Prepared in a way that is fresh and mild, the food is often served room temperature and so, it can be shared easily, especially in the form of small dishes known as mezze. The Mediterranean countries share a common history and the climate and economic environment influenced by the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean is a great migration spot for northern European birds heading to warmer Africa for the winter, so domesticated chicken and geese are seasonally supplemented by pheasant, grouse, partridge, and duck. In this article we are going to take a closer look at the things in common in the cuisine of these countries, we are also trying to explain why the Mediterranean cuisine is popular elsewhere in the world and introducing 10 popular Mediterranean dishes. Mediterranean cuisine contains food that is minimally processed, which is local and seasonal. Couscous, granular semolina, is central to Morrocan cuisine and is often cooked with spices, vegetables, nuts, and raisins. Other fish served in the region include swordfish, monkfish, eel, cuttlefish, squid, and octopus.

Although it is viewed as a cuisine that covers all the... the Mediterranean region, and each country carries its customs and traditions that reflect the specificities of individual cuisines. Savory foods are enhanced with fruits, dried and fresh — apricots, dates, figs, and raisins, to name a few. Egypt) but that has now become common in other Mediterranean countries. The many powers that have ruled over large parts of the Mediterranean range from the Phoenicians to Alexander; the Romans to the Arabs; the Turks to the Venetians.


Classic Italian pizzas are characterised by pure flavours. Smaller animals, like lamb, goats, sheep, pork, rabbit, and fowl, provide most of the meat. Couscous is often served with a meat and vegetable stew (tagine). These countries use wine and herbs (rosemary, thyme, basil, bay laurel, parsley, and sage) to flavor food, more than the spices used in North African cooking.

So stop wasting your time and money on diet plans that don’t work and check it out now. What’s the Mediterranean Diet – Pros and Cons, Working Out While on the Mediterranean Diet, Chicken Brochette Recipe – Mediterranean Diet Recipes, Cucumber Hummus Sandwiches – Mediterranean Diet Recipes, Greek Baklava Bars – Mediterranean Diet Recipes, Greek Style No Bake Cheesecake with Yogurt, Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Salad Recipe, Mediterranean Fig and Mozzarella Salad Recipe, BBQ Shrimp with Garlicky Kale and Parmesan-Herb Couscous Recipe, Switching From Keto To Mediterranean Diet, Mediterranean Chicken and Bulgur Skillet Recipe, Moderate consumption of milk and dairy products, High intake of bread, cereals, and vegetables. The whole is drizzled with sugar syrup scented with orange-flower water and pistachio nuts. It is a challenge to define and fully understand the Mediterranean cuisine, since several countries make up the Mediterranean region, and each country carries its customs and traditions that reflect the specificities of individual cuisines.

The most popular pasta sauce in Italy is a simple sauce made of ripe tomatoes, garlic and herbs (basil or parsley). The Mediterranean diet is not vegetarian because you mostly eat fish and seafood, and moderately consume meat products.

Onions, garlic, and tomatoes, surrounded by olive oil, begin many dishes. This fact alone speaks volumes about just how thoroughly positively life-changing this diet is when... Mediterranean food is known all over the world, is considered the healthiest cuisine in all respects. Each vendor has his own secret recipe (hence the name), and no two are exactly alike. As the Mediterranean diet is based on countries where olives are grown, and olive oil is produced, the use of olive oil is the basis of the Mediterranean diet. Maggy_Albers. What is more, the area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea has always been a natural habitat for olive trees. Basically, there are three culinary regions: North Africa, Eastern Mediterranean, and Southern Europe. onion and garlic), after which broth is added in increments until the rice is soft and other ingredients cooked. Therefore, we can say that the Mediterranean diet also has a sociologically significant aspect. “We looked across at the land of the Cyclopes, and they were near by, and we saw their smoke and heard sheep and goats bleating. Legumes are widely eaten, especially white cannelloni beans, but also peas, fava beans and string beans. Its shell is made out of a bulgar wheat and ground meat mix, and its stuffing is seasoned ground meat. Cultural Anthropology Test #3 Final Exam 55 terms. Mezze dishes are not a distinct category of food, though.

The Mediterranean diet is mostly influenced by the traditional dietary patterns of Greece, Italy and Spain. Yogurt and white cheese like feta, halumi, or the Israeli lebanah, are used in soups and sauces or eaten alone with olive oil, fresh tomatoes, and cucumbers. There are hundreds of risotto recipes; besides vegetables they often add seafood, meat, mushrooms and cheese, and season it with herbs. Particularly healthy is a blue fish that is rich in essential fatty acids and high-value proteins. Kebabs — marinated meats, fish, and vegetables which are cooked on a skewer over an open flame — are another well-known preparation.Kufta, seasoned ground meat, is also cooked on a skewer. This rich sweet pie is built with many layers of the thin pancakes called Warka. To digest Mediterranean cuisine in the best possible way, one should drink about 50 to 68 Oz of water throughout the day. Mediterranean cuisine is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for that prediction! The staple grain is wheat: semolina is ground into the flour that makes Italian pasta, the couscous of North Africa, and the eastern Mediterranean bulgar. . This long history of imperial colonization, not to mention that of international trade, has rendered a deeply shared culture and agriculture among the Mediterranean countries. Within the Mediterranean, there are different groups of countries: Let’s see what type of Mediterranean cuisine is characteristic for each previously mentioned group of countries: Click here to get your Mediterranean Diet Cookbook! The meat is mixed with eggs, herbs, spices and almonds, and is cooked on the stove top, then topped with a sugar icing and cinnamon. What Can You Eat On the Mediterranean Diet? In Risotto making the Italians combine food art and food science, and there are certain rules one has to obey. The professional traders and vendors were usually the first to set up their stalls. The diet commonly referred to as the Mediterranean cuisine is not revolutionary or new trend in the diet world. The land’s bounty, nurtured by the gentle climate, is reflected in the primary role vegetables play in dishes throughout the region. In Sanremo the most traditional pizza topping includes onions fried in olive oil and salted sardines. Biology Exam 2 19 terms. It makes a meal in itself or is topped with rich stews and roasted meats. They would begin to arrive early in the morning in their little donkey-carts, the fishmongers, the butchers, the fruit-sellers, the cloth merchants, the watchmaker and a score of others of less determinate callings. North African countries – Libya, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia Let’s see what type of Mediterranean cuisine is characteristic for each previously mentioned group of countries: Western Countries – they mostly eat pork meat, with bread, potatoes, pasta, vegetables, and legumes. Of course, the classic pastas, pizzas and risottos always wait for you at Da Vinci restaurants. However, the various countries around the sea share more than a beach. Dry spices, fresh herbs, garlic, and onions are great ways to enhance the flavors of food and thus reduce the possibility of adding too much salt. In Sicily the preferences are a bit more affluent as their pasta often includes fried onion, beacon strips, garlic, olives and anchovies. The moment they set foot in the market-place they would begin to call out greetings to their friends, to cousins from other villages and sisters who had married into faraway hamlets; they would spread out little sheets of plastic in the dust and pile them high with vegetables or fruit or whatever it was that they had gathered on their plots that morning and then, squatting behind their heaped wares, they would revive the innumerable interrupted relationship the market sustained from week to passing week.”.

Food in this part of the Mediterranean, here including Syria (Aleppo is the culinary capital of the area), Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Greece, and Turkey, always anticipates the arrival of guests. Although this type of diet exists since ancient times, the concept of Mediterranean cuisine has existed since the 50s of the last century. Which is almost all contained in the form of olive oil. Though the Mediterranean is increasingly fished-out and polluted, seafood remains at the core of the cooking heritage.

Helpful Tips to Make Following the Mediterranean Diet Easier, Mediterranean Diet and A “Whole Foods” Diet, Top Foods NOT to Eat on the Mediterranean Diet. The kufta kebab is then served over rice, vegetables, or in pita bread with yogurt and tahini sauce.

In this region, there is a great fondness for foods that go with wine and talk: tapas in Spain, crudités in Provence, elaborate antipasti in Italy. Olive groves, fig trees, and vineyards are the hallmarks of the Mediterranean shores. The roasted meat is served with a garnish of toasted pine nuts. They range from a Turkish priest (Imam) fainting with pleasure after eating these stuffed eggplants served by his wife to the Imam fainting after hearing how much they cost. The entire Mediterranean, and this part in particular, produces delicious soups — just about anything can go into the pottage, from fruit and wine to tripe.

Kibbeh, which takes a slightly different name in each country, is a stuffed, oval-shaped meatball. Trees, like olive, whose roots reach deep enough to find water thrive on the dry terrain. Before you reach the end of the article, here is an interesting fact.

There have been over 1000 people that have tested it out and loved it! It is also cooked in yogurt, boiled as a dumpling in soups, steamed, pan-fried, and even eaten raw. Eggplants abound, as do squashes, peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers, artichokes, okra, and various greens and lettuces. Click the image below: Low-Carb and Mediterranean: The Perfect Diet Marriage. Lamb is a principal meat — Moroccan roasted lamb is cooked until tender enough to be pulled apart and eaten with the fingers. Paella is a Spanish rice dish that in contrast to the Italian risotto is made of long grain rice. Even the plants wear a protective dusting of white which gives much of the landscape a softened outline of pastel green, limned only by the severe blue sky from above and the bright blue water below.

The middle layer is of ground lamb that has been added either tomatoes or tomato sauce, onion, garlic and seasoning (cinnamon, pimento, black pepper). Thus, the recommendation would be: three main meals each day should contain three basic groups of nutrients. The Mediterranean can be crudely divided into three culinary regions: North African (especially Morocco) Eastern Mediterranean (Egypt, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and … The Mediterranean countries have a long and rich history and their food culture is such, too. Imam Bayildi are eggplants stuffed with tomatoes onions, garlic, and parsley and served cold. The Mediterranean can be crudely divided into three culinary regions: Wine and herbs are central to Southern European cuisine, while spices intricately and boldly flavor North African foods. Mediterranean Countries-Guide to Good Foods 44 terms. Tomatoes and garlic are regnant.

Home cooking is dominant as hautes cuisines bow before the traditional genius of the home and hearth. Dolma are stuffed vine leaves, and they are enjoyed throughout the Middle East. For the Mediterranean diet, regular use of fish is a must (which represents the ideal source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids) as well as the use of fat.