Fifth: Thank you for being the most incredible dad a person can have. 12. But I can’t All I can do is wish you a happy B-day through prayer and know that even though you can’t say anything back, you are listening. 39. I thought Bible reading was to get my orders for the day and go do a “job” for you. 29. As you sit near the heavenly Father, receive my love and continue to look after me. The day when we celebrated the fact that we had someone like you in our lives. Though a long time had passed that you left us and we are all living our happy lives but your blessings can be felt in our deep heart. But he never let me into his heart and I could never reach him. I miss you Dad. That I am dying for you to hold me and tell me that things will be alright. Your eternal departure literally broke my heart into pieces. Your Word has satisfied my longing for depth while living in this shallow, plastic world. I couldn’t climb up the ladder to your heart.

I will forever carry you in my soul. I miss someone who could wipe away my tears and put a smile back on my face. In honest reflection, I got to know you and got to know myself.

43. On your birthday mom and I visit your grave. This time I was a failure in Christian work, not college. The first year in which you won’t act surprised, even though I was doing the same thing I did every year. I’ll love you forever.

His words came from your heart to mine, “If you had a son in whom you had unspeakable delight, wouldn’t it be your greatest desire to have more like him?” My heart responded, “Yes!” I realized you made me because you wanted me. My Dad was supposed to come home to us in a week… I never thought he would go to the BIG home… Not yet.

It's been 2 years and 3 months since my father died. Today, I miss you more than usual. I never felt like I measured up, and you didn’t like me because I was a failure in the “Christian life.” I was taught the way of grace, not law, but I still kept trying to toe the mark but couldn’t quite make it. Pinterest. Thank you for believing in me when I found it hard to believe in myself.

When I come to think of it, I think this is the thing I miss the most. I asked my dad what I should do in school. I miss you daddy. The love you had showered on us was up to infinite level and I had to miss it for my entire life. I am trying to fill myself with joy and happiness because I know that you are looking at me from above and because I know you would want me to be happy, even without you by my side. Trying to remember everything you gave to me and everything you taught me. Death may have taken you from me. 46. A Letter To My Dad In Heaven: Happy Birthday, I Love You & Always Will It’s been 10 months, 7 days and 12 hours since I told you: “ I love you , Dad”. Happy birthday in heaven dad. 50. Every Fathers day first was a celebration for me. 30. Now I feel this day an empty day. Having a dad in heaven is hard because you miss him so much on Earth. Happy Birthday daddy, you are my guardian angel now. I know I don’t have to fake it anymore to gain your acceptance. But it does not know that it has actually brought us closer to each other.

23. But the “fellowship of your sufferings” deepens our friendship. Missing you. A dad is someone who holds the whole family together. Cheers Dad! Instead, the only thing I can do is to seal all of my birthday wishes for you inside of me and whisper them to heaven. You blessed me with every day we have spent together and now you are my guardian angel. As much as I try, I can’t seem to chase away this sadness which is eating me alive. One of my greatest pleasures is to sit with you alone and tell you “like it is” and listen to you in the quiet. I miss you dad, happy bday! Third: Thank you for all the wonderful memories. Happy Birthday to my dearest father in heaven. But the staff of Campus Crusade around me had greater numbers than I did, so I assumed I was a failure—again. That you know how much I love you , wherever you are.

You prepared a special place for me where I fit—at your side with your friends. I wish I could send you a birthday card like I used to do when I was away. Thank you for being THE “fixer.”. That I will find a way to cherish the memory of you without feeling this anger and sadness that consumes me completely. If you want to take a sneak peek into the male or female mind, our relationship expert Selma June is there to guide you through the process. I would be willing to give anything just to relive those beautiful memories. They became credible witnesses telling more about you and your love, grace, and truth. Your hands are in the wind that twirls my hair. I love this about you. I cheer my son to plan something new and creative to surprise his father. I am doing my best not to cry today. I wish I could write a heaven poem to gift to my dad on his birthday. I miss you, dad. I have stopped staring at the sky at night because destiny has already taken away my brightest star, and it’s you, my daddy.

Happy birthday Dad. Someone who could hold me when I want to fall, and someone who will always have my back. I realize now that this was true of many men who came out of WWII and he did the best he knew. 41. It’s probably more the former, but in either case I was lost. Oh..I don’t want to be formal I just want to shout loud that my words go beyond the clouds and reach somewhere in heaven where you are. I can only hope that you’ve finally found your peace and that you know how thankful I am to you .

Dear Father: You know I grew up with a dad who was distant and silent. 7. I was finding out who I was as I got to know you. So I gave my messy life to you to fix to see what you could do with it. Miss you much more than words can express. The first year in which I didn’t spend weeks choosing your birthday present, thinking of what to get you. I thank you for not turning me over to myself. Though not with me but I feel he is still with me. I know I still struggle in misunderstanding and loneliness. Today is your birthday.

I want to thank you for inviting me into the ultimate inner circle. He died in his fifty-sixth year in 1968 and I have never cried about his death. God was probably missing an angel. I had never know that being fatherless will also make me feel worthless, powerless, aimless and helpless.I am still finding my way through this pain. But one thing you forgot to show the darker side of life, death, tensions and pain are also the part of life. Thanks for listening to me at night, daddy. Wonderful birthday in heaven daddy. Then you would give me my grade for the day—usually a C- just like my college scores.

Missing you like crazy.

I thought if I “led a lot of people to Christ,” you would like me and I would measure up and earn your approval. All I can do now is shout Happy Birthday to you my dad in heaven. Now, once I said “yes” to the man of my dreams and the “honeymoon phase” wore off, I realized I had a wedding to plan but absolutely no idea how. Happy birthday dad. Then you began to show me you were not like my dad. God and the angels are lucky to have you by their sides. Second: Thank you for being the dad I will forever be proud of. This year, I can only light a candle on your gravestone. A poem can’t commemorate you because it would be forgotten one day. I know you would want me to be stronger. I never knew what he was thinking. I know I still have issues of insecurity and rejection that pop up frequently. I will always miss you. So off I went to college, not knowing why I was there. Your showered love flows in my veins which always encourage me to live a quality life with good thoughts, friendship, loving and caring attitude. I never knew where I stood with him. Best b-day wishes dad. Heaven is being with you and I have already started to live there—here. On the other hand, there are times when I feel your presence all around me and when it seems like it was yesterday that you were here. Telegram. I hope you can see this from heaven.