But then with views like this I would think some level of interest would draw people up to the new path. Transportation officials say they are also working on creating a safer connection from the Williamsburg Bridge to the Kosciuszko Bridge on, Advocacy and Communications Director, Greater Redmond Transportation Management Association, Transportation Specialist, Greater Redmond Transportation Management Association`, Senior Manager, Engineering (Traffic), Metro, California, NACTO, Senior Communications Associate (New York), Wednesday’s Headlines: Cuomo’s Muscle Car Madness Edition, STREETSBLOG GETS ACTION: NYPD Ends Frozen Zone on Central Park West, A Round and a Roundy: Cops’ Real Motive for Stealing that Playground, THE TRANSITION: Biden Picks DOT Commissioner Trottenberg for Transportation Panel, Mayor: Congestion Pricing Can Wait Until President Biden Deals with COVID and Stimulus, DOT Says Bike Path on Kosciuszko Bridge Will Link to Network, Dangers Mount With Crashes, Conflicts on Queensboro Bridge, City Safety Plan for Queens-Bound Cyclists: A Wrong-Way Detour, DOT Has a New Plan for Bike Lanes on the Greenpoint Avenue Bridge. In addition to being completed ahead of schedule, the project is expected to be completed on budget at $873 million. The bridge includes a 20-foot wide bike and pedestrian path, but the lack of bike lanes through the industrial neighborhoods on either side of the … We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. It was never lost on me how dangerous that area could be if you don’t keep your head on a swivel. Cyclists would be forced to share the lane with traffic on Nassau Avenue between Leonard Street and Apollo Street, and would get merely a painted lane separating traffic and parked cars on Apollo Street between Nassau Avenue and Meeker Avenue. It’s not just trucks that go blazing through, many of them en route to the only truck stop in New York City. It’s a ghost town up there, appropriately enough given its proximity to Calvary Cemetery. On 50th Avenue between Greenpoint Avenue and 48th Street, cyclists would get only sharrows, the s0-called “chevrons of death.”. “Nothing presented changes the fact that this is one of Brooklyn’s most inhospitable areas for those outside of cars,” said Leff. Cyclists would again be forced to share the road with cars on 48th Street between Queens Boulevard and 47th Avenue. Cyclists … Another amenity absent from the new bridge is even a single garbage can. Traffic/commute Question (BQE, kosciuszko bridge, etc), New York City, 3 replies London's Tower Bridge walkway shatters after person drops beer bottle, London, 1 replies Why is there no walkway/bike path planned for the new Bay Bridge?, San Francisco - Oakland, 12 replies Poughkeepsie RR WALKWAY Bridge Park FINISHED. Cyclists will ride into a “death trap” as they enter Brooklyn over the new Kosciuszko Bridge, activists say. The old Kosciuszko had no pedestrian or bike path. But it felt like the routes were merely an afterthought, and the city could care less about the safety of bikers, according to Sholl. Some type of emergency call boxes might have been lurking on the roadway, out of my sight, but I couldn’t see any, and the roadway would not be an appropriate place for them anyway. “Nobody believed this bridge could be completed in under nine years and we were able to do it in five, and because the local community has everything to do with the construction process, we decided to think outside the box with this new park and open space,” Gov. The bridge, part of an $873 million design-build construction project, is the first new bridge built in New York City since the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge opened to traffic in 1964. The Williamsburg Bridge, by comparison, has several 911 call boxes and trash bins. I do not, of course, expect that a payphone would inhabit this modern bridge. Filed Under: Bicycling, Bike Lanes, Bike/Ped, DOT, Transportation Alternatives. On 48th St between 47th Avenue and 47th Street, and 47th Street between 48th Street and Greenpoint Avenue, the city pans to install standard painted bike lanes. Celebrating the opening of the new Kosciuszko Bridge — on budget and four years early.

As you’ll see, it’s simply not possible now without aid of a drone or some other elevation solution. Greenpointers are set to get a shiny new bike path and pedestrian walkway on one of the two spans replacing the decrepit Kosciuszko Bridge, The Brooklyn Paper has learned. Later this year, the state Department of Transportation will open the new Brooklyn-bound span of the bridge, which will include a 20-foot-wide path for cyclists and pedestrians heading in each direction. You also see also MTA buses “NOT IN SERVICE” racing from the end of their route back to its start. “We’re having ongoing conversations with the state to provide them with the safest, most seamless connection to the bike facility,” said Baerwald, who felt compelled to tell members that no parking spaces or roadway capacity would be lost.

Aug. 30, 2019 By Allie Griffin. That and the day's other news by clicking the headline above. In Greenpoint, the bridge’s new shared bike and pedestrian path will follow the highway’s alignment of the exit ramp to Meeker and Morgan Avenues and touch down at the corner of Meeker Avenue and Van Dam Street. But the city is still working on a plan for 56th Rd and Rust Street to the bridge — which is a heavy truck route in a more industrialized area, said Baerwald. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. "The original six-lane bridge was a source of notorious traffic bottlenecks. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), The best — and most entertaining — website that tracks the de-evolution of payphones and phone booths, Gothamist: LinkNYC/Mr. I know the area well. The new path made me happy to have a new bridge to cross. The most conspicuous thing missing from the new Kosciuszko Bridge pedestrian/bike path is people. My father would navigate over it in our brown Plymouth Fury when I was a child, the rusted brown steel, massive potholes, and the chewed up roadway took us back to Brooklyn as we traveled from Yankee Stadium, the traffic on a Sunday afternoon was horrendous. Just didn’t work.

Here are small fixes that could keep cyclists and pedestrians alive. By this time next year, people walking and biking across the Pulaski Bridge between Brooklyn and Queens won’t have to share a single narrow path. I made a trip up to the new Kosciuszko Bridge pedestrian and bike path the day it opened, and have passed over it several times since, crossing the span either entirely or about ½ way. It will also come with new public space: Cuomo announced that the state will contribute $7 million toward the construction of Under the K, a new seven-acre public park created by the North Brooklyn Parks Alliance. The image in the old Ektachrome slide was shot from way higher up on the old span. DOT is proposing turning the current staging area for construction between 54th Avenue and 56th Road into a shared-use path that connects to the new pedestrian bridge, and creating another shared use sidewalk that connects to the pedestrian bridge at the intersection of 43rd Street, the pedestrian bridge, and the Queens Midtown Expressway.
On the day the path first opened I several dozen people came out to check it out. Copyright © 2020 by The Associated Press. Since then I know I crossed at least once without seeing a single other person on that walkway. Cyclists will ride into a “death trap” as they enter Brooklyn over the new Kosciuszko Bridge, activists say.

https://t.co/2iTm7yWYwA. A group bike ride around Brooklyn shows that DOT has its work cut out for it. The project, originally scheduled to be complete this year, will convert one southbound car lane on the Pulaski Bridge into a protected bike lane, giving more breathing room to pedestrians on what […], The Pulaski Bridge, which connects Greenpoint and Long Island City across Newtown Creek, provides a narrow path for pedestrians and cyclists to share, next to six lanes of fast-moving motor vehicle traffic. Cuomo himself will personally give us a preview of the new bike and pedestrian path on the soon-to-open second span of the Kosciuszko Bridge. KOSCIUSZKO BRIDGE Bike Connections Presented to Brooklyn Community Board 1 April 4, 2019 1. With a new, two-way protected bike lane spanning the bridge, cyclists will have a safe route and pedestrians will have the existing 8.5-foot wide pathway exclusively for walking.

“This is gonna take more time.”. “I feel like it sends cyclists into a death trap quite honestly.”, Welp. “Meeker Avenue is the most concerning part of the plan — cars are already speeding,” said Max Sholl. But the rest of the Department of Transportation’s plans aren’t much better — cyclists get no protection from speedsters in a busy and industrial area that’s already dangerous to navigate. On that beautiful sunny Sunday I spotted exactly 2 pedestrians and 1 bicyclist on the new Kosciuszko Bridge walkway. The big fix for Kent Avenue and Franklin Street in Greenpoint is not so big and not such a fix. The city also unveiled on Monday night its own in-the-works plans for the connections.
For the hell of it I tried to recreate the shot as precisely as possible. The much-heralded Kosciuszko Bridge opened this week and features an expansive bike and pedestrian path — but many bicyclists say the pathway is dangerous to get to since access is via a number of truck-heavy streets. “Not only will this versatile space encourage New Yorkers to spend more time outdoors, it will serve our community through artistic programs, youth programs and entertainment for all ages.”, These Are The Protections New Yorkers Have From Eviction. “It’s a lot more complicated, it’s a lot different than a lot of the other streets we’re talking about,” he said. DOT presented plans for the Queens side on Monday night. The Department of Transportation unveiled its plans for the Brooklyn portion of the new bike route during a Brooklyn Community Board 1 Transportation Committee meeting Thursday night. And the state is working with the city to connect that pathway with the larger bike network once cyclists get off the bridge in Greenpoint or in Maspeth. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

Here are the highlights […], DOT has a plan to add bike lanes to the J. J. Byrne Memorial Bridge, which carries Greenpoint Avenue across Newtown Creek between Brooklyn and Queens [PDF]. Horizontally speaking I found the exact spot where the photo was taken, but that was not even 10 feet above street level. All Rights Reserved. Since the new bridge’s first span over Newtown Creek debuted in 2017, it has carried three lanes of traffic in each direction. Cyclists will soon be able to ride from Queens to Brooklyn across the Kosciuszko Bridge along a long-promised bike route that will connect to bike lanes in each borough.

Later this year, the state Department of Transportation will open the new Brooklyn-bound span of the bridge, which will include a 20-foot-wide path for cyclists and pedestrians heading in each direction. The city should separate cyclists and pedestrians — stat! The new pass should relieve some of the traffic high over the Brooklyn-Queens border. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019.