Thank you for responding. After making it exactly per instructions once, I’ve adjusted the recipe slightly based on how we like our lemon baked goods – I cut the sugar down to 1 3/4c (still plenty sweet this way, especially with the glaze and syrup) and double the lemon juice in the cake. The flavor of the cake is yummy so if you can advise, i will try again. When do you add the cheese? I think that would work without any changes to the baking time. Best lemon pound cake recipe ever! Best recipe for lemon pound cake, hands down. I made up the recipe and my daughter thought it was a bit dense and since its for her wedding I wonder how/if the recipe can be modified. Didn’t change a thing and it was perfect! It set finally and I took it out of the form, unfortunately the sugar carmelized and the top stuck to the pan. Thank you! I wish I could attach a picture – what a mess!!! Jen, you are the boss!!! I don’t have a mixer with paddles but I managed with a wooden spoon and patience to make a light, beautiful cake just like the photo.

I made this recipe for the first time today for my husbands 71st. Hope you enjoy the cake! Do you think I might be able to substitute since elderflower liqueur for some of the water in the syrup? Wow! When I read ten minutes…I thought that was too soon. Just use as many lemons as needed for the amounts of zest and juice the recipe requires. (6 cups) – I would also be attempting this recipe with gluten free flour. I had the luxury of being able to use fresh lemons from our tree to use in the recipe. Glad the cake turned out well. Hi Theola, Cake flour and all purpose flour aren’t interchangeable in recipes. Lemon-flavored yogurt is the key ingredient to this buttery,  but not overly dense, cake. If you still have issues with things sticking to it, it may be time for a new bundt pan. I made this cake for my birthday, and it turned out really well. Truly a winner! I used nonstick spray and sugar coating. But the texture and crumb alredy tell me it’s going to be amazing. Hi Faith, I haven’t tried with cake with blueberries mixed into the batter. This lemon cake is so light and lemony it might make a chocolate lover change what kind of cake they want for their birthdays. This cake is a winner, I had to make two bundt cakes for a Cancer Dinner, when I was cleaning up I noticed a piece of my spatula had broken off, now what, which cake was it in? I used all the skin for the zest. Still, I thought it was great & my grandma gave it a thumbs up! This is by far one of the best lemon pound cake recipes I have ever made. It looks and smells wonderful, I hope it’s not dry. Wow! Even a few extra ounces can make a big difference. You really need zest for this recipe – sorry! So glad your family enjoyed the cakes . I dont have a bundt pan, so i’m going to use a bread pan instead. Didn’t have a bundt pan, so I divided the batter into 2 loaf pans and baked for exactly 65 minutes. Thank you!! Or will this have a negative affect on the buttermilk or cake being moist? The only thing I changed was to use slightly less sugar. This cake was a hit at a party. this is THE best lemon cake recipe out there. hi i’ve a question! I’d love to know how it turns out! My 2 year old has asked me to do it again for his birthday next week.

Couldn’t I poke holes in the warm cake before adding the syrup to better incorporate that yummy syrup flavoring? The best I’ve ever tasted. Is your bundt pan several years old? It’s important to use granulated sugar (not powdered) and remove the cake from the pan after 10 minutes, otherwise it will stick. I am not sure this amazing recipe needs more reviews! I would start checking it for doneness at about 40 minutes. I’ve never been a baker (I hate following rules) but I have become one as a result of these recipes. I’m trying your carrot cake next. Hi Sally, I wouldn’t recommend it — sorry!

Great recipe! It is very moist with well balanced flavors. One of the best cake recipes that I have ever made. Maybe next time I can reduce the sugar instead. Made this today, and it was absolutely fantastic. This recipe is a keeper. Have made this cake several times and have had nothing but rave reviews and requests to make this flavorful tender cake! The flavour and texture also got better after a day or so. Jenn – another winner. Made this yesterday for the first time and it came out amazing, beautiful crumb, perfect balance with the lemon taste. Thankfully none spilled. The recipe was easy to follow and came out perfectly. Cookie like crust and moist inside with the best flavor! Will certainly be making this again. I made this recipe for the family and everyone love it. Flavor is good, but this one might not be reliable enough for another try. It made our week. Hi Shay, No, you don’t need to use a bundt pan. It will be fine at room temperature. -Celestina H. Hi Jenn, is this pound cake moist or dry? Hi Samantha, I suspect that using the I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter may have had an impact as butter plays a big part in the recipe. Do I need to make any adjustments if using a 10-cup bundt pan? I have videos for a handful of my recipes. I have never had much success with a bundt pan. Hope you enjoy them. Please explain why it isn’t needed in this cake. I can see how the sugar is very neat with the “crust” but it’s just too risky I think. I might try making this again (and might try it with orange) but will substantially cut down the sugar. The cake didn’t rise as it usually does. I grow Myers lemons and am always trying new lemon desserts. Hi Katie, While I think you could get away with it, this cake is heavier and more dense than your typical layer cake, so it might be a bit heavy (but still tasty). Absolutely perfect! Just stumbled on your website and made this pound cake! Great texture and delicious! My husband loves lemon and is eating it. I think next time I’ll use bakers joy. This follows Jenn’s advice of 10 minutes, and the sugar should still be wet which should allow it to unstick very nicely. I am 53 and have made a lot of cakes and this one is now at the top of my list. Would half the batter work in that and maybe the rest in a loaf pan ? Would love to make this recipe for Mother’s Day. I followed it and it was great. So sad about that. This looks amazing, but is it possible to make it in a loaf pan? My husband and I are having the leftovers for breakfast. The cake came out perfect— moist and lemony! Maybe that is the issue with the sticking issues? What a fabulous recipe! Thanks! How about a mini loaf pan? Poured on the syrup and ate some of the broken bits but found the cake to be excessively sweet. My friend’s parents are heading up on Tuesday so we’ll see what they say. Hi Celeste, Sorry to hear you had a problem with this! No problem with coating the pan with butter and sugar either. I used a fine sifter, but I still couldn’t get the sugar evenly sifted. I baked it for a party and everyone was eating their forks dang near. Best lemon cake ever!! Thank you! Unfortunately, this recipe was really bad for us. I added lemon emulsions to kick it up a notch and a little vanilla but this was perfect! Enjoy! I measured everything perfectly but was thinking perhaps I needed an electric mixer? It finally came out…well the top half, after many firm taps to the pan. I have made this cake many times. If you’d like a crunchier outer layer, instead of using the syrup from this cake, you could swap it with the syrup from my Kentucky butter cake. By the reviews , I really want to try making this recipe. The flavor was delicious but it wasn’t as thick as a poundcake. Would the amount of sugar need to be reduced?

It came out just like you described it.

Will write after taste test has been done. The instructions were easy to follow and the texture is wonderful! My mother thought it was a little too tart for them before I poured it on the cake. My local stores are out of buttermilk. OMG JUST MADE THIS CAKE TODAAY!! Do know of any reason that would happen? Stir until well combined. Also, my cake didn’t completely bake even after adding on a further 10 mins at the end.

This cake had great lemon flavor but was SO dense. Hi Teresa, I haven’t used Meyer lemons in this recipe, but you definitely can. My family raved over it. This sounds delicious – am planning on making for July 4th with a side of berries. It is so lemony and fresh tasting. Enjoy! I followed the directions exactly and had no problems at all removing the cake from the pan. Always delicious!! However, Do I have to make this in a bundt pan? Seeds added fun texture and visual appeal. Remove from the heat and stir in the lemon juice. Can you tell me what sugar i would be needing to use for this cake Thankyou Debbie. I’ve made this cake many times, and each time it has been wonderful. I will definitely be making this again very soon. thank you. I followed the recipe exactly! My three adult children are all cooks (as well as their spouses) and all are Jenn Segal fans. Not for this one — sorry! The bundt pan was well coated and brand new. Hi Jenn, Could I bake this cake in a 9×13 glass dish (Pyrex)?

Question: I want to make this cake for a tasting event. Should not have sugared the bundt pan. I initially thought that the lemony taste wouldn’t be enough given the amount of zest used in the batter but it was just right.

I made this when craving some lemon cake and it did not disappoint! Used raw turbinado and I’m never going back to store bought! Will definitely make it again.

Hi Diego, Yes, I think you could add blueberries to this but bear in mind that (depending on how tart/sweet your blueberries are) the cake may be quite tart. I hope you and your family had a blessed Easter. Hello, I plan on making 2 loaf pans so I can freeze one.