yes. The Twilight Zone’s Jimmi Simpson talks to us about his sci-fi legacy in shows like Westworld, Black Mirror, and hopefully one day even Star Trek. I feel like The Twilight Zone is in my DNA. I love stories about broaching that boundary we all know to be true, and all of a sudden there’s a whole world of connection with another person, with yourself and with reality. Am I younger than Bones anymore? When the ’80s one came around, I fell hard for those, too. Simpson, 44, is best known for starring as William in HBO''s sci-fi series "Westworld" and as James Walton in "USS McCallister", the Emmy-winning episode of "Black Mirror". I don’t think Annie was an evil human being. I think it’s that meet-cute. It was so, so, so important. But, I don’t think you can really top the twist of “Eye of the Beholder.” Even if you’ve seen it and you know what is happening. Sarah and Emily, the two writers, did an amazing job penning this story. It’s such a great commentary on the human condition. I’ve seen it, what, fifty times? TVLINE | So, were you a fan of the original Twilight Zone? With Twilight Zone, it’s all of that, but you have this history. I think some of those are amazing stories. But we all grab onto that thing that seems to make us more special than any other couple. ), Here, Simpson talks to TVLine about his character’s high standards, the challenge of acting against a voice inside his head and what it was like stepping into Rod Serling’s legendary sci-fi world. June 27 2020, 11:00 AM PDT, RELATED STORIES Phil’s got walls upon walls, so he’s not even listening when most real humans are speaking, but he can’t ignore Annie. But, the character of Phil is more than just a down-on-his-luck guy who happens to suddenly gain telepathy. It comes down to the creators. Sara [Amini] and Emily [Chang] wrote so that was there. If you like TVLine, you'll LOVE our weekly newsletter. How are we going to do it? In the Season 2 premiere, titled “Meet in the Middle,” (read our recap here) Phil (Jimmi Simpson), a lonely, fish-out-of-water in … Emily [Chang] and Sarah [Amini] are the two writers and I thought they knocked it out of the park. I could bring back the Tribbles don’t you think?

I don’t see how you can top “Eye of the Beholder.” Humans are so used to this standard, and we’re just going to gloom-on to what we think they are talking about; what beauty is. Sometimes that gets out of hand, and you start defining everybody by the standards you have, standards you don’t hold yourself to. And I think they wrote those amazing layers of a man. One would think that sharing the gift of telepathy would be a surefire way to solidify a true connection, but then again, nothing is as it seems inside… The Twilight Zone. The first episode in The Twilight Zone season 2 feels right at home with … Do you think Phil always had that darkness in him or is Annie the sole villain here? He’s holding other people to standards that maybe he doesn’t meet. The Twilight Zone. I think Phil and Annie are a perfect example of that. He’s petty and he wants exactly what he wants, like a lot of us do. I think those ones were especially effective because there’s nothing but me in my brain. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. What was it like working solo like that? The episode is more layered and smarter than a spooky version of You’ve Got (Brain) Mail.