Simply provide the required information, choose your term and monthly payment, and then sign the online agreement. Length of Promotional Periods vary, please review your loan agreement for full details. Copyright © 2020. You can apply online, from anywhere. A payment was made in the amount of $130.00 (of which I accidentally overlooked the additional amount of $2.00, even though not deliberately- for if I pay $130.00, I can most certainly pay the other $2.00) on the third of September, 2014, and was received and taken from my account at the City Credit Union in Duncanville, Texas on the 8th of September 2014. Get the goods and services you want with our easy payment options. Complete, Comfortable, Competent Dental Care. In the letter the Office Manager, [redacted] complained of missed appointments. And now the cost of a dental procedure won’t make you frown. We regret that [redacted] had to deal with quite a bit of frustation with a prolonged delay in getting a refund from the service provider and we are happy to hear that it finally worked itself out. I signed a letter to take out a medical credit card with Springstone Financial to pay for the future dental work but later decided to cancel all office visits.

Complete, Comfortable, Competent Dental Care. In this particular case the customer is stating they were due a refund for treatment that was no received. )I received a confirmation e-mail from the Lending Club Patient Solutions this week, in which it stated that the $8,000.00 was refunded back into the account, in which I can contact the Bank now, and close out the account.Thank you so much for helping me. [redacted] WORKER ([redacted]) HAS BEEN TRYING HER BESTTO RESOLVE THE MATTER THEY LIE TO HER.I AM OWED 600.00 DOLLARS CHECK WAS TO BE HERE BY MAIL MONTHS AGO . I've even sent a copy of this letter to Springstone Financial. may lose value. In addition, on July 16th and August 9th I sent a letter to Sprinstone Financial indicating that I did not need a loan for the dental services since I decided to take the money out of my retirement account. The [redacted] continues to request that I make another appointment so that they can perform the work that would total the full $13,000. To explore your options, call us today or visit us online. LCPS was able to obtain a refund for $1,180.50 which will be applied to the customer's account within 48 business hours. My first payment was due on the 09/09/2014 in the amount of $132.00. I should only have to pay back the amount sent to the dentist (7,318.50) instead of 8,500.00.Desired SettlementI would like to know why Springstone only paid the dentist 7,318.50 and why am I being invoiced by Springstone for the entire 8,500.00. And more approvals mean more ways for you to receive the specialty dental care you need. I immediately called Springstone who informed me that they could not stop billing me and that I would need to talk to The [redacted] Since then I have written several letters to Springstone Financial and the [redacted] asking for an itemized bill for the July 12th services. At no point is the Dental provider allowed to pass the administration fee on to the customer as this is written into the agreement between LCPS and the providers that sign up to use our services. I was billed without consent for dental work. LCPS followed up with the office and explained that they shouldn't have passed the fee on to the applicant. I was charged for the full cost of the dental services up front and no services were performed except for an x-ray and dental examination! We have been in contact with this customer and she was appreciative of the action taken by LCPS.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business. But, he did not let the Lending Club no of it. In these scenarios LCPS reaches out to the provider to determine if a refund for treatment not received is due. However, if you choose to continue your application, your full credit report will be requested from one or more consumer reporting agencies, which is considered a hard credit pull. I told him I am too old to get in that kind of debt and did not want implants. may lose value. We take all complaints very seriously and are very proud of our stellar record with the You won’t be penalized for exploring your options, so there’s no reason to delay. If you have any further questions about your account, please contact the Customer Care team, tort free, at [redacted] (TDO/TTY: X-XXX-XXX-XXXX). Finally, the itemized bill from the [redacted] lists the work done on 07/12/13 separately from the $8,500 in additional charges. While LCPS handles the application process of the financing, LCPS does not handle the delivery of dental treatment. I should not be charged $8,500 for services never performed which include 6 billable hours for the doctor and his assistants, oral sedation equipment, surgical instruments and supplies, and bone grafting material ordered.

The total invoice was for $9,035, which included $535 in charges for the July 12th office visit and $8,500 for the cancelled appointments. No loans are offered in CO, CT, IA, MD, ND, NY, NH, WV, VT, PR or any other unincorporated US territory. FOR EXAMPLE CHECK WAS SENT OUT CHECK IS READY TO GO OUT WE BELIEVE THE CHECK IS OUT WILL BE SENT OUT NEXT DAY TAKES 3TO4WEEKS MAYBE 10 WORKING DAYS CHECK IS NOT HERE ????????????????WHEN?????????????? Well, he must have contracted with this company and now they are sending me bills. That gives you the power … That’s because now is always the best time to finance life’s important moments.

I was approved for 8,500, 0% interest by Springstone,SP submittedto the dentist 7,318.50. Move forward with your dental implant treatment with smart, simple and more affordable financing through Lending Club Patient Solutions. Once to Springstone because I am being the invoiced the entire 8,500 and to dentist because Springstone did not submit the full 8,500.

So you can make your smile your signature. In this particular case, the dentist agreed that a refund was due and one was processed for the full amount of the loan on 8/28/15 and credited to the customer's account on 9/4/15. After several weeks of back and forth, our records show that [redacted] recently refunded [redacted] the $600 in question.

Unlike credit cards, we offer fixed payment amounts with fixed terms. This company is sending me bills for money/services I never received.I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned and he talked to me about implants. I mistakenly started paying thinking I would be able clear this up with the dentist and lending club without damaging my credit but both companies are so desperate … So we don’t charge any. I want an adjusted bill from the [redacted] to reflect the $535 charges for the July 12th visit. All Rights Reserved. ?Desired SettlementNOT GETTING MY CHECK OF 600.00Business Response Thank you for the opportunity to respond. Springstone has not assisted in helping me with my dispute. This whole ordeal has been devastating! I have consistently complained to Springstone and the [redacted] that I should not be charged $8,500 for services never performed which include $1,500 (6 billable hours for the doctor and his assistants), $1,500 (oral sedation equipment ordered), $2,100 (surgical instruments and supplies ordered), and $3,400 (bone grafting material ordered). As the bank that issues Your Tuition Solution credit account, we're here to help with your questions,This letter is in response to your inquiry regarding the $25.00 late fee.A late fee may be charged to your account when the minimum payment due is not received by the scheduled due date or the payment amount is less than the minimum due amount.Our records show that your minimum due for the payment in question was $132.00, and we received $130.00.We have credited your account $25.00 for the late fee, as a onetime courtesy.

Dental Financing made easy. After 5 minutes, Dr. [redacted] immediately stopped and the examination was over. This promotion can save you money if you pay off the principal amount of the loan in full within the Promotional Period ("Promotional Period"). My goal is to pay it off early. During the Promotional Period you will be responsible for making all of your monthly payments and your loan will accrue interest on a monthly basis. Move forward with your dental implant treatment with smart, simple and more affordable financing through Lending Club Patient Solutions.

I was billed without consent for dental work. Loan amounts range from $1,000 to $12,000. America is truly falling into third world fraud.

Up to $12,000. Her request to cancel her loan was made well after the fact and the dental provider was able to provide an itemized breakdown of all of the work that was performed to our satisfaction. All loans are made by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey State Chartered Bank. However, I cancelled all appointments in a reasonable amount of time. I am stunned and horrified! This letter is in reference to a complaint regarding my account with Tuition Solution.My account number is XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. Afterwards all other appointments were cancelled and I decided to go to use another dental provider, Dr. [redacted].

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Your dispute has been filed as complete.We value you as a customer and sincerely apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.

This gives you greater flexibility and control over how you manage your monthly expenses. We can approve a wide range of credit scores. We can provide loans from $1,000 to $12,000. We received an email from the complaintant on 8/9/13 stating that she did not need any loans to pay for treatment as she was using retirement funds, however this was almost 30 days after the funds had already been disbursed to the provider. Only August 6th I called and cancelled the appointment scheduled for August 19th. And to resolve this practice, I would like to be reimbursed the late fee amount.Please address this situation, and reply back to me regarding your decision and if it cannot be overturned, the reason why not.Dear [redacted],Thank you for contacting Comenity Capital Bank. Since I cancelled each appointment in a reasonable amount of time, I am only responsible for the 07/12/13 charges.I want an adjusted bill from the [redacted] to reflect the $535 charges for the 07/12/13 visit. That gives you the power to afford more of the services you want, when you want them. I've communicated via email and letter to [redacted] at Springstone alerting him that I made only one visit to the [redacted] on 07/12/13.