Mehnat= hardwork

Sherbet= juice Haseen= beautiful
Matla=Horizon, Duff= push Junoon= obsession & s.m. Hamin= this Miqdar= quantity Harkat = moment Astana=foundation Aseer= graveness Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Shehr= city Jhalak=glance, look

Sarf= spend ( Log Out /  Razamandi= approval A آحاد āḥād (pl. آحاد āḥād pl. Makhta arz hain=The name of poet By Mausam = season Chudail= witch Zameer= character Zadozi= silver-gold embroidery
Namaqool= unreasonable Harb= batllefield, war

Mehndi= henna Israaf= extravagance Mayasar= available Qurban= sacrifice Baraz= pour Mashkoor= thankful, grateful Ghair munasib= impossible Khwab = dream Hawadan= meashed storage rack Qirat= Quran recitat Ittefaq= coincidence Khahar= sister Miqdad= density Karam=kindness Ranayyiaa= subtleness Nifaas= cleanliness Jaiza= view THE MEANINGS OF URDU WORDS And some Arabic Words THE MEANING OF URDU WORDS AND SOME ARABIC WORDS by Hashim Razvi … Misaal= ” Khuhkaar= ferocious, dangerous Ruhnuma= surreal Baazi= turn A احد aḥad, s.m.

Murshud =religious guide Hawa= breeze Muqtasar= meagre, small ( Log Out /  Nizbat= engagement Mashruh= project Shaikji= puritan who doesnt drink Nujoomi= astrologer Mahaz= front, sector Injunction, charge, mandate; will, testament;—compact, contract, covenant, agreement, engagement, obligation, promise; bond, league, treaty;—a vow, an oath;—time, season, conjuncture; lifetime; reign (of a king):—ʻahd bāṅdhnā, To make a vow, &c.:—ʻahd toṛnā, To break an engagement, or promise, &c.:—ʻahd-ě-ḥukūmat, In the reign (of):—ʻahd-dār, s.m. Jild= leather Firdaus= heaven Hairat= amazement, shock Mansabdar= Pensioner Haris= watchman, guard Zairegour= under consideration Ikhrar= acceptance

Injunction, charge, mandate; will, testament;—compact, contract, covenant, agreement, engagement. Pakkad= grip, catch Zakir = ” Jamoos= sleeve Kharazdar= indebted And some Arabic Words, Matla=Horizon,  These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'rein.' Sarpech=Jewelery on Royal Turbans Suroor= enchantment Masti= fun n. of عہد 'to enjoin'; 'to make a compact,' c. Humar= donkey Kamarpatta= waist band Baladh= city, town Nakhs= design Sarkash= struggle Harb= war Humshakkal=lookalike Siya= black Jabbar= benevolence Nasiath= advice Mustakhil= permanant Mashaqat= plead Breach of contract; breach of faith; infraction of a treaty:—ʻahd karnā, v.n. Masnad=soft throne Tujjar= businesmen Makhtool= deceased,1 who is killed

Meeras= inheritance Masbah=enclosure Rind= drunkard Jarb= medicine Ashk= Tears Wasal ki raat = suhaag raat Samawat= heavens

Josh= passion Burdobari= moderation Handasa= technical Saif= sword Tuwaal= towel Haneef= pious Sanduq= wooden chest Lazath = tasteful Jung= a royal title Anaam= cattle Rahguzar=path, pedestrian Humdam= fellow Azbaab= reasons